Beyond the World Plan

Beyond the World Plan





When he was child, his village destroyed because a monster attack. He was somehow survived and found a letter that left by the past hero. Reading that letter, he determined to see the world by his own eyes. He will make a journey to see what the world hid and change it. No matter what will he face, even though the world against it, he will continue his path to make the better world to live.

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Status: c1 1 year ago
Hello my Fellow Fantasy writer! 
I gave you 5 stars! and I'm glad to help!
I'm captivated with your story and in just few chapters, I'm craving for more!
Well I do want some editor to help you with your work in writing though......
But it's too early to judge and your story looks promising and has potential


Status: c5 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing your story! Please accept this 5-star as an initial review, subject to changes once this novel is complete.

To note:

I've spotted grammatical errors, especially in your Synopsis. Hopefully you can find the time to edit your work. 

Please check my work too, and I'm hoping that you could drop a review too. 

WAR GROUNDS is the title.


Status: c0 1 year ago
Hey!  Your story is great! Keep up with the good work, author! 😊 

Btw I make a story too and it would be kind of u if u can check it out and give some reviews and stars in there too 😊 

My story : https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/14901475106138705

Chapter 1: Ch.1 : The Beginning of The End

A pleasant noon in Erta Village. This is just a normal village where the villager work at field, open a store, and adventurer rest in here.

In that noon there is a voice of wooden sword clash inside the forest near the village.


"Seems like it's my win again, Ray."

"I have told you, right? I am not suit for battle. I more like using my brain than muscle, father." (Ray)

"Come on, don't give up yet. You can do it if you want." (Father)

"*sigh* Then, i do not want it." (Ray)

I said that while leaving my father.

I see training with my father as hell. No matter what the other think.

My father was a B-rank adventurer. He stop being an adventurer after married with my mother. And my mother, she passed away three years ago.

I ran away to middle of village. Seems like he not chase me. Thats good then, but what will i do now?

"Run again from training,Ray"

Someone just call my name.

"Finally you back! Yeah, that was hell like always. By the way, do you have some book that i can read, Mathias?" (Ray)

"For some 10 years old child you sure a bookworm. Sorry, but you know that book so expensive to obtain. Be glad I allow you to read my book." (Mathias)

Mathias, he is a popular merchant that born here, he have so many connection even among the noble. So it's not weird if he has a book.

Like I said, I more like using brain than muscle. He is the one who provide me books to read.

Thanks to that, my father train me like hell. He said that you can't use brain to survive. What a musclehead he was.

"That's unfortunate. Than how about you told me some news in this country? That impossible if there is no new thing come up in 3 month, right?" (Ray)

"Just how curious you are? It doesnt suit for someone in your age. Maybe, more like you are an old man." (Mathias)

That's hurt. Even it just a simple word, it hit trough my heart.

I show him an upset expression

"Stop joking around! Just tell me al..." (Ray)

I stop my word as i hear a scream from the village gate.


I froze as i heard the voice. I cannot move a fingertip. That was a monster attack. Its common for some village near the forest. And I not afraid with that. I mean thats common,right?

But this was different. That was not usual monster. Not pack of slime, goblin or orc. That was...

"Th-Thats frenzy bear! Everyone save your life!"

Someone just shout. It drew the monster attention. Everyone panic and run away from that monster

"O-oy you're adventurer, right? Fight that monster! Doesn't you all work to kill monster like this!"

A villager shout to group of adventurer near her.

"Even you say that, it was a C-rank monster, we just F-rank adventurer. All we can do just run away from here."

I froze. I'm shaking. I am afraid to move. Even danger is near me. I cannot move. I am too afraid


"Oy Ray! Snap out of it! Get out of here!" (Mathias)

After slapping me. He pulled my hand and threw me.

Mathias... You are right. It's not the time to stand still. We have to run a...

"Mathias!" (Ray)

He was sacrifice himself to save me. I just realize that he was the one who shout at everyone.

"Mathias! You must be joking, right?" (Ray)

I cannot stop my tear. Even so i have to run away.

"Shit!" (Ray)

That bear is look at me. It raise his claw. It ready to attack. Its too late to move. I close my eyes


"Seems like I made it"

Someone just save me. But who? I brace my self to open my eyes

"N-not you too..."