Calla Lily, The Eunuch King's Goblin bride

Calla Lily, The Eunuch King's Goblin bride


Fantasy Romance



Kingdom Bellezza is in panicked state. Their core stone of beauty has gone black from white and the people are waiting for someone mythical from the prophecy to revive it before the kingdom collapses. But this picture is disrupted as a strange girl with green snake eyes and pointy elf ears teleports into the perfect scenario of kingdom's beauty as a symbol of bad luck eventually trapping into a romance tale.


Not your regular fairy tale ❌

Before you proceed further, please read patiently as the story is a slowpoke and has detailed scenarios, secondly the romance isn't rushed and the plot requires concentration. 


[ Fantasy Infused Romance ]



Cover credits to original artist.

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Status: c17 2 months ago
First things first, I love your title. It definitely stands out and has a lot more depth than others I've seen on this site. 

Writing Quality: There are certain issues with the grammar, but the general flow of the story is great. You have great descriptions that in turn contribute to the worldbuilding that doesn't just shove information down a reader's throat. 

Story Development: The pacing is clear, and it's neither too fast that it's all a blur without any character development nor too slow that I feel like I wouldn't want to read it. 

Character Design: The queen tho (enough said xp)

World Background: It gives me vibes from those fairy tale classics, and it definitely seems promising so far. 

Good luck!


Status: c16 2 months ago
I have been following this story closely for the past few weeks and I am genuinely pleased. It was not your usual romance story, for it was also infused with fantasy which kept it interesting and mysterious!

ML (or I hope he is) - He was not your perfect ML, but my advice to fellow readers to not give up and kept reading. I hope Author can promise a happy ending here 😆

Love scene (a.k.a sex) - I have read Author's other one shot, which was really good. So I don't have any comment on this one. It was described in a very beautiful way, without losing the essence of the whole storyline. Steamy and sexy at the same time.

Overall, I am having a good time and declare myself as one of your readers. I am definitely waiting patiently for your next chapters.



Status: c7 1 month ago
Author here !
I'm very thankful to the readers who provided me with suggestions and criticism. I will look forward to the constructive improvement. And I hope this fantasy will not disappoint  to those who want to read a different flavour of kings and queens. It's not a damsel in distress cliche.

Chapter 1:

[An unfamiliar voice]

Every person used to listen fairy tales in their childhoods. Some wishes to dive into that magical realm. Beautiful fairies, little pixies dancing along beds, diamond bedded flowers, rich greenery, clear waterfalls with nymphs bathing, men guarding the princesses, handsome prince sword fighting nearby the gigantic castle and the town full of chattering. Everything seems so perfect and pleasing to eyes.

What if this picture is disturbed by the presence of a girl who isn't graceful as Belle, who is not that fortunate perhaps_ like Cinderella, who maybe isn't a princess either like Sleeping beauty, and definitely not a beauty like snow white.

Then what she is doing in this picture ? Let me tell you a tale.

A relatively different from your childhood tales.

[Distinct Chattering]

My head was spinning, everything seemed going round and round, shaking to the sides when I woke up in the middle of somewhere I don't know. I pushed my body up to sit while my head hurt badly. Looking around when I gained consciousness found myself on a grass bed in woods. The nature scent filled my nostrils with freshness, tall trees were standing as to guard me, fresh veins were hung down decorated with full ripe red grapes grown in a certain manner, colorful flowers cultivated in different designs. It was clear that I was in a forest, how much deep that was still a question. But the scenario around me dissipated my fear of being and the confusion I had about the place.

I monitored my legs, arms and abdomen, luckily I wasn't hurt or injured. The only thing that was in bad shape was my head after falling from that portal. I let out a feeble growl scooping my head.

Analysing the surroundings my pointed ears pricked some distinct chattering. I needed to get out otherwise animals would feed on me and I am damn sure I ain't sweeter .

To seek help in getting out of this forest I moved following the voices passing through the bushes, veins and fruitful trees. It was spring at it's peak everything was blooming.

I peeked through a purple bush and saw four to five men walking merrily with bags on shoulders and rifles hung to one arm. They were hunters and could guide me perhaps. I sprinted out of the bush with the confidence that they can't hurt me, walked and stood in front of them.

"Hello Can you guys kno....."

Before I could complete the sentence my mind registered their facial expressions and two words striked FEAR and DISGUST.

I moved two steps further but soon they ebbed with sweaty, unbelievable faces. Horror was carved in their faces that they forgot about the guns and the idea of shooting me down.

"Don't _Don't fear me I'm not gonna hurt. Just guide me out of this forest please."

Assuring them I chipped softly sounding more like humans not to scare them when one of them pointed with shaky hand towards a certain direction.

"Thank you."

I waved and started walking ignoring them completely.

The birds were chirping and I strode out dancing and jumping. The sun was glinting cheerfully, rays peeping through the gigantic tree leaves. Everything was mysteriously beautiful and breath taking.

A few minutes later a clear lake came into the picture.

"So clear and _Whoa !"

It was a beautiful scenario the lake was filled with water lilies and petals of roses floating on the surface of clear stream. I don't know from where the water was coming but in between the forest the lake was surrounded by tall trees on the two sides lined in a careful pattern. Everything was just PERFECT. The temperature was moderate during my walk maybe drift if transparent clouds were hovering above covering the forest and lowering the intensity.

I leaned to drink some and my gaze slid onto the dirty reflection.

"Ow my face is caked with mud."

Splashing water I starred in the stream as droplets stayed on my face shinning. I had some of the sweet honey from the lake savouring the delectable taste.

"I should hurry out it's getting long. "

Walking again I could hear minor voices like rustling of leaves, chirping of birds, deers talking and a pair of lions fighting miles away. All thanks to my ears. Meanwhile I reached the end and saw the town a few miles away up on a low-cliff.

"Finally I will be able to find the way back home. Let's see what is this place."

A hope stitched my heart as I could see the massive towers, white houses with blue roofs attracted me. I became eager to explore the place I was in, yearning to use my senses to meet people.