Quantum Leap: Multiverse Transmigration (made into series)

Quantum Leap: Multiverse Transmigration (made into series)





My name is Sam Mulder and I am about to travel through Multiverse Transmigration as I took over the body and soul of significant people from the 19th century right to the present day.

As I transmigrated into their bodies, taking over their past recollection and memories. Reaching a set of goals would successfully made me Leap into the next and into the next, until I finally transmigrated back into my own body.

Travel with me throughout the world, and experience the Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions from being a child right to being an elderly man, as we elaborately narrate in each of these series.

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Chapter 1: 2.1- Who Where What When and Why??

Who is calling my precise name? Am I still in Bamboo Village with Ani curled up next to me? Why does the person calling out my real name now? Am I back to my reality after I got involved in the road accident before and had come out of a comatose state?

Where am I now? Am I back to the present 21st Century and now lying on the hospital bed recuperating from my injuries? What is actually happening here and would I be able to find the answers that I was seeking for this moment?

I moved my hands at the side, trying to feel whether there is a warm body still lying down beside me but I ended up feeling NOTHING! There wasn't Ani lying down beside me as I groped in the dark feeling up around me as much as possible.

I tried to open my eyes but there was no difference whether I close or open them as dark as black as ink enveloped me and I could not even see my hand which was right in front of my NOSE!

"Who is that?! What do you want from me?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and it only rebounded in echoes around me. "If I am in a void vacuum space, no sound or light could travel," I thought to myself.

Answering to one of the queries made by a reader of Webnovel, the synopsis of this main character is a bit confusing. Somehow in this twisted part of the chapter would the reader understood what's it all about.

" Yes, I gotta make it clear to them that this novel is worthy of a read. It may not be filled with colorful characters but somehow it displayed the direction of a storyline." I thought to myself as I continually groped around and trying to find out where I am at this moment.

"Sam Mulder... Born in 1972. Working as a part-time criminal reporter after being banished from the Law Society, the Association of Psychological Sciences as well as PsySoc; the Psychology Society of United Kingdom. Divorced with no kids and to make the story short, you died on the spot when you rammed the lorry head-on with your motorbike. Your life before was not that colorful except you had served for 3 governmental offices in 3 different countries and gained recognition when you were just 14 years old since that time," the voice summarised my life history in less than 100 words.

How cute... It made up part of the word count for this novel, especially for this chapter. Hmmph... I should have thought.

"Show yourself and face me! Are you afraid?!" I screamed at the voice that had narrated my life ever so shortly.

Suddenly there were stars sparkling above; illuminating the surroundings as it slowly adjusted my vision. The blackness was still there though but the weird thing is that I was in a reclining position while there was No recliner underneath me. I saw a clock suspended and circling me from where I was reclining from but the clock was like as if made of wax and was molten down inwards. Look at the cover of this novel and you can understand what I am trying to convey.

A lampshade was tumbling around while being suspended in the air. An armchair, a few books as well as other kinds of stuff were orbiting around me like as if I am the Sun and these items represented the planets around it. Weird huh?

"I am not afraid to face you, Sam. But you might be afraid to realize the situation you are in right now." the voice spoke once more and slowly an image of a man wearing a three-piece suit with a walking cane in one hand materialized and walked slowly towards me.

He was not old in perspective but somehow he neither looked young too. He was wearing a three-piece suit, slim cutting and fit him closely to his somewhat medium frame of the body. It was made with a kind of cashmere wool and the color of light blue material seemed eye-catching enough. As he walked towards me, he seemed to emit a kind of aura around him.

"Are you God himself or an Angel?" I asked in a stupified manner as I was truly lost for words and thoughts at that time.

"Let me guess, you are Gabriel right?" I said after thinking that the one appeared before I was a Guardian Angel of that had been summoned by God to assist me?

"I am neither God or an Angel. I am just a mysterious being just like the both of us. Somehow I sensed that my existence to you seemed to guide you right before and after each Chapter of this novel you are writing." the man said as he reached out his hand.

I looked at him long before I extended mine into his." My name is Max; just Max at this moment. "he introduced himself while shaking my hand warmly. My position was still in a kind of reclining state and he hoisted me upwards and I subconsciously stood up.

I DO NOT FEEL THE GROUND UNDERNEATH MY FEET!! I looked underneath and still found that I was in a sort of abyss that is bottomless and surrounding me filled with items from the world orbiting me in clockwise and anticlockwise movements.

"Where the hell are we, Max? Is this heaven or hell or somewhere in between of the Pearly Gates?" I inquired with him as I stood there stupified with the state I was in and the weird unexplainable surroundings that gave no hint of a clue at all.

