My name is Sam Mulder and I am about to travel through Multiverse Transmigration as I took over the body and soul of significant people from the 19th century right to the present day. As I transmigrated into their bodies, taking over their past recollection and memories. Reaching a set of goals would successfully made me Leap into the next and into the next, until I finally transmigrated back into my own body. Travel with me throughout the world, and experience the Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions from being a child right to being an elderly man, as we elaborately narrate in each of these series.

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Chapter 1:


A reader from the well known Webnovel app suddenly found himself thrown in an unknown environment from a void of darkness and his 5 senses after suffering from a road accident.

Each of his Transmigration or so-called time travel represented an individual whether he or she is of importance or not that may or not required the change of events in his or her history be it in the past, present or future. A different fork of the decision would change the fate of his or her life history to either end in a blissful end or a death trap.

This happened when I met an unfortunate accident which costs my life to end abruptly at the near-silver age of 47.


The morning sun was slowly peeking through the foliage and the sounds of the cicadas were slowly fading away in the distance, looking for places for it to hide away in the daylight. The sounds of the waves breaking near the shores were soft as if it was lulling me to sleep further embraced with a soft salty sea breeze.

Seagulls were cawwing nearby as they flitted near the waves breaking and slowly descended to the soft and white sands searching for morsels that the waves had brought to shore along with clumps of seaweed.

Slowly, as the rays of the sun shone on my face that peeked through the branches and leaves ahead; I subconsciously raised my hand against my eyes to avoid the glaring sun and find that the spectacles that I had worn were not on the bridge of my nose.

As my eyes adjusted slowly to the glare of the sun and its surrounding, I discovered that I no longer need my myopic lenses to see either at a distance nor just ahead of my nose.

"Where the hell am I actually?" I thought to myself. Last thoughts raced to my mind when the scooter I last rode was sideswiped by a speeding and stupid reckless driver that made me crashed head-on with a truck carrying sand on the other side of the road heading in the other direction.

I was unable to stop nor avoid it in any manner and the next thing I saw was overwhelming red and black that washes over my mind and slowly pulls me into losing my consciousness.

I then felt my heart palpitating and sudden tightness of my chest, constricting my breathing and slowly drifted off into the darkness...

I sat myself up and took several moments before my eyes adjusted to my surroundings and looked down at my hands. "What had happened just now?

Last I know was riding my scooter, then I was sideswiped and then blank... " I thought as I looked at my upper and lower extremities and found nothing was broken or injured nor even find a single abnormality.

My eyes scanned across my surroundings and found myself sitting and leaning on a makeshift A-frame shelter made from crisscrossed branches and entwined with dried coconut leaves to provide ample shade from coastal rain and wind adequately.

I ran my fingers underneath me and discovered that on top of the sandy floor was dried moss gathered to provide simple bedding and cushion to lie on.

Upon inspecting my attire I was wearing that time; I was half expecting that I am still wearing my jeans with my tank top and covered with a bright green colored windbreaker that I usually wore when I am off riding but I discovered that right now I was wearing a kind of matching cotton 'pajamas' with knee-length pants for men (golden yellow long sleeve collarless single button pocketed shirt and pants) with a sheathed wooden weapon about 12 inches in length lay beside me.

"Haish... This looks like a weird getup for men I suppose ." I said aloud to myself. "And what a weird looking weapon," as I unsheathed the weapon and found that it is wavy with 7 "waves" made with a kind of metal that looked someone like a dagger.

The edges are blunt only the tip is sharp so I presume this weapon is meant for stabbing rather than slashing. I picked it up and slipped it behind my back. The weapon is called a "keris".

Gazing out towards the sea, I realized that there were no vessels around as far as I can see and there was a small trail that presented that men had walked through it numerous times that leads from the A-frame shelter and cuts through the vegetation right into the unknown.

Without a doubt, this trail would lead to somewhere answers could be found to his numerous questions that boggled in my brain right now.

Looking up, I discovered that it's not even noon as the weather around it is not too hot to hike.

"I guess there's no harm to venture out and find out the real reasons for this transmigration." I thought to myself after realizing that I had escaped or cheated death and had been given a second chance to redeem myself one way or another or even start a new life altogether.

Slowly I raised myself up; dusted myself from the loose sand and stood up looking at my bare feet. After looking around, I soon found a pair of open-toed leather sandal that was near a fireplace that had long died away and placed them on and trudged slowly towards the trail that led into the land filled with pine and coconut trees....

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