Transmigrating to the future? Awesome! Finding yourself in a Magical Sci Fi future where there are OP dungeons? Not so awesome. Good thing the inhabitants of the different worlds are given a chance to call upon heroes or beings of legends and myths to assist in defeating the dungeons found across the galaxies. ---------------------------- Daisy Folker found herself transmigrated in this scary setting one fateful day. On their first summoning trial, Daisy found herself calling up two familiar beings. A pretty blonde gunner and a chivalrous half dragon warrior. Oh boy... Well at least I'm sure to survive in a dungeon now.

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

A young high school girl with oversized headphones on was happily playing on her smartphone in a quaint café. Her long black hair was rolled up into a low bun at her nape and her flashing eyeglasses gave off the impression she was a studious nerd but every regular person in the café knew that the girl would always visit in the weekends to play for hours on her phone.

Drinking tasty bubble milk tea, playing her favorite MOBA game and snacking on sandwiches. Sometimes to the delight of the single ladies, she was accompanied by a handsome boy with chocolate brown eyes and dark blonde hair.

"Help! I'm being ganked! Stefan please help, I'm at the mid!" The girl calls out to the cute guy right beside her.

Sighing, the guy shakes his head and replied "Run back to the tower, I'll try to get there as soon as I can. Stop! Go to the right. Oi! I said right!"

"No!! I got ended! My zero deaths! Nnooo!!" The girl shouts in a slightly loud voice tinged with despair.

"Daisy, were you looking at the map? Also I said go to the right but you went to the left where another hero was running to gank you." The dark blonde male shot back at the girl.

"Seriously, if I get transmigrated into the game I bet there won't be a map function while they run and fight!" The girl snarled at the guy defensively.

"Daisy Folker, we lost coz you were reading and playing at the same time. Also I doubt if you ever will get transmigrated anywhere." The boy closed the app in annoyance.

The girl sighed, "Sorry Stefan but I can always dream after all I found you and you look like- never mind."

Daisy quickly shuts it while avoiding the icy glare of the high school boy. "Wish I can go on adventurers with my favorite mobile legend characters."

She wistfully sighs and taps her reader app to peruse some stashed fanfiction on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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