"You are actually in your current state of mind and what you see around are those things that you are most familiar with when you are alive. This is what it represents. Either it's the past or present memories, it would soon materialize into words of a novel that you may be writing soon. Ideas will pour in as you madly type into your laptop or either on your mobile device such as what you are doing right now. This is your subconscious part of your mind that was partitioned into the back of your memory bank. "

" Such a mouthful of info that I need to adjust accordingly. "I remarked to Max." So this is part of my memories; I remember I did partition my brain to store certain memories or thoughts and ideas in the back of the mind. Somehow those memories were about to burst open and incur a MASSIVE RELEASE of stories that would be serialized in this novel of mine."I thought to myself. But the sentence 'when-you-are-alive' made me shiver and was thinking that my body was being severed in multiple parts and was used for the anatomy and dissection of students from the Forensics Department; just like what I had done previously.

" It's true Sam. And I too can read your mind. By the way, Sam... What are you going to write next? Will your readers finally understood this chapter so that it would not be a sort of cliffhanger for the rest? As I've said before, I only appear before and after each serial and also to evaluate your past serial and point out what's next to improve or add." Max stood with his hands spread out as he explained the details to me.

At the same time, I tried to levitate myself and regard these surroundings as part of a nongravitational space; half expecting to float around and bounce off a certain wall and being rebounded on all sides. But to no avail. Fat chance astronaut!

"I won't tell you the next chapter though because it's gonna be a major spoiler and readers are able to read through my plot," I said nonchalantly as I tried to flit around in the space like a butterfly would be doing.

"Alright, I understand you, Sam. However, your score for the first serial isn't too bad at all. Even though it doesn't have many conversational pieces inside it, it's merely your POV on the general scope of the storyline." Max explained while leaning on his black colored walking stick.

If he wore a top hat and clad in black and white, he would be imposing himself like Charlie Chaplin. A comedic silent movie actor back in the early 1920—1940. He died though in 1977 leaving a legacy of the string of acts behind him. Nowadays kids would not know who is Charlie Chaplin and if it were shown in the telly nowadays, viewers would consider it to be corny and unlaughable.

Director, why keep averting from the main story again eh?

"By the way, can u ask you if I could make the next serial to be somewhat a script; like a play or something?" I asked Sam for his opinion so that I could make the best of the next serial that I had in mind for the past few days even before I end the first one.

" It's worth a try since there are novels that do not use such approach at all, "Max replied encouragingly.

" S... So what happened to Ani?" I asked with a hint of anticipation of seeing her in the next serial.

"You will soon find out. As I also do not want to present any spoiler but lots of cliffs with the edge closing in and no space to move too..." replied Max with a wink of his eye.

With a twirl of his walking cane, he tapped it once on the ground and immediately everything within the void seemed to move like a vortex ending at the end of his walking cane. He grinned at me with a Chestershire Cat look and slowly disappeared as he was absorbed into the vortex and disappeared into the black hole where his walking cane struck.

Weird. Finding myself in this kind of space and meeting someone as if he was to guide me in writing my next serial. Maybe he was some kind if moderator for the Webnovel or he may be even the owner himself giving me tips along the way.

But for a person who knew my background, it was way too impossible as I do not reveal such information when I signed up as a member here.

By the way, I ended writing in here because I felt that I wanted to express and unleash my fictional stories for all of you to read and enjoy. Expecting to hit a readers counter of 10k by the end of this serial and also expecting to be bookmarked into a collection of more than 8 at the moment, I decided to 'up' my stories a bit.

Finding that readers are somewhat drawn to Fantasy, Battles, Love Stories and such... Maybe I should borrow some ideas and continue to develop my own version in the next serial and more serials to come in the near future.

As I do have a lot of time in my hands right now till about one week later I would be able to write at least more than two chapters a day and release them on a timer basis of 12 hours interval. This is to grip the readers' attention and not to release too many chapters and me ending up with a writer's block. Hehehe.

Nevertheless, writing this ending chapter does rake up close to two thousand word count. Hehehehe. Cheat right? Or merely expressing and sharing what thoughts I have with the readers out there.

Alright on with the show... Chapters, I mean.

As I slowly watched the disappearing void into the black hole, I was once again transmigrated out from here and into the unknown.

A slight buzzing feeling was enveloping me and flashes of light, images and even books were thrown at me... By the Director or so it seemed.

A thick encyclopedia hit me smacked directly in the side of my temple and knocked the daylights out of me.

Somehow; somewhere in another dimension of time... B... bbuuuzzzzzzzzzzzz...