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Status: c5 2 months ago
Very well written. I’d like to congratulate author for such a well written book.

The plot is amazing. All I wish, is the author should continue to write this novel. There are endless possibilities of what might happen in future. And i’m Already excited.. thinking about a few of them.

Keep writing. Keep supporting


Status: c7 2 months ago
I’d like to mention how eye-catching the cover is! I’ve seen in one of the reviews that you’ve mentioned that you drew it. I think that’s pretty cool!

Although this isn’t a genre I usually read, I can’t help but say that the first chapter and synopsis has already gotten me hooked.

The way the author described the scenes was enough to help me visualize the scenario happening. Along with the illustrations found in the author’s **, it definitely deserves 5 stars.

I also enjoyed the flow of the sentences. Before I knew it, I already stopped at the latest chapter.

Kudos to the author and keep up the good work!


Status: c1 2 months ago
I really love the way in which you have described the scenes and characters of this book. I can easily visualise them which is a big plus point of this book. The only drawback is Updates only Monday. As a writer, I will tell you that readers don't read the book which takes time to get updated. They are tend to leave such book in middle.