Diana was an unloved billionaires' wife, she left with her daughter to start anew. Fours later she came back with her cute little daughter and her foster sister, in a quest to make Wayne Grand pay his price for neglecting her and her daughter. Her weapon? Her cute little sugar.

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

She held her hand while looking at her beautiful sleeping face, she couldn't help but smile, her daughter who was only three months old was her only joy at the moment. Diana tucked in her long blonde hair as she looked lovingly at her daughter Pearl, her beautiful face had big eyes with a natural cute pink lips, her skin was radiant like the sun, baby Pearl no doubt looked like her mother, she only took her father's blue eyes and his jet black hair. Diana didn't want her baby to feel her pain, all she kept thinking was how to make her daughter happy not just now but in the future when she was all grown up.

As her mind wondered, the door was opened with a strong force causing it to make a loud sound that made her daughter frown. Diana looked up and saw the old woman by the door.

Madam Edna was her grandmother-in-law, she was in her 80's but still had a strong aura, she supported her self with a cane as she looked at Diana sternly "Useless, you're very useless, all you do is bring shame and disgrace to this family. How could you scheme against Fiona? Bringing such harm to her, I knew you're evil but this is too much I can't stand this anymore. What use do actually have, you couldn't even bare a male child. The Grand's family had always had a male as their first born but you had to be different."

Diana slightly raised her brow 'Has she been keeping account of all the first born of the Grand's since the family began.' Madam Edna kept cursing and swearing. Diana looked at her not uttering a word, she knew Fiona must have pulled tricks again but she was too lazy to find out what it is.

Diana was married to a Billionaire, young, handsome every girls dream but not hers, not anymore. Wayne Grand was cold and detached, he never cared about her and always gave her the cold shoulder 'But why did he marry me?' Diana would often ask herself.

She is an orphan, when she was 12 she was among the children picked during a welfare program to be sponsored, because of her brilliance and humble character she unknowingly caught the attention of Mrs Evelyn Grand, Wayne's mother who was the sponsor of the welfare program. She was especially fond of her and took care of her like her daughter. Diana and her foster sister Nikki were cared for by Mrs Grand.

Although she didn't know why but all she could remember was that during Wayne's engagement party her name was mentioned by him as his fiancee instead of Fiona's not long after that they got married at first she thought it was a dream come true but now it's a living nightmare.

His grandmother was strongly against it for she had always wanted Fiona to be Mrs Grand, his mother was also against it cause she doted on Diana so much and she was afraid Diana would not be able to cope with the pressure and stress of the rich world and also her stern son, his father, Owen Grand was nonchalant about the issue, while his brother and sister Ronin and Kayla Grand sat back and watched. Fiona had the sheep's covering over a wolf by making things extremely difficult for Diana but appearing meek and innocent.


Diana snapped back to reality when the door was closed 'Oh, she's done.' She said to herself, she looked down at her baby then closed her eyes 'This is the last time, this is the last time you'll ride on me.'

As she came down stairs with her daughter she only had her handbag and her baby's bag, she could hear the servant's whisper "I know Diana is something but sending people to wreck Fiona's shop doesn't sound like her."

'So that's what it's about.'

"How could you be so sure, we both know Diana and Fiona never got along, while Fiona was calm Diana would always make a fuss."

She was right Diana never took it lightly with Fiona causing her to be labelled as arrogant and ill mannered .

The servants stopped talking when they heard footsteps, they turned her direction and saw she was going out. No one asked where she was going cause no one cared. Although the servants didn't respect her they didn't respect her also, following their boss' example by giving her the cold shoulder.

When she got to the gate she turned around and took a long look at the villa, she had made up her mind to leave silently, to have some peace of mind and raise her daughter in a happy family.

Immediately she got to the airport a red haired girl with a messy bun caught sight of her "I thought you would change your mind, I would have gone to drag you out of that prison you call a home" she reprimanded her " But why are we only going to the next city won't they find us?" Nikki asked.

Diana knew the only one who would care is Evelyn, so she comforted her sister "Don't worry no one would come looking for us and as for Evelyn I called her and told her not to worry about us, but I still think she would try to find us so we have to change our lines even our phones."

"OK, I just can't wait for you to leave that a**, come on let's go." Nikki urge as she took baby Pearl from Diana.

Unlike Diana, Nikki wasn't that easy going, she easily get irritated and cursed almost all the time, she was one year younger than Diana but was also very brilliant, beautiful and had a good figure like Diana, although Diana was slightly taller than her and fairer too.

Nikki was abandoned as a baby in the orphanage while Diana's parents died in a car accident when she was three although she was in the car, she merely sustained some bruises but her parents died at the spot . Both families couldn't be tracked so they stayed in the orphanage till the welfare program came along changing their fate.

Diana signed as she trailed behind Nikki and Pearl ready to start a new life.

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