Chasing Apple

Chasing Apple





Its a romance between a broken girl and a man with much force.
Samantha was a lying low person and she has a past that she wanted to bury.
But it changed, when one of her acquaintances changed her life upside down.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

It was the start of the week. Everyone was hustling in and out of the big buildings, especially at Trio Corp. It was one of the prestigious corporation that was managed by a CEO, quite famous.

His name would never be left out nor could not be known. He was very young when he started his enterprises and in a very short time his name shook his world. He took over with great skill, but within his realm he was famous with stern and strict. He did not show any weakness. His firm strides showed that he meant business. His employees were scared of him. One failure could lost their job, a job with lots of benefit, but lots of risks.

"Sir, the report about the Feng enterprises is already at your table. I would like to remind you also, you have a meeting around 3pm with Director Cheng" his secretary said as the CEO sat on his chair.

He grabbed the folder with the report that the secretary just mentioned.

"Sir, miss Clarisse called. She asked if you could have dinner with her later this evening" the secretary continued as he was looking at his planner. The CEO did not bother to say anything.

"sir..." he was little bit cautious.

"Tell her. next time" he finally replied after a long pause. "Jeremy, get me another phone not too expensive. the one that we always see on the board" he added.

His secretary paused. He was uncertain for whom or for what purpose does he need a phone. All his contacts are all into his office phone. His personal phone, it rarely rings. but he do personally answer it without fail. but as his secretary, he could not touch that phone. Even miss Clarisse, who was rumoured to be his fiancée needs to get through him.

"Do I need to subscribe it to someone sir?"

"No need" he said and shooed him away.

Jeremy went out immediately, for one, he knew how his boss wanted it to be done as fast it could be. As he walked out of the building, he called miss Clarisse as he answered her request to dine with his boss. She whined about it as he continued to walking that he did not notice a petite thicked glassed girl. He accidentally knocked her over.

She cried in pain but not as wailing as the other girl that he was calling. "I'm sorry" he said as he handed his hand for her to get up.

"Not to worry" she said and stood up without his help. She fixed herself up and bowed to him. "Good day sir Jeremy. Sorry to bother you" she rushed out of his sight.

Jeremy could only look at her back, unable to stop her.

He remembered that he was talking to the daughter of the owner of Ling's dynasty. "I'm deeply sorry miss Clarisse. I will informed of Mr.Sung" he ended the call before she could answer him.

At the end of the day, Jeremy had given the phone requested to his boss.

For a brief moment, he smiled and it made Jeremy frozen in place. It was his first time he saw his boss smile, though brief but it was there.

"You chose well, you can leave early. I will be staying for awhile to work this out" he said without looking at his secretary. Jeremy again witnessed another miraculous event. His boss for the first time, let him go early.

He did not want for his boss to retract his decision. Immediately, Jeremy bowed down and bid him good bye.

As he went out of the building, again he saw the petite girl outside the office. He wondered how come she looked different from their usual looking employees. Mostly, their employees were quite have a look. It was as if she did not care at all to how she looks.

"Excuse me, which department are you?" Jeremy could not hold in his curiosity.

She looked at him. "I'm from the finance department, sir Jeremy" she looked shy but he was quite familiar to her behaviour of trying to make a gap between them, as if she did not want him to be near in the first place.

"Why aren't you in a presentable attire? Is it not required especially in your department to look presentable?" he was starting to creticize her.

"I am sorry. I am still new and I still can't afford to do so"

"Make effort to it, or your evaluation will be affected" he said and had enough looking at her.

the girl breathed heavily. She did not want any attention towards her. but because she was a little off, she gained an attention that she did not like especially to that man. Little did he know, she knew him. Actually, they knew each other. but because she and him change drastically, he could not remember her.

But to her, she remembered him so well.

a bit of memories came to her that made her felt the crushing pain. She stopped herself as she rubbed her chest and walked away.