Daniel is looking forward for the time when he finally able to leave the battlefield and get married with his fiancee. But the future says the opposite. Daniel has to deal with his nightmare, the worst outcome he can ever imagine. But God seems to still have given him a second chance, but under a condition.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The day before everything started

*knock knock

Daniel is writing a report on his desk stopped after someone is knocking on his door.

*knock knock

He stood up to see who is knocking on his door late at night, everyone in the base must have already asleep by the time now. He turns the door handle and open the door to see who is outside.

"Good evening Daniel!"

Standing up a blond hair and tall masculine-looking man in front of his door, he looks young and energetic with all his muscles and a towel on his shoulder looks like he just went for a gym late at night.

"Did you just workout at 11 PM?"

"Uhh… yes I did"

"Alex, have you forgotten you have your rank promotion tomorrow?"

"Hahaha… it's fine, it's no big deal, I just feel like working out a bit, I like to keep my muscle pretty"

"Oh god…"

Daniel is standing frozen just dealing with Alex who has been close with since he enrolled in the military academy.

"Well you will also be transferred tomorrow right? To the southern base if I recall correctly?"

"Yeah, I'm currently writing reports and a recommendation letter for you"

"Oh, are you going to recommend me to take your position as the platoon leader?"

"Yeah, I know what kind of person are you, just don't push my lads too hard with your training"

"Hahaha… you're so funny, of course I won't push them too hard, my training menu is for a normal you see"

"Said the guy who almost killed some of my lads last time I asked you for joint training session"

Alex burst out laughter and pat his friend's shoulder, but Daniel ward his hand and tries to keep his distance with Alex.

"But I guess it's good for you, you don't have to be deployed into the battlefield anymore"

"Yea, that's why I asked the higher-up to transfer me to the southern base, I will also make a recommendation for you to be transferred in the same division as me"

"Oh, please do!"

Alex lets a huge smile and laugh.

"You better go back to your room, and take a bath, you smell"

"Come on man, you don't need to be so frank"

Alex pout and walk away to go back to his dorm, Daniel smiles and close his door before he continue working on his reports and the recommendation letter.

"Speaking of which, didn't Alex said that his home is also in the south?"

He smiles and continues writing his report.

"I think I will drop by his place and let his wife knows he's is doing great"

The clock ticking and He finished his report right at the middle of the night, he throws his body on the bed and trying to relax.

"I can finally leave the battlefield"

He takes a picture frame standing on a small table next to his bed and wipes it clean, he's staring at a picture of him and a beautiful white-haired woman standing next to him.

"I will be home soon, Alice"

He holds the picture close while shedding tears.

"I will fulfill my promise, let's get married…"

He fell asleep, still holding his photograph.

Alarm rings and Daniel slowly opens his eyes. He put the picture he's been holding back to its place and walk to the bathroom.

"Oh, right, today I need to go to the meeting with the higher-ups"

He cleans his hair and brush his teeth with his eyes barely open, he walks out to dry his hair with a towel before getting himself ready in a suit he prepared before.

"Ahh… I'm so nervous…"

He stands in front of the mirror fixing his hair and his tie, trying to look as good as possible. He put on the loafers before leaving his room.

"Hey, Daniel…"

He looks at the direction the voice is coming, Alex is walking with his full uniform, fully equipped with firearms in his waist belt.

"Wait, aren't there are gonna be your rank promotion ceremony today?"

"Oh yeah, the thing is, suddenly there's a report the northern radio tower got attacked, and squad 3 and 4 will be deployed there"

"I didn't hear anything about that"

"Well I just got the news too"

"Please take care of yourself, I don't want to go to your funeral just yet"

"You know my ability more than anyone else don't you?"

Alex is the best sniper amongst the allies. After chatting awhile, Alex gives his friend a bro fist and run, prepared to be deployed one more time into the battlefield.

After having a meeting with the higher-ups, Daniel takes a visit to the nearby town, he's thinking of buying presents before going back to his hometown.

"'I think I will buy some dress and a ring, she must love it"

After walking around the town for a while, He bought quite amount of present for his fiancee.

"So, last one is the ring, where was the store again?"

He looks around to search for a jewelry shop. People are walking back and forth, waiting for bus and reading magazine, a peaceful city.

"Ah there it is"

He finally found the jewelry shop after walking for 5 minutes, but, suddenly there're roaring noise coming from the sky, 10 fighter jets are flying towards the northern radio tower's direction.

"Is the situation that bad? Why would they deploy 10 fighter jets?"

He stood up next to the traffic light, waiting for the lights to turn green. He looks at his watch, looking at the time and notice he's been walking quite a while.

"I think I will drop by a restaurant after buying the ring and buy something for lunch."

Suddenly a loud crack is banging on the sky, people are starting to panic, they are trying to see what is happening.

His eyes widened, a small scouting jet is about to crash, as the smoke coming out from its wings. But that's not what caught his attention, He notices there's a round looking rocket bomb attached below the jet's body.


He can't flinch his eyes, he's starting to run in the opposite direction with all his might.

But, the time wasn't enough. The jet crashes into the ground and a huge explosion destroys every single thing around it.

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