My Husband Is The Demon King

My Husband Is The Demon King





Melissa is the Hero and hope of the people who stands against the Demon King in the battlefield.

But wait...Why the Demon King came forward.

Angry flow within Melissa as she hold her sword tight to slay the one who killed her little brother and parents.

Marry me and i will end this war.

Is it love or just another trick of the Demon King.

What will our Hero do..

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Status: c2 5 months ago
It is interesting and funy but wenn do you aploed?                                                                                                         


Status: c2 5 months ago
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Status: c2 1 year ago
Good story, lots of problems here and there. You should get an editor or proof reader. Try using punctuation in your sentences for a smooth read. Really like the concept, Keep it up.

Chapter 1: MELISSA

The humans and demons battle started how and why no one knows but one thing they do know is they must hunt and kill eachother.

The Demon King Asmodeus resides in the Demon Kingdom while his four guardian owe fealty to him,even though others would do nothing more then plan to dispose him and takes his place.

Phanting... Phanting

A pawn of the Demon King rushes inside the throne room and knee.

Speak, Asmodeus voice ecohed in the castle.

My Lord the king dogs of humans are entering our border again with mage and warriors to attack.

They never learn, Asmodeus is seen sitting in a throne made of skulls with his right hand index finger resting on his cheek that shows he is not interested but still wants to appear interested for courtesy's sake, while his voice fill the air with fear of superiority among his followers as powerful aura of submission surrounds him,making most who aporoach him slaves to his will if he wants unless they have a strong will.

So,who is the one leading them this time, Asmodeus eyes shine blue in the dark.

It's "Hero Melissa" my lord,as the informant servant doesn't dares to look up.

Hahaha.. the time has finally come for us to fulfill the prophecy left by my mother, Asmodeus gives a hideous laughter of happiness.

The troops is lead by a Melissa consists of soldiers wearing partial plate armour made of steel plates which protect their chest and the lower limbs without covering the arms as it needed to be flexible in fight without hindrance while Melissa being the strongest Dame in the world( dame is an honorific title given to female which is equivalent for knighthood) rides a horse in complete plate armour consisting of helmet,a gorget,spaulders,pauldrons with gardbraces to cover the armpits.The armour is articulated and covers a knight entire body.

"Everyone stop with the fear" Melissa shouted, "Our people have died and children has been slaughter in their hands" as she replace their fear with anger and hatred for the Demon King.

Hauh....Hauh,the soldiers hit the ground with their spears end as they gets motivated to die protecting their country.

"Fear is nothing but the fear of death and we the soldiers of the king will face our fear and defeat him"Melissa keeps them inspired though it can be seen that her hand trembling while holding the sword but she is determined to fight for revenge of the past.

"Charge"... Melissa pointed her sword towards the castellum,which is paint with black but suddenly a man comes out alone,from the castle holding a artifact,the Ruby Rod.

"It's the Ruby Rod" the soldiers murmur and started panicking as the only person who can wield it is The Demon King which allows him to use several powerful offensive and defensive spells.. The Rod allows Asmodeus to attack with elemental forces, force his enemies to cower in fear, or cover himself with a field which heals and protects him. It is also a powerful melee weapon that can cause grievous wounds with the merest touch.

It's a weapon of pure evil, Melissa regreted her foolish decision to attack the lord of demons.

I hate unwanted guest, Asmodeus spoke as he came infront of them in a instant while leaving dark aura from his body.

The soldiers started shivering in fear and frozed under the powerful aura of submission with the the very sight of Asmodeus.

"I will have my revenge"Melissa eyes is wet with tears and hated in her heart while she is disgust with the face of Asmodeus and stands firm while pointing out her sword towards Asmodeus.

"Die"Melissa strike her sword with Asmodeus covered in bloody wounds which is substained by her sword.

The blood from his wounds covers his clothes,while the wounds inflicted is healed in a instant as Asmodeus body colour changes from white to dark skin with blue eyes shining bright and small horns on his forehead.

Melissa for the first time in her life felt weak and stupid like a very small and helpless human being infront of the Demon King.

"It doesn't take great power to save the world, all it takes is for you to be my wife and i promise no harm to come on human kingdom"Asmodeus bend his left knee and put his right hand towards Melissa.

"Marry Me,and save the humans"Asmodeus proposed.


End of Chapter 1

Author note: I have been unwell so i have stopped writing but since i am all well now so you can expect regular updates.Hope you enjoy. Be Safe