The Ruthless Ceo shameless wife

The Ruthless Ceo shameless wife





Rose stared at the women in front of her she was the daughter of the man who made her lose the most important person in her life her father, The women in front of her was Judith Tang.

judith looked at Rose and said" Rose don't think all high and mighty because you got married to Harry Lu, you are nothing but a whore very soon I will crush you just like my father did to you stupid father 


the sound of slapping make the entire room go silent 

judith was boiling with anger but decided to act all pity full she said "Mr Lu am sorry I didn't mean anything when I said I admired Mr Lu please don't be mad at me.

people started looking at  Rose with disgust and talking about how rude she is.

Rose stepped forward to judith and looked at the smug smile on her face, she was waiting for Rose to apologize but to her suprise and everyones she punched judith in the face the turn around and said,

"hubby that bitch broke my nail when I punched her she even made my hand hurt with her stupid face I deserve justice"

Harry looked at his wife lovely and said " Assistant Joe I want to to see the Tang family in bankruptcy by tomorrow"

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Status: c21 11 months ago


Status: c21 11 months ago
Dear am really really happy that you are back and despite the situation you are updating I feel so happy keep on writing you are gonna get through this hunni and thank you for this master piece 


Status: c19 11 months ago
Dear author am really really glad that you are back to continue with this amazingly awesome book despite the circumstance am really sorry to hear of what happened and I pray you & your family will b ok
Come check out this book you guys

Chapter 1: The deal

In an vvip section in glamour night club in country A,a women stood in front of a man with cold and deadly smile on his face.

She was  Rose Jin the daughter of the powerful and must influential family in country A.

 But due to Her father being cheated by his bestfriend he lost everything she had and lost his life after suffering a heart attack.

Rose lost her father and her mother run away with the only money left from selling her jewelries and their cloth she was left with nothing. her friends left her and her best friend lina found her way into her boyfriend Mike bed.

After Losing everything she hold dear to her she suddenly found out that her mother not only run away but always sold her to one of the most powerful men in country A Harry Lu.

Harry Lu was a ruthless and cold ceo of the The Lu Empire. He was devilishly handsome many women say he was simply sinfully handsome and sexy.

Back to present time Harry put forward an offer to Rose asking her to pick between becoming his wife or paying back the  money her mum took in exchange for her.

Rose had no mother she was currently broke and in the final year of college in one of the most elite school in Country A so she had no choice to to accept buy she has some conditions.

Rose said '' Mr Lu I will be your wife but I have one conditions.

Harry had on his cold expretion and signaled her with a head nod to continue

My condition is simple I will be your wife until I paid you back the money my mother took from you, after that you have to divorce me and we go our separate ways.

Harry look at the women in front of him that he has loved and wish to make her his and gave a cold smile, he look at her and thought " You think you can leave me after I have gotten you with me dream on baby girl dream on".

 Harry stood up and and walk close to Rose she looked a the man in front of her  and took a close look at him he was as people say devilishly handsome, his stood at 8.3 ft tall compared to Rose who was 6.8ft and his face was flawless with his full pink lips he was indeed handsome .

He stood in front of her and then stride toward the door rose heart sunk when she saw him leave but when he got to the door he turned back and said to her you got your self a deal.