Meeting Him Again: Spoiled By The CEO

Meeting Him Again: Spoiled By The CEO

ShinSungmi | Contemporary Romance


When Min Soobin had disappeared from her life, Miyeon found herself being heartbroken and betrayed. But that did not pose as a problem to her later on since she had moved on from him. However, years later, when she was leading a satisfactory life without many problems in it, both of their paths crosses again. Miyeon certainly was displeased by that! Her peaceful life gets turned upside down due to that, and in addition to Lee Minjae— the troublemaker who embarrassed her throughout the highschool— Miyeon cursed at the whoever turned her life to be like that! She wanted that peace back again! What? Min Soobin— the CEO of the top conglomerate— wanted to chase after her? Lee Minjae— who was known for his reputation as a play boy— also wanted to chase after her? What the hell was happening? How in the hell was she supposed to marry a normal man if both of them were back of her? Once again, she cursed the one who caused her life to be like that! "This is not what I want!" Miyeon cried, holding back her tears of frustrations. Along with that came the hidden secrets of the past, stalkers, and much more trouble! Miyeon's peaceful life no longer existed to her dismay!

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Chapter 1: PLEASE READ!

So, I am really glad to see that there are readers to this book, and since this was my first novel, I wanted to continue it. Seeing that this was my first time writing a novel, there were lots of errors in the plotline and was filled with plot holes.

There will no major changes done to the original plotline, and it will be remaining more or less the same. It's just that some extra scenes will be added.

That's why, I have decided to edit all the chapters and then update it. One more thing is that I will be changing the name of this novel soon.

Meeting Again: Spoiled by the CEO.

As for the new readers, please do give this story of mine, and old Readers, thank you for being patient with me!

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