Some stories are written in heavens only to be recited by us.... Some heroes are born amongst the most common folks.... Some revenge may seem personally but they are meant for the world... Some people may look like the demons but are actually the saints. Join me as I , Ayona_midnight recite one such story. Lost memories, unknown origins, hidden identities, forgotten past, a coincidental accident and a mission that flashed the first ray of light on a deep rooted conspiracy. But what happens when amongst all this chaos two people with different upbringing and views , who were nurtured under the same roof were made to cross paths. ............ This is the story of the notoriously infamous business tycoon Aahil Oberoi. Aahil Oberoi was an orphan boy born with godlike business skills. His past and his nightmares have turned him into a nightmare in the business world. For the world he was a multi talented genius , a prodigy, a living legend and The God of Wealth. But the reality was far from what the world could ever anticipate. The world knew him as a cold, ruthless person devoid of any emotion. He was a the demon king. Time's nature is to change and Aahil Oberoi was no exception... On the twentyth death anniversary of his mother Aahil Oberoi was about to unlock the first clue to his lost memories and will land up with a marriage proposal.... Polar opposite of Aahil Oberoi was Ajabde Raichand ... She was the current sensation of world. Surpassing Aahil Oberoi she emerged as a maiden's swan. Elegant, beautiful and intellectual, Ajabde Raichand was a true charmer. Known for her multiple works Aahil too spoke highly of her. Her upbringing , thoughts and views were that which are extremely rare to find. What will happen when they cross paths???? Oblivious of their past they were suddenly tied in the knots of marriage. Aahil married Ajabde whereas she married a lunatic. Will their conflict turn into lover'd quarrel or into an inner battle ??? Will the flames of the worldly trials bring out the purest love between them or burn them into ashes??? Elders have said that " A love that could not conquer trails is not of any value " ........... Welcome to this heart felt mysterious romance novel and experience love, friendship, trust, trails, heart break and many more... which is sure to stir up the emotions in you as you witness..... How far Aahil will go to protect his loved ones and avenge the wrong doings.... What trials will he face as he tries to regain his lost memories and find his true identity.... And most of all, Who is the master mind behind the such a dangerous conspiracy that can eradicate the whole of human population and what is his connection to them....

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

In a high end villa on the biggest island of the famous World Island a man sat on his bedroom sofa reading the morning newspaper in his tablet. A very ordinary act for anyone except for the fact that the man sitting on that sofa was way beyond extraordinary . His achievements set new records everyday.

His calibre no one dare to challenge him to find out. One move from this man and the entire global economy trembles. This man was full of surprises and uncertainties but one thing was certain about him that on this planet no civilized human being wanted to be on his bad side. Thus every government of every country wanted to be on his good side.... from politicians to the royal families , business elites to superstars , from presidents to mob boss no one wanted to offend him . For they themselves didn't know what end they would meet if they did.

This man was none other than the notoriously infamous business tycoon Aahil Oberoi . He is the chairman of the Deven Corporation, Unova Group of Industries and Tres Spades Chain of hotels. Under these three corporate names ran countless business companies that earn profit like candies .

There doesn't exist an industry in this world that Aahil Oberoi hasn't tried his hands on. In fifteen years Aahil has become from an orphan boy to a living Wealth God . He was a man of extremely few words. When he spoke each and every word were like precious jewels.

His fearlessness, impacable leadership skills and out of the world business sense made him what is today. Also another reason for his outstanding success was his ability to detect talent and to be able to keep them at his side earning the loyalty.

Each and every member of his vast empire was hand picked either by him or his most trusted core founder members. They were the best in their fields and under his leadership skills they got vast opportunities and diverse working environment which further nurtured and polished their skills... They were capable of handling anything that is thrown in there way.

In this mortal world he was a living legend. Money was his middle name...

He was both extraordinary as well as the most dangerous man. A complete untamed beast who would stop at nothing to get at what he sets his sight.

His mentor Father Fernandez's only worry was will their ever exist an angel that would tame the saintly demon.


There was a slight knock on the bedroom door after which the door opened to reveal the person knocking. It was the head butler of his empire and also one of the core founder members Yuma. He was hand picked by Aahil himself when he crossed paths with his former master who dare to offend him.

Aahil was only fifteen years old when he was up against that fucking cock and out smarted Yuma who was the only backup the pervert had by leaps and bounds. Upon learning of Yuma's abilities of single handedly managing that pervert's entire good for nothing complicated world he was utterly impressed and wanted to test his true colors .

Aahil created situations in such a way that would seem like that pervert offended him and attacked him so from covering up to negotiations with Aahil he handled everything by inconspicuously remaining in the shadows. His management ability , resourcefulness and will to protect his master at all costs Aahil tested everything until he was satisfied before he delivered his final assault .

As a result of his assault Yuma's former master abandoned him and dumped all his deeds on his head. This was exactly what Aahil wanted for after that Aahil saved him and took him under his wing. At first Yuma was reserved towards serving Aahil for he was quick to find that it was Aahil who destroyed his former master as per Aahil's wish just to get his hands on him he wanted to turn Aahil in . But when he met Aahil face to face and was attacked by his sharp and ruthless questions to which he had no answer his respect for him became unmeasurable. From that day forth he served Aahil with his atmost loyalty something that even his former master never received from him.

Aahil had the quality to make people feel special under his wing and they could take pride in whatever they did . He never treated as mere employees under him but part of his team. That's how his employees were able to make his ideas into reality.


Butler Yuma knocked the door of the master bedroom slightly and opened it. At that time Aahil was sitting on the sofa reading his tablet. He silently entered the room with his Master's morning coffee and all the updates that he needs to report.

Aahil was the chairman of his business empire but he rarely attended any of the office. All of Aahil's work would be handled by him from his place and the office was handled by his Assistant and Vice Chairman respectively.

Yuma was the link that would connect Aahil to his empire. Any information that Aahil needs to know or documents that needs his attention is sent to Yuma online or in person and he would convey it to Aahil and vice versa. He was also in charge of Aahil's schedule , appointments and meetings. Everything was meticulously arranged by Yuma keeping in mind his Master's prefences.

After joining Aahil Yuma faced the greatest challenge that was to learn how to please his Master as Aahil even for a fifteen year old he was a nightmare for Yuma in his first few weeks to the point that he completely lost his confidence . Seeing the young boy struggling Father Fernandez lend him a helping hand. Armed with Father's advice and leveling up his butler skills by the end of his first month under Aahil , Yuma was finally able to receive a compliment form Aahil .

Aahil had never done anything without a reason. His cruel comment and merciless criticizing was because Yuma didn't give his full potential along with the fact that their was even room for his improvement. Thus when Father helped him overcome his lack of confidence did he achieved his highest point. To mark his achievement in such short span of time Aahil actually complimented his efforts.

On Yuma achievement Father Fernandez gave him a piece of advice

" Yuma as long as you are with Aahil never be satisfied with what you can do... always diversify your skills, gained new knowledge and never forget your basics for working under Aahil no two days will be the same. Everyday is going to be a new test and failure is not an option. "

With that note Yuma from that day onwards never stopped improving himself as a result any task that Aahil threw at him he could perform it flawlessly.

And over these fifteen years Yuma's hard work has proved Aahil that he wasn't wrong in picking him

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