Because it's only you

Because it's only you





This novel is temporarily on hiatus but not dropped....

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Status: c3 1 year ago
Hi friends 😊 Shamelessly rating myself 😜...
So let me tell you few things about the story...
So the story in the beginning isn't going to be very fast forward when it comes to romance between the ML and FL because I want to first create the proper scenario....
So the Romance between the ML and FL won't be much in the beginning...I want to create  proper way in which they will fall in love with each other since my story won't be a "love at first sight " types... 
But as the story will progress their romance will also start...
😊 And Thanks for giving my novel a chance... 


Status: c1 1 year ago
I like the character development in the beginning. it really helps the reader make a connection with the main character. I am looking forward to how the relationship between Elsa and Mr. Whatever develops.
The writing quality is good. it easy to read and has a nice pace.Cant wait for the next chapter


Status: c4 1 year ago
A bit too early to see how the story will develop, but so far, it is quite nice. I am waiting to see how the story develops further down the road, and will leave another review later.

So far, the meeting of the ML and FL is slightly cliche, but that's what we readers live off, right? xD I am waiting to see how further interactions go, but the writing style thus far is smooth, though there are a few grammatical errors. Particularly, I like the way you used the flashback earlier in Chapter 1.

Hoping to see more soon! Keep up the good work, author! :)

Chapter 1: Announcement

Right now it's on hiatus....