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Re: Incarnation Death Match





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Status: c-1 1 year ago
The story's grammer is impeccable and there's only praise for that. The words floe nicely and are descriptive as well. It's not often I find myself immersed in the setting of the novel, but this one did it with only 4 chapters (or 6, if you count the 2 auxillary ones)

I really like the premise of incarnations and how they are bound to the other person.

The first chapter starts with action and gets right to the case, it manages ro capture my attention immdeiately. Also, from it we can tell how fleshed out the story is.

World building is fine. It's hard to say with these little chapters, but judging from the auxillary ones, it's gonna be very interesting--if handled well.

Characters, again, are fine. Also something hard to tell. But I personally like them! Gppd work!


Status: c-1 1 year ago
I am a romantic kind of girl ..seriously but to my
surprise, I found myself enjoying this book a lot and
I just want you to know this because like a fellow
author. I'd like it it people tell me that my work is
great, Your book is great.


Status: c4 1 year ago
I can’t help but mention how amazing the cover is! I like how used the flame to create the “I” in Incarnation. Very creative!

I’d like to mention how helpful the first 2 chapters are in explaining the terminologies and other things the reader might not know when they read your story.

Kudos to the author for their hard work and interesting story!

Writing Quality: I couldn’t find anything to nitpick. The grammar as well as the flow of the sentences were definitely on point. I like how the author gave sufficient descriptions that were helpful in imagining the scenes and the characters.

Stability of Updates: I’m not sure how often the author updates, but the chapter length seems long enough to last without frequent updates (such as everyday updates or something similar).

Story Development: This book only has 4 chapters so far and I don’t think I can comment anything about it. All I can say is that this book would definitely be in my library for future updates. Future and current readers wouldn’t be disappointed in reading this novel :)