Darling in the Mask

Darling in the Mask

PiperShea | Romance


Zhi Ruo and Tadashi Gao were kidnapped together at the age of 12. They quickly escaped only to be separated for 8 years. Now one is a barely budding actor and the other an assassin. Are their hearts entwined by fate or were they destined to fail from the start?

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Chapter 1:

Late one night in a busy night club, a mysterious man dressed in a tux sat alone in a bar.

The man didn't talk to anyone, even the bartender decided to leave him alone.

His icy, expressionless eyes scanned the room leaving the girls that were trying to sneak glances at him shuddered from his coldness.

His icy cold gaze seemed to pull the very air from the room. After the man scanned his surroundings, he slumped further down in his seat and ordered 6 shots, drinking them back-to-back.

He had a rough day and he needed to drown himself with liquor and loud music to escape a little. He just needed a few minutes out of his own head or he would completely lose himself. What little of him was left to lose anyway?

He ordered 3 more shots and was about to pound them back when a silver-haired beauty stormed through the club entrance.

Could it be his silver-haired beauty?

The man in the tux lost his cold look and a handsome smile spread on his face making him look years younger and way more attractive.

The silver-haired beauty rushed through the doors of the night club like a mysterious goddess. Her pitch black eyes looked dangerous like wild stallions about to charge. That look seemed to force people to keep their distance.

With a better glance, one could see she had tears running down her beautiful face.

The girl lost no time making her way to the middle of the dance floor. The silver-haired beauty shut her eyes and swayed with the music. Her whole body following the rhythm perfectly. Her dancing looked sad yet beautiful, almost like a poet telling a story.

The man in the tux lost his cold look completely. Some girls down the bar who had been watching him took this new attitude of his as a good sign. The two bravest of group slinked over trying their hardest to capture his heart.

One tried batting her long eyelashes and showing off her expensive dress while the other offered to buy his next drink. He ignores them both. His eyes glued to the woman dancing in the middle of the room like a ballerina princess.

The woman with the expensive dress glared at the mysterious woman that had caught the attention of her new love interest and couldn't hold herself back. "What are you looking at her for," she said whining. "She is ugly and looks like a loser. I am much better than her. I come from a good family, she is probably someone's dirty little mistress."

The man's eyes shot daggers at the woman in front of him. Finally acknowledging her existence he coldly replied to her annoying whining. "Her, ugly? If a dog took a shit, I would rather look at IT then YOU any day!" He said nothing else and the two women rushed off, one in tears.

By this time the entire night club was fixated on the beauty dancing in the center of the room.

It was only when she stopped dancing that the people in the club came out of their trance.

The woman headed to the bar people couldn't help but watch as the wild silver hair blew past them. Her eyes were almost dry now. She looked over at the man in the tux slumped on the bar. "I want whatever he had." She ordered from the bartender.

To her surprise, the bartender passed her 9 full shot glasses. Without hesitating, she gave a slight smile and took the shots back-to-back just as the man in the tux had done. "Well, I was wasn't expecting that," she admitted, "but definitely a welcomed surprise."

The man in the tux gave a smirk, "Sorry miss, I had a long day." He definitely didn't expect someone to match his alcohol consumption especially a small woman like her.

Without looking at the man she agreed, admitting she had a long day as well.

"Tadashi Gao, is the name and yours miss?"

"Zhi Ruo." Normally she wouldn't give strangers her real name but the 9 shots were starting to affect her. Not wishing to say anything else she said, "Goodbye," this time she looked up to see the face of the man that had been slouching at the bar in front of her. He looked familiar. Suddenly an old memory flashed in her mind. Her heart sank. Could this be him? Could this be my hero?' "Hurry to tell me what did you say your name was again?"

The man straightened out. 'She remembers?' His heart started beating faster. It was unusual for him to feel any type of emotion. A sense of hope rushed over him. He had waited 8 long years for this moment. "I said, my name is Tadashi Gao," He repeated with a sweet tone and a sexy smile.

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