A story filled with mystery, revenge, humour, romance, and heartbreak at the same time. _______________ "I can't be in a relationship with you," Soobin expressed. "Are you thinking about my safety? You don't need to; I'm willing to dive into anything for you." "Don't be reckless." "As you're worried about my safety, I'm worried about yours as well. So, let's live and die together." "I can't comply to⁠—" Soobin was interrupted with a kiss. Pulling away from the kiss, Miyeon said, "So when are you going to introduce me to your family?" ___________________ "I love him. That's why, I want to protect him" "I love her. That's why, I want to protect her." They both walked in opposite directions. ___________________ A story between a female protagonist who lacked courage and a male protagonist who wanted to protect her. ___________________ Miyeon had a huge crush on him from her highschool days and when he left, she figured out that she held no weight in his heart. Striped of her title and status, Miyeon now lives as an ordinary citizen with decent life. However, when he shows up after years, Miyeon could see that her feelings for him didn't leave her. Will she chase after those feelings or forget about him? Her seemingly peaceful life takes twists and turns, discovering secrets of the past. Some secrets cause her to seek revenge. In order to retaliate, her character gradually develops. ______________ The story appears to have a casual beginning and shows love blooming between two people from different status. However, as it gradually proceeds, the plot gets darker and deeper. Violence is present, so read this at your own discretion. ______________ Discord server: https://discord.gg/J8wUxCE

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Class reunion

"Yeonnie! Get up!" Her bestfriend, Kim Haera, shouted, pulling the blanket off of the sleepy girl.

Waving her hands around drowsily, Oh Miyeon whined, "No! It's still too early."

The sunlight that seeped in through her window and the light was too painful for Miyeon.

"OH MIYEON, YOU CALL TWO IN THE AFTERNOON EARLY!" Haera exclaimed in a loud tone— the one usually used by her when she became almost fed up with Miyeon.

"Let me rest. I stayed up the entire night finishing my manuscript."

Miyeon pulled the blanket closer to her, diving into it, so that the light wouldn't take the comfort away from her. This really felt blissful to Miyeon.

"Do you know how badly I miss the old Miyeon? The one that wasn't as irresponsible as you," Haera said, pulling Miyeon by her ears, which was covered by the blanket, and attempting to drag her out of the bed.

That statement made Miyeon guilt trip, and she got out of her blanket cocoon. After the past incidents, Haera has done lots of things for her, and the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint her.

"Alright, I'm up!"

"It's about time you're awake. Did you honestly forget that there is a class reunion today?" Haera questioned.

Getting down from her bed, Miyeon tried to fix her messy, bed hair using her hands. "Why would I go there? To let them look at my sorry state?"

Haera flicked on Miyeon's forehead. "Aren't you looking forward to meeting your fellow classmates? Now, stop being pessimistic and get dressed."

"Stupid fellow classmates," Miyeon muttered. "I don't have time to entertain them."

"Yeah, yeah! Whatever. Now, do as I say, and you need to cut down on all the instant noodles you have. Don't come crying to me when you get some kind of disease," Haera verbalised.

"Nothing happens when you eat them, and stop ranting on them at every chance you get. You'll get a huge amount of haters."

Haera pouted slightly hearing that. "Anyways, Min Soobin is coming, and I'm sure that is enough to make you come."

A small tint of red appeared on Haera's cheeks, and she turned to look at the other way. It would be too embarrassing if Haera got the sight of her red cheeks.

"W-what are you talking about?" Miyeon stuttered.

"Min Soobin, your crush of now eight years, is attending the class reunion."

Miyeon and Soobin were always seatmates from when they started highschool. It was something arranged by the teachers due to the alphabetical order of their first names in English.

That is why, Miyeon and Soobin usually got paired as lab partners and were usually in same group when it came to doing projects.

The male was slightly hard to get along with in the beginning, which made Miyeon frown, however, as time passed by, Miyeon could see the gentle persona hidden behind his aloof outlook. Gradually, they became closer, and Miyeon developed feelings for him.

It was only until Soobin left for abroad that Miyeon realized that she wasn't even considered a friend by him, as Soobin didn't inform about it to Miyeon before leaving, and she had to learn about it from swine else.

