Re: Incarnation Death Match

Re: Incarnation Death Match

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Chained, with only scant knowledge of the world but blessed with mysterious powers and free to disobey the laws of nature once freed, such is the nature of Incarnation, mysterious beings of unknown nature that can be found in many hidden areas around the world. Claire, along with her two friends Ivanna and Ronan, sacrificed everything to find one of those elusive beings, hoping to participate make a name in one of the Death Matches, and hopefully earn enough reward money for themselves. Little did they know, such a simple desire sets a grand play where their pasts intertwine. Update schedule: Once or twice a week, depending on my real life schedule.

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Chapter 1:


Human-like creatures found as bound, chained people with supernatural powers capable of defying the laws of nature. One common trait amongst them is the lack of memories, ranging from only possessing small amounts of memories, just enough to recall their name and work, or even none at all. When they are freed, they will be linked to whoever set them free.

All Incarnation possess a heightened healing factor, with some, such as Trosker, possessing even higher healing factor that allows him to heal within seconds as the healing is naturally supported by the healing from his Incarnation form

Bound Form:

The form seen when the Incarnation had their powers sealed. When found, all Incarnation start in their Bound form, until a handler sets them free and let them enter Incarnation form for the first time. All Bound Forms, regardless of Incarnation Forms, are indistinguishable from human beings.

Power Ranking System:

Powers of Incarnation are measured based of the strength emitted by something colloquially known as "Vortex Waves". As the name implies, Vortex Waves can be felt within touching distance of the vortex portal leading to an Incarnation.

However, without proper knowledge and the sensitivity required to truly feel and discern it, it is impossible to know the exact power level. Those with enough sensitivity and no knowledge on how each power level 'feels' will only feel the sense that something is tapping a hard object in a rhythm.

Power levels can be divided into four:





A-rank waves carry a chaotic, rapid feeling, as if someone hit the drum on high speeds but without the noise, and muffled so the beat is left only as an after-sense, like the feeling one gets from walking some distance close to an intense concert. A-ranks are generally powerful, with a special ability that lets them turn the tide of a battle - however, as with anything else, there are exceptions.

B-rank waves are quick, speedy beats coming in successions, stopping for a while, and coming again in a quick burst. Fast, rapid beats, stopping, then fast, rapid beats again. The sense of 'muffled noise' from A-rank still remains. B-ranks, along with C-ranks, are the most common class seen in Death Matches.

C-rank waves carry the feeling of an echo, a low echo of some sort of musical instrument without the drum-like feeling felt on A-rank and B-rank waves. As with A and B, C-rank waves are also chaotic, but the chaos is less from the beat, and more from how discordant the waves feel, as if an ape pressed random keys on the piano or plucked random strings on the guitar. C-ranks can be seen on the Death Matches, but some particularly weak ones were usually sold to desperate people or researchers.

D-ranks possess waves similar to C-ranks, with almost no difference between the two. Some live among normal people while hiding their chains, while others are sold as experiments.

Unnoffical Rank: Divine

Divine-ranks are almost indiscernible from A-ranks, and the only way to truly tell the difference is the feeling of strangeness moving in sync with the beat of the A-rank waves. As the difference relies on sensation, inexperienced Death Match enthusiasts has mistook A-ranks for Divine-ranks. From the previous Death Matches, there are only five known Divine-ranks, not including Fiora.


Those who freed an Incarnation from their bindings, thus obtaining a connection with them. They are a vital component on an Incarnation's seal in Bound forms, as they act as a storage where their power is stored as long as they come in contact with their chains. A side effect of this link is the ability to use their Incarnation's power, but even that is limited, as most handlers are unable to control the vast quantities of power the Incarnation possesses. Due to this limited contol and incompatibility, the handler will risk a backlash every they attempt to use their Incarnation's power.

In order for the chain to work and let an Incarnation enter their Bound Form, the handler and their Incarnation are linked in such a way that makes them share pain. When an Incarnation gets hurt in battle, the handler will suffer pain, but not the other way around.

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