Demonic Descent

Demonic Descent





Abandoned by the one you love and tortured by your love rival for months on end, can you maintain your faith in humanity and cling on to your hope for life or you will admit your faith and die to escape your suffering? 
Or will you choose revenge and begin your descent into demonhood, abandoning everything that made you human?
Follow Kael Strider in his Demonic Descent into a world that governs the world we know.

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Status: c9 2 months ago
Yup, I am a member of the shameless author club, here to give my own novel a 5-star review but can you stop me from being shameless? I don't think so.
So just lay back and enjoy.


Status: c7 1 year ago
One of the best original webnovel I have ever read, it I hope the will be able to complete this novel with out any problem. 😊😊😊😊
If author can keep this update speed, it should be fine


Status: c2 1 year ago
It is a story with a future, quite entertaining despite just reading the first two episodes I can say that I liked the story quite a bit and add it to my library to read it whenever a chapter comes out

Chapter 1: Eloping Together


There was a young man, probably in his early twenties, busy writing something in a brightly lit room.

He was sitting at the copper-red study desk, holding onto a pen and writing something onto the paper after giving some thought.

The faint yellow light radiated by the candle reflected brightly off his blond hair onto his fair and handsome face. His name was Kael Strider.



The sound of notification on the phone distracted him from his study. Realizing it was already dark outside, so he checked his phone.

The message was from his girlfriend Sophia Lowell, but upon reading the content he was shocked at his very core.

'Today the Head of Hammer Pharmaceuticals proposed my marriage to his eldest son, Louise Hammer and my father accepted his proposal. He had already fixed the date of marriage as well, without my consent. I tried to change his decision but he won't listen to me and my mother refused to consider anyone of lower social standing.'

'If you love me then come to the playground behind the college campus before midnight, we will elope together. We can change their point of view with time after the marriage. I will be waiting for you'

He and Sophia met each other through an online chat group. Though they first started as enemies, they eventually got to know each other and ultimately developed feelings towards each other.

But Sophia's family background was worlds apart from his. Her family had reached a point where their assets had surpassed a massive number which was in the billions. So naturally, they would not hand over their only daughter to some unheard-of man such as him!

Even then, Kael Strider was not a poor and miserable nobody. He had a luxurious home, a few branded cars, and a few hundred thousand dollars in his bank account. In the eyes of regular women, he was what they would deem a bachelor with exceeding qualifications. Still, compared to the Lowell Family, there existed a huge gap between them.

With his efforts in vain, the elders of the Lowell Family treated him just as coldly. They almost chased him out of the house! The only thing that Sophia could do was to shed tears for him. She could never agree to this planned marriage on her own. She only resorted to eloping as there was no other method for them to be together.

After calming down, Kael changed his clothes and took his car keys before rushing out of the house.



A faint horn sound could be heard floating in the night sky as if spirits were howling. But it also sounded like the low hum of a certain animal.


A man with a tall and strong figure opened up the grass bushes in front of him. He looked left and right as he immediately tightened the black gun in his hand and walked forward.

The man was wearing a white body-hugging leather suit. He was also carrying a leather bag, his whole body covered with a layer of protective gear. On both sides of his waist, he carried two matte black holsters.

The moonlight shone down from the sky and fell onto the man's back. Its light appeared in a faint, pale white color.

After realizing that there was nothing wrong with his equipment, the man continued to walk forwards.

However, there were countless men and women with robust build walking behind him in black suits that came out of the cars that followed behind the first car. They each carried a Bluetooth earpiece that blinked red.

"Do not let him get across," the man in white commanded.

"The task this time is very easy so, Young Master Louise doesn't need to supervise it himself. My team members are all capable of capturing a normal alone, with all of us there is no way he could get away" An old man came to 'young master' Louise.

"I know it's overkill but I want to meet the person who dared to have his hand on something that I had my eyes on" he continued, "And it would not be any fun if he reached the playground behind the college campus"

"Everyone, take positions. Let's finish the job without any hitch" the old man commanded others in a black suit.


In the playground behind the college campus, a tall beautiful girl was sitting on the bench giving an otherworldly aura.

The girl had her golden hair tied in a ponytail. Her skin was fair, her face as sharp as a knife and she gave off a British, glamorous vibe but this view had a major flaw and that was the fact that she was crying instead of smiling. There was a deep longing in her eyes with a mix of nervousness and anxiety.

Her name was Sophia Lowell, waiting here for her boyfriend, Kael Strider.

Soon, she was disturbed by noise from car engines as a lot of cars rushed towards her.

"No, how can they be here? I made sure that no one would find out about my escape from home" looking at numerous cars there was a look of anger and reluctance on her face, as a large number of guards surrounded her.

A mature woman walked towards her from one of the cars and answered "It was Young Master Louise, who contacted us about your whereabouts. It would be wise for you to follow us back, otherwise, we would have to use force as your father, Master Lowell has ordered us to break a few bones of that Kael Strider, if you refuse to come"


Kael was rushing towards the playground as fast as he could but due to the distance between his house and his destination, it took him almost an hour to reach the campus.

Just as he was about to take a turn towards the playground, a large SUV blocked his way. In his rush to reach there instead of waiting for the SUV to give way he ran out of his car towards the playground which was less than a kilometer away from here but before he could gain some speed something huge hit him in the back of his head and soon everything turned black as he lost his consciousness.