Pangaea Ultima: The Last Laurasian Princess

Pangaea Ultima: The Last Laurasian Princess





GENRE: Fantasy, Action, Romance, Mystery, RPG

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200 million years later in the future, after the final judgement, the Gods and Goddesses descend from the heavens and socialize with the remaining survivors and form a civilization. 

After many historical events, only the Gondwana Kingdom remained powerful among the other kingdoms, where it was presently ruled by King Godwinson VII.

The King invited hundreds and thousands of adventurers to the palace to investigate the case of her only daughter Princess Kiyomi, who was in deep slumber for three years.

One of them is Sachi, an eighteen-year old priestess who had lost her memory for an unknown reason. She had a lot of adventures with her friends until they discovered the 9th dungeon, the dungeon that was secretly hidden by the King.

Apparently, the 9th dungeon holds a hideous truth that if revealed, it will unleash an unescapable fate to her and to the whole Pangaea Ultima.

Is finding the truth always the right decision? Will true love suffice? Explore the fantasy world of Pangaea Ultima, and find out who is the last Laurasian princess.

*English WPC#68*

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Hi! I like to take this opportunity to thank those who viewed or read my novel even though you don't vote or give a review, i hope you will all enjoy my novel, this was inspired by an RPG setting because i like playing games a lot, if you like it i will make another novel about other types of games 😉

Chapter 1:

The raging storm that cold night filled the whole Gondwana Kingdom with darkness. The shadows masked the face of a beautiful princess who was sitting in her soft mattress. She was wearing her usual 5-layer hanfu dress and a wimple with a silky veil on her head. Not much of her skin was exposed except for her rosy cheeks that was drenched with joyful tears when he came out from her window.

Meanwhile, in the divine altar inside the palace, the seeress Fumiya was awakened. Her eyes were enraged as she felt an omimous event was about to happen.

"The Princess will be abducted!", she frantically screamed.

The news spread throughout the palace like a speed of light and the Royal Knights immediately rushed to the princess quarters and tightened up the security of all the gates.

The fifteen-year-old princess sat still on her bed as he slowly unties the laces in her dress. He carefully lay her down as her long ebony hair touched her breasts. Noise coming from the footsteps of the knights was getting louder as they approach her quarters. Suspense filled the air, however, the time between the two lovers froze as they embrace the night with each other's arms.

The Royal Knights finally arrived and forcibly opened the door. To their surprise, the princess was found naked, pale and lifeless. They took her body and the King rushed to the Divine Seeress' chambers to ask for help. Fumiya touch the hands and the face of the princess to see what she can do for her.

"Arggh! the Royal Ceremony is at stake again!", the King said.

"My King, worry not for she's not dead", Fumiya said.

"Her heart was just missing", she added.