The end of 'Notorious' story is his death that spread around the world. Being the most-wanted spy, joining an under ground resistance soldiers, he did everything he need to prevent great nuclear war. God has given him a second life to live and impose him with a strange duty, making him to live his life with a strange commandment following him in his shadow. -------------------- This is an original novel written by me ( RickuSan ) and not a translation. I'm rewriting the story and forgive me for those who read from the start up until now <(_ _)> Update schedule : 1 chapters / day Around: 9 AM ( GMT+8 ) Note: my update on Friday will always be late from schedule, so, I apologize for that

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

'I Choose You'


Edy suddenly wakes up from his slumber, the clock showing it's 4 AM, but there's a lot of noises outside his room, he could hear footsteps coming from the hallway.

"Ah, I need to go to the headquarters office."

Edy gets up from his bed and wipes his eyes and walks to his desk. Looking at the sky, a beautiful full moon is hanging in the sky,and there's a metallic smell entering his nose in the morning.

"When is the promotion ceremony again? Was it 9 AM?"

*knock *knock

Hearing someone knocking on the door, Edy turns his head and heads towards the door, checking his voice and changing it to a different tone, and puts on his glasses, which have a black frame and dark brown lenses.

"Yes, who is it?"

Edy slowly opens the door and tries not to yawn to keep up his charisma and image.

"Captain Edy, It's Sergeant Ronald reporting."

A 6 foot tall man in a green military uniform is standing in front of the door, his body straight and his arm up in a salute with high energy. Edy nods and returns the salute.

"Sergeant, good morning, is there anything I can help with?"

"I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep, captain, but I want to congratulate you for your promotion."

"Ah, it is fine. And you don't need to stay at attention, we're old friends, right?"

"Alright then, if the captain says so."

The soldier closes his eyes and inhales deeply, and suddenly puts his ar, around Edy's shoulder.

"Congratulation of your promotion, Major, hahaha..."

Suddenly, Ronald burst into laughter, the two of them making noises in the hall while everyone walks here and there.

"Ronald, shh… your voice is too loud; and I'm not a major yet."

"Ahahaha, it is fine, it is fine, there's no one here, so no problem, look, the hallways empty."

Edy looks around to discover that the hallway has become virtually deserted. Ronald pats Edy on his shoulder with a large grin. He may have looked formal when talking with Edy earlier, but they actually are old friends.

"No matter how many times I think about it, you sure are awesome… achieving the rank of major in just a year after enlisting into the military. I still remember the first time I met you, when you were just a small baby in the army, hahaha."

"It is all thanks to everyone's help, that I'm able to gain this position."

"No Edy, it is all yours, you were able to take down all those terrorist associations; your story has become a legend in the army."

"It is still all thanks to you guys. Without everyone's help, I wouldn't be standing here now."

"Oh, come on, mate, don't be so humble like that, you are a major now; be more assertive."

"There is still 5 hours before the ceremony..."

"It is fine, you will be a major soon enough anyways."

Ronald keeps patting Edy's back and laughing like there's no space for anyone to interrupt their conversation.

"But this is an exciting case, I mean, we've been assigned to the same team since you first joined the army."

"I guess you will always be my senior, eh, Ronald?"

"Hahaha, well, I joined 4 months earlier than you, so I guess I'm still your senior."

"Then I will be counting on you again, Senior."

"Hey, are you making fun of me?"

"Eh? No, why are you assuming that?"

"Ah nevermind, you are such a serious person, eh."


"Even though I am your senior, you surpassed me pretty easily, eh?"

The situation becomes slightly awkward for a moment, and Ronald's sigh can be heard clearly from 5 meters away.

"You really are awesome Edy, but let me tell you this, don't take what people say to heart. You got this position because of your hard work, and all of the people in our squadron approved it. We know you are the one who works the hardest, so don't listen to the bad things people say to you. But anyways, I'm going to the training hall to have a little exercise; I need to catch up on you, hahaha."

The atmosphere becomes lighter as Ronald shows a little smile before turning his back to Edy and leaving to go to the training hall.

Edy closes the door and sits on the chair facing the window. The view of the concrete wall, steel wire in the yard makes him drown his mind. He leans to the side a bit to grab a piece of paper and a pen from his desk,and starts to draw a big square building with a high wall in front of it. he leans his head into his palm,and starts spinning the pen on his finger looking intently at the paper and humming.

"I guess I don't need to use the alternative plan... The God of luck is with me, eh?"

Edy take another paper and places it above the last one, and starts to scribble on it. It looks like the blueprint of a building, but this is more like a floor plan of the building he drew beforehand.

"Now, I will have the privilege to enter this place, as well as have authority over the guards stationed there. I guess I have to make a new plan now."

Edy get up from his seat and walks to his dresser, and starts to search for something; he looks through some places and take out a small box. he pulls out something from inside it and finds a small ring with a green gem.

"There it is, I hope it still works..."

Edy closes the curtain then drops the ring to the floor. The gem starts to glow, and it changes shape into a small box, with blue lights beginning to show a hologram of the building he drew just now.

"Oh, it still works, I wouldn't know what to do if it was broken."

Edy starts to walk closer to the box and tries to touch the hologram. he walks around it while pointing his finger at certain points on the hologram.

"I think the plan Dove made won't be very effective, I'll try to send them a new one."

Edy starts fiddling with the hologram; zooming in, marking some places and drawing things several times.

"Uh… my face feels so stiff, maintaining that voice is a troublesome thing to do."

Edy tries to clear his throat and wet it with his saliva before he starts fiddling with the hologram again.

The clocks ticking is the only sounds that can be heard inside his room, if a book drops from the shelf, it will instantly shatter his concentration.

"Yosh, I think this should be good enough... I'll send it to Lion."

Edy pushes a button on the hologram and types some notes on the mail window before he clicks the send button.

Edy picks the little box back up, which turns back into a ring, and puts it back inside the box and hides it inside his pants in the drawer. He then opens the curtain again and turns on the lamp to make his room brighter.

"Don't worry guys; this war, we will win it."

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