True love...could it be possible in online dating? In the world today, we are surrounded by many people who are either just pretending to be good or with wrong motives. It's hard to really pinpoint who are the pretending to be good, the bad, pretending to be bad, and the genuinely good people. How can you possibly find your true love in online dating, when it's even harder in her real world she's in? That's the delimma our MC is experiencing in her life while she's even being pressured of when would she get married when she's already in her 30's... She couldn't help but doubt herself of finding her true love online... Finally, Karl decided to pop up the question to Mj. Karl's facial expression became serious all of a sudden. "Mj, I love you so much and I can't continue to live a life without you. Will you marry me?" Mj was in a great shock. Wait...What did he say? Her heart skip a beat. How is this possible online? Questions bombarded quickly in her mind. What will she answer then? "Mj?" She snapped out of a daze when she heard him calling her name. "Will you marry me?" "Yes!...But how? We are thousands of miles apart, Karl, you know that!" "I'll come there to your country to marry you! But I'll have to save up yet for maybe 2 years so I can come there." "Promise?" "Promise!" "You will have to promise me that you will wait for me until I come there." "I promise, I will wait for you Karl, because I love you very much too!" As we unfold her story and her struggles she's experiencing in between, will she be able to really find her true love? we shall find out... This is my original story and not translated. this book cover is all credits to valeriex thank you!

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Chapter 1: Online

Online dating...Is it possible to find your one true love online? hmmm... Thoughts in Mj's mind and heart were really a battle.

For her, it's even hard to find a real and true person in her real world. For people around her were full of pretensions and wrong motives, how much even more harder to find her one true love, online? Tsk, tsk, emojis and emoticons are so easy to click and somehow express your emotions, but that doesn't mean you actually feel those emotions...

Not even real and not even close!...

But somehow, it made her ponder about it, since she's already in her past 30's now and yet she have not found her one true love that she could marry with.

All those guys who have courted her in her real world, either one way or another, have wrong motives or great pretensions. She's not even bad-looking. In fact, she's beautiful, having white complexion, mixed race of having a Chinese-Spanish-Filipino origins(Thanks to her ancestors!), petite, chinese eyes, natural beautiful big boobs and beautifully formed butt. There's no need of her to go through medical lifts nor surgery coz her beauty and sexyness are all natural... And quite some guys have become gaga and drooling over her.

And yet none of them have really captured her heart to the point of falling in love head over heels in to one of these men. She's not even tomboy[1]. She likes men, yes of course!. In fact, in the past there were few that she fell in love with, she fell in love with one of her male bestfriends. But that bestfriend fell in love with another woman that's definitely not her, leaving her heartbroken...tsk, tsk, tsk, she thought to herself, "When and where could I find my one true love? Will I be able to find him at this lifetime of mine?"

Endless questions and unanswered prayers run through her mind...its like a battle inside her head trying to fight, win, and get out of her recent situation..

Families and friends were pressuring her always asking, "When will you get married and have a family of your own, Mj?"

"You're not getting younger, you know?"

"Do you even have a boyfriend?"

"It's getting harder and it's a risk higher to get pregnant and bore a child in your age! We want to see your own child. You know almost everybody in your age have already been married and have their children of their own family. But how about you Mj?"

Huh! What a great pressure on her part...

One of her female friend named Ja, have actually been convincing her for quite sometime to try visiting those online dating websites and post her pictures and profiles about her. Should she even give it a try? Nah! She have no time for it, coz she's very busy of her job being an elementary public school teacher in one of the public schools in the city.

But wait...what?

She just recieved a call from her friend Ja, informing her that she posted Mj's pictures and profile on one of the online dating websites!

"What? you're kidding me, Ja! Why would you that? Are you crazy? You posted my pictures and profile without me agreeing to it?"

Ja just replied her with a giggle and said, "Check it out in your emails. I'm sure many guys have been sending you messages by this time, you won't even have enough time to read it all! But I'll offer my humble help, to read it with you...hehehehe" Ja grinned.

Mj gritted her teeth and said, "You..." but no words can come out from her mouth, for she was shocked of what her friend did without her confirmation.

What will she do now? Before she could utter any word, Ja already bid bye to her and immediately ended the call. She's left in a daze and speechless.....

'What will she going to do now?' She thought to herself...

"Ahhhhh," she's having a battle within herself of whether or not she will check her emails just as Ja had told her to do.

"What would be in those emails then? What would those men say about her? Will those men say that she's that desperate to find a man for her? Would she be appearing cheap to them, 'easy to get kind' of girl? No, she's not that kind of girl!

What kind of men would they be? She will have to go through their emails and scrutinized it thoroughly!" Thoughts bombarded so much in her mind. And the more she thinks about it, the more she got confused, and the more she got a headache from it...

"Ahhhhh," she shook her head.

"So much for the thinking then. I'll think about it when Ja comes around."

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