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She's not beautiful, but doesn't hate herself or complain. Why?  She believes the Lord is being fair and having it all isn't really necessary, because her shape will make you look at her more than twice.  But, are those thoughts really from the deepest of her heart?  Of course not. She shouldn't feel worthless, because people see her as worthless.  She knows she's not beautiful, but still love and respects herself.  …… "That's for looking so ugly." Ethan said to her and handed her to her pursuers. This made her vowed to make him pay. But what if it's not as she thinks and Ethan misunderstood her, which led to such a statement coming from his mouth… . …… A simple girl who believed that she's nothing, realized that she's something and someone took her life away from her.  She's Diana, she's a survivor and a fighter.  A simple girl that always got bullied, slowly evolves into a girl that can't be dared. But you know that in this world, there are some people who just like getting messed up and Diana wouldn't hesitate to mess them up, since they crossed her.  ….. Join the adventure of Diana and I hope you enjoy the story and support it.  Discord server link: https://discord.gg/Q7tY3F8 Feel free to join the book server. 

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Chapter 1: Prologue

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May 15, 1994. 4:00 PM.

On a quiet and isolated street, a new born baby lay beside the road; crying loudly.

Once in a while, one or two cars drove past the road at a fast speed, none of them stopping to check the baby out.

Two hours later, a couple drove near where the baby was placed and stopped their car. They came down and looked around; wondering what kind of person could ever leave a defenseless baby at such a dangerous place. On this road, people barely stopped and most just speed past it; as a lot of dangerous attacks are bound to occur at such places.

The fact that they stopped at the area themselves is not because they're nice people, but the wife is heavily pregnant and they kind of feel like ignoring an abandoned newborn beside the road could potentially jinx their own.

"What should we do?" the wife asked.

"I'm not sure...but since there is no one around, how about we help?" the husband replied with uncertainty.

"You're right. Quickly, let's help for now, and think later. Let's quickly leave this place," the wife said, supporting her big stomach with her hands, looking around with a fearful expression on her face.

Unbeknownst to the couple, a woman was crouched behind a bush, staring at the couple and dialling a number on her cell phone.


Inside a luxurious house, a woman was crying her heart out on a king-size bed, looking very pale and weak, "Am sorry baby, mommy is so sorry, forgive mommy, mommy wants you..." She kept ranting and rolling on the bed, hugging a newborn baby's clothes close to her chest.

Her phone suddenly rang. As if struck by lightning, she quickly stretched her hand out, picking the phone up. Upon seeing the caller, she immediately stood up and answered the call.

"Stella! Someone is picking her up! They're a couple; the wife is heavily pregnant. Oh Stella, I think the Lord is on our side! She will have a family," the caller said.

Stella let her tears flow as she listened to the report. Thinking about all those hours her baby laid on the street helplessly was hell for her.  "Maris, thank you so much for this, please follow them and find out who they are, and stay safe please," she said.

Suddenly, Stella heard footsteps approaching her room. A tremor ran through her entire body. Fear was written all over her face. She started panicking as she said in a hurry, "Maris, switch off your phone now, and throw it away. He's here! He's here!"

Stella quickly ended the call and dropped the phone.

The door opened. A handsome man in his late twenties came in, a group of men in black suits trailing after him.

He dashed towards Stella with a murderous look, "Where is the child?" He asked, a threatening tone in his voice.

"Dead." Stella replied with a straight face.

"I will ask again, where the hell is the baby?" the man growled.

"Shane, I just told you she's dead didn't I?" Stella answered fiercely.

"So it's a she, noted." Shane smirked.

"You bastard!" Stella growled.

"Bastard? You should reserve that title till I get a hold of that baby and make you witness how I get rid of her; while I make you watch." Shane said cruelly.

Stella felt her heart tightened, "I told you she's dead. What kind of mother would lie about her child being dead?" she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

"The kind that gave birth to another man's child when she was supposed to be mine!" he roared.

"Give me my phone!" Stella shouted as Shane took her phone and threw it to one of the men standing not too far from where he stood.

"Trace the number she called last." Shane ordered.

Stella felt her heart skipped a beat; she didn't delete the number.

"Where is that maid of yours who helped you deliver the bastard?" he interrogated. "And also...where did you keep the dead child?"

"She buried the child on my behalf, you can have me to yourself now. Just let her be, she did nothing wrong, she was only following my orders." Stella said, silently wishing that Maris did as she said and threw the phone away and left the place.

"I will always have you…" he caressed Stella's face. "Just wish I didn't get my hands on that traitor. I got her for you but she betrayed me." Shane growled.

He took a strand of hair beside her ear and sniffed it. "And also," he breathed in her ear. "Pray that I don't find out you are lying about the dead child."

Stella glared at him, not saying anything as she tried to hold back her tears.

"That's what I like about you, always strong headed." Shane said, lifting her chin up. "I hope you love what I did to that man you call your lover."

Stella slapped his hand away and laid down on the bed, turning her back to him.

Meanwhile, Maris followed after the couple who picked the child up on her scooter. But not before following Stella's instructions of dismantling her phone and throwing it away. Quickly gaining speed, she made sure not to let the car out of her sight.

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