The Ghost who Rises

The Ghost who Rises





When unfortunate events for the Kingdom unfold and the pieces are put together, one person is in the center of it all, manipulating the flow of exchanges between the world. 

This person’s goal is unclear, however one thing is for sure...

The world will have to unite to bring him down.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Man, Animal; Hero, Monster; Angel, Demon; God, Devil. Such terms were thrown around so carelessly that they became the very pillars mankind rested on. These words' impact on the world morphed it into a paranoia-systemized sphere of existence. Whenever an individual described another individual, those were the words used. Even when magical beasts or exotic species of organic existence were discovered, when referred to, one of the eight umbrella terms were employed into the mind and out of the mouth. Unfortunately, I simply don't belong in either of the globally-acknowledged righteous categories. When I was referred to, I was never called a "Man" without the source correcting themselves and declaring me an "Animal", "Monster", "Demon", and even "Devil" several times, probably more behind my back. For me personally, it wasn't a problem, although it was normal to at least feel a tang of irritation from the harsh words.

Magic casters and humans were officially separated and considered different races of existence, even as far as species. Technological advancements throughout the world were halted to pursue the findings of magic, which now played a huge role in every interaction on the planet. Needless to say, one of these interactions included war. Learning magic was encouraged when sudden emotional outbursts resulted in noticeable, sometimes destructive effects. Following this, through time, physical arts and activities slowly became obsolete and unimportant.

Nevertheless, ninjas and mercenaries were still lingering in the shadows, with some of them even forming organizations that opposed magic. Although these organizations all had the same goal, their methodologies showed too much contrast, which therefore made them uncooperative, and produced absolutely no significant resistance to the magic-based system. The only reason why magic didn't completely take over the world was due to the amount of compatibility mankind had with it. So far the only way to currently obtain magic was either by reading a grimoire, activating a magical relic, or fortunate genetics, inheriting magic from one's parents or earlier generations.

On the other hand, reports of magic casters appearing across the Lands without any ties to proper genetics or encounters with magical items increased through time. Particularly, these magic casters were known as "witches" and were theorized to have obtained their magic through unholy, dark means. These witches were also called the "Gifted" or "Cursed", depending on the user's nature of magic. Across the globe, few average individuals were able to integrate magic in their physical combat, and if they did, the magic used would enhance themselves. People who mastered physical combat-magic integration were considered experts and given high authority in many Districts.

Districts were large portions of land occupied by a populous consisting of identical or similar attributes, either in magic, ninja way, methodologies, or way of living. The East Lands, contrasting to the West, called these Districts "countries", most likely distancing all common aspects of culture from the two opposing Lands. Individuals who governed these Districts were dubbed as "Rulers", with each Ruler assigned with a past-number corresponding to the District they ruled. For example, District Two was governed by the Second Ruler. In the West Lands, there were approximately nine Rulers.

Surprisingly, the Districts didn't even take up half of the landmass of the West Lands. More specifically, they covered just below 35 percent. The monstrously sized occupied portion of land known as the Empire absorbed an astounding 53 percent of the West Lands, leaving the Kingdom with a measly 12 percent to deal with. Between the Kingdom's and Empire's constant conflicts, much land belonging to the Kingdom has been mercilessly plundered and conquered by the Empire. As it stood, the Empire was the second-largest occupied portion of earthly crust on the planet, just below the Domain, which was located in the East Lands.

Separating the Lands were several oceans and to the far north and south sat the coldest places in the world.

Currently, tensions were rising up between all states, the umbrella term the world used for all occupied portions of land, and the only thing preventing a global war and total catastrophe was the Top Tier Magician Integrated Mutually Assured Destruction, or TTMIMAD as an acronym, but mostly referred to as TIMID. This doctrine was an agreement between the Districts, Empire, and all of the Eastern States except for one that if one of them were to attack the other with top tier magic casters, the recipient of the assault could rightfully deploy their top tier magic casters, thus starting a war. The Kingdom wasn't a part of this doctrine, so the Empire's and Kingdom's affairs are of no matter to everyone else.

In other words, if there was one act of overcompensated magic utility against one of the agreed-upon states, a world war would take place once again.

This was the state of the world that I resided in; my home. However, I despised the way it was ran and organized. Destruction and pain were the only things that were brought forth with the newborn concept of "peace".

I intended to change that. I mean, world domination does sound pretty cool, huh?

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