Calla Lily: The Eunuch King's Goblin bride

Calla Lily: The Eunuch King's Goblin bride

Aysel_Inara | Fantasy Romance


*Eunuch means Castrated male, without a penis* Kingdom Bellezza is in panicked state, that their core stone of beauty has turned black from white and the people are waiting for someone mythical from the prophecy to revive it before the kingdom collapses. But this predicted picture is disrupted, as a strange girl with green snake eyes and pointy elf ears teleports into the perfect scenario of kingdom's beauty, as a symbol of bad luck eventually trapping into a romance tale. The caged Goblin Princess is in the midst of lurking shadows, the proud queen is conspiring with the sergeant to kill her, while the 'mighty' king is persistent to use her for fame and ulterior motives. Things seemed to worsen for the kingdom, after the arrival of mysteriously evil yet powerful eunuch, who is later appointed to the Goblin Princess. He is all set to shake up the whole kingdom to love his woman, if that makes her happy! || explicit content || •Cover credits to original artist, Nils Kuiper• ._._._._. Check out my other works: >• La Serpiente: Foxy cursed bride in CEO ghost's lair >• Femme Fatale: The Queen Of Chess

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