Another World Peace Creator Magician

Another World Peace Creator Magician



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The King's authority and the whole Kingdom are in danger.

the Royal diviner's last word predict the future and deliver his last word to the Majesty.

The newborn baby, a devil dressed as a baby will destroy the Kingdom as the name of God and justice.

The King ordered his Knights to gather a babies all over the Kingdom and execute them.

The Elduke family hear about the King's statement to murder babies all over the Kingdom.

The Elduke's milady has to say goodbye to her only son, washed away her son in the river, hoping someone to take care and raise him until some day a kind young girl found the basket with the baby inside floating in the river and decide to take the baby back home with her.

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Status: c31 2 hours ago
Hmmm i wonder which gonna be the heroine? Please no harem stuff cuz i don't want other girls experience a heart breaking :(

Please make Merlin be the heroine lol, after reading it, i'm assuming she's kind of cool beauty i think? I love it, lol


Status: c40 2 hours ago
Some might already mentioned it but i'll just write it again here.

I love the story development and the world background, i might confused right now by why some character like Yuika suddenly disappeared from the story because i think Yuika is one of the important character in this story #CorrectmeIfI'mWrong

Overall i look forward for your next update


Status: c20 3 weeks ago
I hope my expectations to you won't change.
I'm looking forward for your future updates.

Just a bit of suggestion, don't make the MC too powerful as hell but at the same time he's stupid rock head.

Also i really really wanted to see Yuika's art, put it on your cover when you get one please. lol

Good luck with your work

Chapter 1:

"I already taken the control room, i'll open the way for alpha team to infiltrate"
Notorious, the code name for the most anonymous spy of the hidden organization that had an intention to make a change to the world, the world without war and cry, a world where justice exist, the world without corrupted people who makes people suffer.

-Gate one open

Notorious starting to take over the control of the whole building which appears to be a nuclear weapons research facilitation.
a sweat start tearing from his body, a demand to complete the mission successfully so they can prevent the civil war and the world scale nuclear war.

-No more children will cry out tear and blood now

The hidden organization who declare themselves as a world peacemaker warriors being recognized as a terrorist in several nation because of their activities that makes the nation they attack loss their army and economy power.

"Screw your money, screw your nuclear, we OJC shall turn this world into a better place"

As he about to kill the nuclear's function and destroy the switch, Notorious starts smell a powder entering his nose.

-What is it, it smells like gunpowders

Notorious starts to cover up his nose and mouth and try to destroy the switch again.

"How foolish of you for keeping me alive"

A sound coming from behind Notorious, a hard wounded man is trying to stay conscious and have a grin in his eyes.


The man then smash a little button switch and after that a huge explosion coming from the control room.

[Notorious... give us feedback, what is that explosion, give us feedback...]

A communication device just went flying from the control room because of the explosion impact and landed next to captain of the alpha team.

"This can't be real isn't it?"

The alpha division captain pick up the communication device that looks like a rectangle shaped ring and then aware that ring is Notorious's.

-Did i failed my task?

-There's still many childrens who cry in tears and blood

-God, when i rebord, please make this world in peace and no children should cry in tears and blood

His vision when white and immediately everything turned black and and all he can see is darkness. Notorious seems confused as he open his eyes and look around.

-This isn't hell nor heaven

-Where am i

"I will grant you a blessing before i reincarnate you and complete the task"

A loud and majestic voice apparently coming out of nowhere.

-Who's that

Notorious look around and wondering who's that just talking out of nowhere, but all he can see just a darkness.

"I'm the God, you already dead in your previous life, and now i'll give you second chance to live and do the task"

Again, someone's voice, a loud voice, coming out of nowhere and Notorious completely confused because of it.

"What do you want from me"

Notorious decided to play slong with the voice and try to confirm what it's objective.

"Live, and complete your task, make the world where childrens don't have to cry, lead them to brighter future"

A smile coming on his face, Notorious then burst into laughter.

"Even after i die i still have to live again and do that thing again, hahaha"

Notorious can't stop his laughter because of what the God just said.

"Fine i will do your task, i'll be part of your God play here"

Notorious got a grin in his face and so pumped up.

"I shall grant you your wish as a divine blessing before you go"

An great offer to get a blessing from the God, Notorious can't get excited enough and laugh.
"Give me past memory and ability to speak the language"

For a 26 years old grown man to make such wish make the God laugh and grant him a blessings of what he wanted.

"What an interesting choice, then i shall grant your wish, but i won't return all your memory"

A finger snapped and Notorious's vision went white again.

"Oh, you awake little boy?"

A warm smile and the pretty face with a brown hair. The smell of snow and a cold that bite the skin, a warm stove is the one that can warm the body, but the young lady's hug warmed up the little baby.

Her body's warmth calmed down the baby, the warm smile make the baby smile and feel safe.

"You're not crying today, good boy, good boy"

Once more the warmth if her smile and love make the baby fell asleep in peace.