After her grandmother's death Kate Jones went to live with her parents. She expected that her mother and father would love her but all her expectations had been shattered. Her parents never cared about her and often compared her with her older sister Renesmee. As she grew up she learned that her grandmother left all her inheritance for her. She realised that her parents took her back with them not because they loved her, But because of the inheritance her grandmother left for her. But she decided that she would be a good daughter. She did everything her parents said. But even after that she never saw love in their eyes for her. When she turned 18 they got her engaged with Marcelo Lawrence, they didn't even asked her if she wanted to marry him or not. She couldn't even completed her graduation and they forced her to marry him. So the young Kate had to marry Marcelo. But her suffering didn't ended their, she was often mistreated by her in-laws and her husband never loved her. On her 20th birthday he tried to kill her, she somehow saved herself and ran from there. She decided not to go back to her abusive husband and to her parents because she knew they would never going to believe her. She changed her name to "Angel" and went to live in D city. After running from her abusive husband, Angel decided to work in a company, which provided temperary employees . She changed her original name and without any appropriate qualification , she worked as an assistant in a salon. She was often mistreated by her employer and other staff but she hang in there, untill one day when she was returning home from work, she saw 5 men beating a single guy. She decided to ignore but couldn't because she remembered when her husband tried to kill her noone came for her rescue not even god. So she decided to help him. she some how maneged to run from there, and she rang police siren on her phone, she placed her phone in a tin box so that it became loud . After that those guys ran. she admitted the guy in the hospital. Two weeks later when she was returning home from work, she saw a biker was going to hit the guy, who was crossing the road in front of her she pushed the guy and instead of him she got hit. she didn't know that helping a random guy could change her life completely, one day she was a temporary employee now she was girlfriend of a superstar...... __________________ For the readers - the story might seem boring and obvious in start but if you could ignore, some grammatical errors I do have a beautiful story to share. And please share your views on my work, your reviews and comments can help me a lot, this is my first novel and I really want to improve my writing.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: A cruel past

8th August

The day I came on this cruel world. it's my birthday but so far it's not a happy day .

Well it never was, atleast for my parents. But it was the day I born so I liked to celebrate untill last year.

On this day I almost died a year ago.

it was a rainy night I was sleeping on my bed suddenly some one kicked me and I fell from the bed .

When I turned I saw my husband he was drunk and angry he started beating me telling me to leave the house, I said " it's night I can't" but he started kicking me,I tried to fight but he was too strong then he pulled my hairs, and tried to break my neck. I felt like I would die that day, but suddenly I found his trimmer I picked that and throw that on his head,

he stopped for a second then I ran from there I went outside the house. I didn't even had a single penny but I ran. And never went back. That was also a rainy night and after a year today it's also raining.

#happy birthday to me

After writing that, Angel put her pen aside and put her diary in her purse, last one year had been very difficult for her, she had changed her name ,she had changed the city ,she started working on low wedges.

With that money she hardly survived, but she didn't have any other option, she couldn't go back ,she couldn't use her real name or qualifications. Because she didn't want her husband and family to found out that she was alive.

She tried to sleep but woke up from bad dreams whenever it rained, she was like that , she wanted to forget but couldn't, she cried but no one listened, she knew she was all alone in this whole world.

Next day she woke up and got ready for work usually she would never put makeup but her eyes were puffed, so she put some. She had very less clothes no branded ones.

She wore oversized white office shirt, and blue pants and black shoes and her old leather sling bag that contained more than it could.

She wore a black band simple watch, her hairs were tied in a pony tail.

Her features were not sharp to begin with, she had a small face, brown long hairs, big black eyes, small nose and lips. She had medium height of 5 feet 4 inches. Fair complexion but tanned skin.

she was looking as ordinary as she could, that was what she always tried.

She used to live in student area in a one bedroom flat. The rent was also low 50$ a month and they didn't asked for deposit.

The owner of that place was an old woman her name was Agatha, every one called her granny, Angel also called her granny.

She was greedy but good, every time rent was late she made Angel work for her, like buying groceries taking her to the hospital, paying her electricity bills, gas bills and so on.

Angel did all that because she desperately wanted a place to stay.

When she came out passing the steps granny shouted from her window," Angel get me some apples while returning from work" and Angel replied ok granny.

The locality she lived in was very crowded. The houses were built very closely, the roads were narrow and electric wires were everywhere. Even though D city was very developed but that part looks like an old town though it was part of old city.

Most of the people who lived there were students who were preparing for university exams and the matured people were working on low wedges in main D city like Angel.

As part time Angel used to give tuitions to school kids for extra income.

When Angel reached bus stop she got a call from the recruitment company to gather in office before 11 Am .

When she reached office it was already crowded. She some how got in first row where all the girls were seated.

It was an important announcement for all the recruits.

The manager came and started listing the names of the candidates, who were going to work for the companies that needed temporary staff for this month.

Angel didn't have any contacts and her CV was also suspicious there were not any educational qualification and also she didn't have last name, so she always got the jobs noone wanted to do, sometimes she became deliveryman, some times babysitter, sometimes receptionist in low class companies but she was good at everything she did, so according to rating she always found some work.

The company started rating system for the employees that were good at work, but did not have educational qualification or background. In there application form, they fill all the work they could do, according to which company assigned them work and according to quality they gave ratings.

So when big companies asked for temperary employees they placed high rating employees to those companies.

But some companies also wanted background ,that's why Angel got rejected from the jobs that pay more .

And she got the work of high labour and less wages.

When maneger listed the names half of the crowd scattered and they started getting information for the company they were going to work.

After last announcement maneger left, Angel got the job in a beauty salon for the assistant. She got the address from the desk and reached her work place, her work place was three subway away from her home,

but it was quite far from the recruitment company.

It was already 4 pm when she reached the salon.

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