Dark Hope

Dark Hope


Magical Realism



This story about 15 year old boy capri. He is the one weak in magic  and his life filled with mysterious,  love, revenge, sister - brother bond, reincarnation. He possess lighting & Thunder magic power. 

The world fullfill with magic, the magic everything to the world.  

There have a different types of magic level.
  Level 01 - Normal magic
  Level 02 - Super magic
  Level 03 - Ultimate magic
  Level 04 - Ellite magic (or) Dark magic
  Level 05 - God magic power

Following Main Characters are
                 Capri - Hero of this story 
                 Cancy- Capri Sister
                 Joy    - Capri father 
  Jason & jerryna - capri close friend
              Hoody  - jerryna father
               Yathri  - senior guardian
               Sky     - senior guardian

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Status: c2 6 months ago
Hai! I wanna say that your story is great! Keep up with the good work, author! 😊 

Btw I make a story too and it would be kind of u if u can check it out and give some reviews and stars in there too 😊 

My story : https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/14901475106138705


Status: c13 3 weeks ago
The story itself feels like it could be quite interesting, but since this, is a fantasy and it only has thirteen chapters there is so much more potential for the future characters making the story even more interesting. 

The Mc is likable which is a plus since I've been reading some questionable mc's is other stories.


Status: c11 3 months ago
A new book to web novel! It is based on magical realism story. This story is about Capri transform from weak to strong person. More than Capri, I like his sister Cancy, She is jovial and cute.! All characters are developed well. I would say this will surely be interesting.! I'm looking forward to see how will the story progresses. Good luck 👍

Chapter 1: The Promise!

It's dark forest!

It was deep silent over there,Suddenly there hears a Running foots sound of High armed Soldiers Chasing a man, he not only running for his sake, he also carries a two babies on his arm.

Man has been chased to the end of the forest, he standing on the cliff, soldiers surrounded him and keep on attacking continuously, becasues of the continuous assault blast occurs, man slips and felled down in the deep forest, during falling his thought ruining him that he made a promise to them, I'll protect those two babies even sacrificing my life.

He Used his Power and created a Magic barrier around him to Protect from falling.

Meanwhile, Soldiers knowledge the man was dead from falling. So they retreated.

It's dawn. There were two pedestrians (old man & girl) crossing the forest from nearby village. They were shocked by seeing a man who's hanging on a tree in unconscious Stage, by carrying two babies on his another hand, his body was totally covered with bloods, his hands and shoulders were damaged by sharp branches of tree. He's struggling for his breathe.

The pedestrians saved them by, Carrying him and two babies to their village for Treatment.

Treatment Going on for hours, after three days he came to Conscious, he can't feel his right hand, his hand has been removed because of Over Wounded. But he doesn't worried about his hand, he asked about the babies,

Oldman - They are safe right behind you sleeping

He starring those babies, he got tears in his right eyes.

Oldman - who are you? What were you doing here? Why are wounded this much? Who are those babies?

Man- (His thoughts over his head, about that attack in forest and a visual came to his mind that he promising to a blooded hand")

He remains silent!