The truth that the friendship was one-sided hurt Miyeon. Nevertheless, that wasn't enough to dissolve her feelings towards Soobin. As time passed by, Miyeon found herself comparing all the guys she met to Soobin, and unfortunately, she found them all disappointing compared to Soobin.

"A-as if that matters, and as I said have mentioned before, I already moved on from him. Now, find me something appropriate to get dressed into."

Although Miyeon didn't see herself and Soobin in a position like before, she still wanted to check up on how the male was after years and whether or not Soobin remembered her until now.

That would be just as wishful thinking on her part since Soobin was quite a popular guy back in the days, and well-acquainted with many. Even if he remembered her, he won't bother to greet or communicate with her. She'd be lucky if he'd bother to glance at her.

"Weren't you reluctant to go to the party, so why are you so eager now?" Haera teased.

"I'm just excited to see my old fellow classmates."

"Liar," Haera mumbled.

The reunion was held in one of the most expensive hotels in Seoul, and that was to be expected, considering most of their classmates belonged to the riches.

That was the case for Miyeon too until things became disheveled, and she got disowned by her own family. Now, she was barely making a living to lead a fairly comfortable life.

When Miyeon walked into the room reunion was held, all of a sudden, Miyeon felt out of place. Miyeon couldn't compare to the elegant and noble air around each one of them.

Their gestures, lifestyles, and the glamour they had was absolutely different from Miyeon's simple life. Miyeon could easily sense the thick wall between herself and her old classmates.

If it was in the past, Miyeon would comfortably go up to them and start up a conversation with them. However, it was an entirely different case now. Miyeon wasn't upto their level when it came to education, career, and status.

Nevertheless, Miyeon enjoyed her current situation than her previous one. Although her living was mostly based on her paychecks, it was less problematic, and she doesn't need to constantly look at her back, worried that someone will mess with her.

"Isn't that you, Miyeon? Wow! You changed a lot," a blonde said to Miyeon, showing fake surprise and happiness in her eyes.

Moon Eunbi could definitely be named as the top socialite from the time they attended highschool, and there were no gossips she didn't know of. There is no one that didn't know that Miyeon and Eunbi didn't get along from very first day of their highschool.

Though no one clearly had an idea on what triggered the enmity between both of these girls, there were many rumours about it. The most popular rumour was that Eunbi was jealous of Miyeon for being close to Soobin, the best guy to be with in their highschool, nonetheless, that was rendered useless when Eunbi got herself a boyfriend she was absolutely loyal to.

"I heard that you're disowned by your parents and now, are struggling on the streets. I feel bad for you. If you need any sort of help, I'm there for you," Eunbi spoke out.

True intentions behind those words could easily be noticed by Miyeon. What Eunbi actually intended to do was attempt to rub salts on her wound and look down upon her; anyone could see that.

"Eunbi, I see that you haven't changed. Always believing those little rumours. I got to advise you that there aren't good to listen to. Let me correct you. I wasn't disowned; I left my family on my own will."

Smirking, Eunbi said, "Although your status is lower than my feet, you still got that sharp tongue. You need to learn those who are above you."

It was noticeable to everyone that Eunbi was wrong here, however, no one made a move to speak up for Miyeon. Why would anyone risk getting in the bad side of Eunbi just for Miyeon? In their eyes, Miyeon wasn't worth it.

"Yah! Eunbi! Stop being so mannerless!" Haera scolded, stepping in front of Miyeon.

"And look who we have here- Haera, protecting her master like the obedient dog she is," Eunbi commented.

"Haera, you don't need to talk with this girl who's desperate for my attention. We can't give her the satisfaction," Miyeon said, grabbing Haera's hand.

Miyeon pulled Haera's hand and was about to walk away from Eunbi. To fight with her wasn't the reason Miyeon came over here for. But it appears that Eunbi had other thoughts.

Eunbi harshly pulled Miyeon back by her shoulder, startling her and causing to lose grip on Haera's hand. Since Eunbi took martial arts classes before, the impact caused Miyeon to fall back on the ground.

"You think you can treat me like a piece of dirt? Let me tell you. You, Oh Miyeon, do not have the proper attire to wear among us, and here you are, being arrogant. Do you have any idea about how many of us you're offending? Can you even afford that?"

Before Miyeon could answer back, a voice spoke out, "If I had known it would be such a wreck here, I wouldn't have bothered wasting my time coming over at such a place."

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