My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love

My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love


Contemporary Romance





Innaya Kapoor, granddaughter of late Mr. Viraj Kapoor agrees to disagree with the concept of love. So obviously, marriage is off limit, driven by her own experiences of relationships.

Worried for his granddaughter, Mr. Kapoor before passing away, chooses an alliance for her, she is unaware of. Six months past his demise, the chosen groom's arrival comes as a shock to clueless Innaya.

Torn between her Grandpa's last wish and her own fears, Innaya decides to take a leap of faith after meeting her chosen husband.

Innaya knows the scars of past she carries are enough to destroy her present if she gave in. 

She enters into her marital life, not prepared for having her husband to become her own vulnerary, ready with an armor of love for breaking down the walls of her past. The only thing she did not realize that everyone has their secrets and he had his own too.


This story revolves around the mental health issue PTSD. 

NOTE - It may be an Indian story but there is nothing in it that the non-Indian readers won't understand. So, my dear non-Indian readers, give it a try! 

It won't disappoint you :)

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Status: c7 5 months ago
Although there are only 7 chapters, I could tell this novel is very promising. Indeed, emotions, impressions, thoughts, etc. are well described letting you feel almost exactly the same way. You feel yourself getting excited as you read.

Writing quality is very, very good. Seriously good. I envy you author. Hope you can publish more chapters soon. 😘😘😘


Status: c57 3 weeks ago
Dear Author while searching some romantic novel I ended up here. While reading summary first thing got my attention it's a Indian based characters, after reading first chapter am already impressed with all characters. I always prefer to read only those novels where author give priority not only on main leads but also other characters too. I loved the way u portrayed eshan-Innaya relationship. And the best thing is eshan's friends love & support.

Thank you for this wonderful slow and steady novel♥️. I hope this novel will give importance of words like
Honest, Trust, leap of Faith, Care, and finally love. According to me love comes last if one doesn't have honest trust faith care in any relationship there will be no love. Author last sentence through eshan before disappearance was, where there is no trust there is no love and I totally agree with author because am that kind of person.

Once again thank you so much for wonderful concepts and waiting for further chapters eagerly 😊😇😊


7 months ago
One of the bestest book I have ever read....The characters are so so wonderful that it pulls my heartstrings....I just love reading this book again and again and again...the storyline is very  emotional and wonderful...I just LOVE it so damn much that words are getting less and less in my dictionary for describing the wonderful effect the story has left in my heart...Mukta I just have to say one thing I LOVE YOUR STORY and sorry to say this I am never ever removing your story from my personal library and my reading list......

Chapter 1: Preface

"My Vulnerary Husband!"

It is the journey of Innaya and Eshan. Arranged marriages are not uncommon but the way of handling new relationship is different. Here is such one tale of arranged marriage of Innaya and Eshan.

I personally do not like dominance in any relationship so, my characters are not going to be dominating, egoistic, harsh, rude, cursing ones. Women and men have equal rights and abuse or bullying of any kind is not acceptable.

No one deserves to get treated badly.

Do let me know your thoughts on this. I appreciate each one of you who takes efforts in reading, voting and commenting. And if you are reading it, please acknowledge my efforts by voting and commenting. Constructive criticism is welcomed, just don't be harsh.


He was gone with no backward glance

She waited for him at their mark

She was hurt, she was betrayed

She was used and she was left

Her tears dried yet her heart cried

She knew she didn't deserve, what she suffered

She was scared, she was torn

Instead of tingles, love gave her horrific shocks

She thought to quit

Yet her heart never agreed

Amidst of darkness consuming her

She heard someone's call

His silky, smooth, comforting voice

Pulled at her heartstrings

She wanted to hold, she wanted to reach

Perhaps for the peace, that voice offered

Her mind protested

Not to fall into another hopeless fantasy

Fantasies that always eluded her senses

His voice penetrated deep inside

Touching her soul

Engulfing her in its soulful magic

Urging her to follow

She gave in, she held onto hope he provided

Walking on the path, he showed

Promising her to meet midway

Believing she would not be cheated again!


Thank you for reading.

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