After Cai ShenYi was being kicked out of MinDe University, she decided to make a new journey towards Tsing University. Carrying the hatred to those aristocrat people who framed her up, she decided to be the better version of herself. As she was busy focusing on her studies and thinking on how to make her life succesful, a man suddenly appeared on her life. Zhang Feng is a known bad boy of his school. Because of his tragic past that usually happens with an aristocrat family, he hated the whole word as if they owe a lot to him. Especially her mother. He was hot headed and unruly. But as this girl enters his life, he was challenged to make her obey him. Cai ShenYi and Zhang Feng, who knows what lies unto their fate? Are these people who hate each other become lovers? Or will their pride will remain and completely hate each other? Please do give book a chance! I'm not perfect so im open for corrections technically. Wo ai ni men! day off: Saturdays and Sundays ❗Disclaimer The picture in the book cover was edited by me, however, the characters are from a korean illustration I'll giving them a credit.

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Sometimes, we easily judge someone because of what we think who they are and based on our own experience. But every person is an iceberg, above the surface, they could show what they want to show. But deep down, there are secrets, weaknesses and talents that they never dare to expose.


"Aya! I can do this! Heh, I'm not the past ShenYi anymore!" She said to herself as she was going to enter her new classroom.

Cai ShenYi, an upcoming sophomore at Tsing University in Beijing, lifts her own spirit as she enter her new school. Since she got a bad record in her previous university, the Minde University in Shanghai, she had to find a new school. In her past school, given to her cheerful and pure personality and good looks, she had always been target to bullying by the other girls especially those who belongs to aristocrat families.

She was doing great there, until a shocking news echoed through out the whole campus. A student died due to being drowned in the swimming area of the school.

Due to being framed up by those bullies, the blame was put unto ShenYi. Since she got no backing or anything to help her out of the wrong accusation, her records were ruined and thus the school heads decided to blacklist her out of the university.

Now that she's going into a new school, she decided to be more cautious of those people around her and focus on rebuilding her reputation.

As she enters the classroom, she saw that there are many students inside. She was so nervous as she saw that all eyes were looking at her. The only vacant seat left was the two-seated desk at the back corner, near the window. Therefore she had no choice but to sit there.

The moment she sat down, the teacher entered.

"Good morning, Laoshi[1]!" The students greeted lively except ShenYi. As a transferee, she was really nervous at how other students will approach her. Her heart was beating irregularly as she felt uncomfortable in the situation.

"Sit down everybody please", the teacher announced.

As they sit down, a male student appeared on the door, looking very rushed and disorganized. His hair was very messy and there's no neatness in his look but no one can deny that he emmits a dominating aura. One look and many people can conclude that he was from a riot. Therefore, they think he's a bad boy.

"Sorry, I'm late". He said coldly as he continued to walk towards ShenYi's desk.

"Move." He immediately commanded.

ShenYi wasn't the same ShenYi before. Therefore she can't be bullied by anyone else. She was pissed at the guy's remarks but she didn't dare to make a mess on her first day. Therefore, she move quietly but there's a smug on her face.

'Hmmmph! This one ruined my day! As if you hold my life, you wish! Be thankful I'm considerate right now.' She inwardly conveyed her thoughts towards the 'so-called bad boy' beside her.

The slight smug didn't escape from the boy's eyes. 'You little kitten, just wait and I'll tame you later'. He replied inside.

[1] Teacher

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