It’s the beginning of the Apocalypse, and zombies are running rampant over the Earth. Being transmigrated into a body of an abandoned girl, disowned by her own family, Chu Lixue finds herself in a tight situation. If that wasn't enough, why does it feel like there's something wrong with her body? Follow her journey, as she tries to carve out her own space in this Apocalyptic world, taking back what used to belong to her and getting revenge on all, that had previously harmed her. ... Is it a dark, mature story? Well, not really. But it's about a Zombie Queen, right? Yeah, that seems to be true... So, it's one of these typical Apocalypse novels? I don't think so, no? What is it about, then? Well, it's a pretty down-to-earth story, about a Zombie Queen that is not really a big fan of fighting. Oh, but she very much enjoys lazing around and eating food delicacies! Honestly, it's a very simple story about a young girl, that somehow found herself in a body of a Zombie. She couldn't care less what she was, as long as she could earn more money, oh and food. Definitively food. Alright, let's make it money, food and power. She'll take it!

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Chapter 1:

When she opened her eyes again, Chu Lixue found herself standing in the middle of a dark, large hall. Above her was a slowly breaking down roof, through which a few rays of sunlight could be seen. Feeling a bit of a headache, Chu Lixue rubbed her head and thought back on the events right before she had passed out and collapsed.

That day, she was preparing herself for a celebratory banquet, held thanks to her company's successful entry to the stock market. It had taken her 5 long, tiring years to make it to the top of S City's list of most successful enterprises. But she would've never thought that her already weak body would suddenly collapse, causing her eventual death.

Her only thought at the time was that maybe it was for the best. After such a long time, she deserved to get some rest, even if it was only on her deathbed.

She thought this was her death, but out of nowhere, she finds herself in an unknown place, with ragged clothes and a growing headache.

Sitting down on the floor, Chu Lixue placed her hand onto her throbbing temple, and told herself that she must bear with it.

Chu Lixue slowly felt as if her mind was being probed by needles, one after another, to the point that cold sweat was visible on her forehead. By the time the pain began to disappear, she had already accepted most of the original soul's memory. Even after telling herself to keep calm and collected, Chu Lixue was still shocked by the contents of the memory she just received. She quickly recollected herself, thinking that since she was given another chance at life, and was even able to transmigrate into someone else's body, anything's possible now. So, what if in her previous life she was restricted by her poor health and rigorous family? No matter what, this time she will live to her heart's content, not caring about other people's opinions.

After quickly skimming through her new memories, Chu Lixue only wanted to cry.

Is it really alright to have such an overdramatic, unsuccessful life? Chu Lixue only felt that perhaps all her luck was used on getting a second chance, having transmigrated into the body of B City's Chu family, one of the city's three most powerful families. Being the eldest daughter, surprisingly, their names matched, as this body was named Chu Lixue as well.

A few days before Eldest Little Miss Chu's 16th birthday, her father, Chu Ling, has taken an illegitimate daughter, Chu Huiling, back into the Chu family.

Eldest Miss Chu could not accept a little sister that was only a few months younger than her, previously believing that her deceased mother's marriage was a happy one. Subsequently, she had caused a big scene at her birthday banquet. Not only did she smash her own birthday presents, but her actions allowed her to become a joke and high society's gossip topic. Father Chu thus became even more disappointed in Eldest Miss Chu, and was even more doting towards his true love's daughter, Chu Huiling. Eldest Miss Chu, being hurt by her father's indifferent behavior, became belligerent towards her illegitimate younger sister.

However, unfortunately for her, in every encounter, Chu Huiling was able to slip out unaffected and even outmaneuver Eldest Miss Chu. After a while, the public opinion became that not only was Eldest Miss Chu evil hearted, but she was also seen as an angel on the outside but a demon on the inside.

On the other hand, Chu Huiling's fragile appearance, made everyone believe that she was the victim. Not only did she take away the attention that was originally Eldest Miss Chu's, but she also continuously slandered her to the point where Eldest Miss Chu's reputation was completely tattered, to the point where she was close to losing her inheritance. But she was just getting started.

During the next 2 years, Chu Huiling, slowly but surely managed to completely ruin the original Chu Lixue. Aside from that, perhaps her biggest accomplishment during that time was managing to hook herself onto the original soul's childhood sweetheart, Yuan Feng, who was also an heir to the Yuan family, which at that time could not only compete, but even outshine the prosperous Chu family.

Being deeply in love with Yuan Feng, Eldest Miss Chu could not believe that the person she loved would get engaged with her younger half-sister.

As time went on, the already slightly depressed Eldest Miss Chu decided to give herself one, last chance. During a banquet organized inside one of Chu family's hotels, Chu Lixue, successfully managed to lure Yuan Feng into going inside a hotel room with her, in which she had prepared some aphrodisiac incense.

Yuan Feng, with the last strand of his consciousness, managed to get away from her, leaving the room in a hurry. Eldest Miss Chu however was not so strong, and in a night that she couldn't even remember, lost her purity to a man she has never seen before.

After waking up, being not only ashamed but also scared, Chu Lixue escaped from the hotel room back into her family mansion. There however, her father, Chu Ling, has already been waiting for her. Furious at what happened the day before, not only did he disown her, but in a struggle with her, as they started to push each other, he managed to disfigure her face, by cuting it on a sharp edge of the table, when she was falling down. Immediately after throwing her away without leaving a single cent to her name.

Being scared of her own family, Chu Lixue had moved away to A City in order to find some work. Having no experience, added together with her disfigured face, the only jobs willing to take her in were hard on the body and wouldn't pay a lot. Constantly living on the edge of not being able to pay her bills, days turned into weeks, and soon, a few months slowly went by...

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