Because it's only you

Because it's only you

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Hi :-)... This is my first novel ever and I am excited, happy and a little bit nervous... If you are reading it then I am really thankful to you for giving your precious time to this story... I really hope you like it and please share your thoughts through the comments and review the story and I know that my story is not at all great but I am trying.... Constructive reviews and comments will really help me a lot to become better.. Please review this story seriously and help me. Since I am also a human and I also have feelings and I believe that WORDS CAN MAKE YOU , WORDS CAN BREAK YOU. ENGLISH is NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE so there will be grammatical mistakes. THIS STORY IS TOTALLY MY IMAGINATION AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE IN REAL LIFE. IF YOU FIND IT SIMILAR TO ANYONE THEN IT IS PURELY A COINCIDENCE. PLAGIARISM IS WRONG.... NEITHER I DO NOR I WANT OTHERS TO DO SYNOPSIS Elsa Rose Lewis , a talented, hard working and innocent 22 year old girl does her work with full sincerity and confidence. She just wanted a good job , find the love of her life and have a Happy family with her mother, brother, husband and kids but..... But... But.. But.. My darling... Destiny has it's own plans and life not always goes as we wish.... A day in her life came when she met him and things started changing for Elsa. Elijah Wilson, a 32 year old, talented, intelligent, smart, most successful and.... Cunning cold hearted Devil of the Country A business world, who is known to be a ruthless King in business world. He is also one of the most eligible bachelors and young ladies swoon on his charming charisma and always dream of being his wife.... But... As we know my sweetheart... Destiny has its own plan ;) What will happen when Miss Beautiful innocent cutie pie will meet Mr. Handsome King devil.. ;-) A/N: For any other questions you may ask me through comment section. If you like it then please give some of your power stones and add in your library... :-)

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

The summers have just arrived and the sun is really bright today. People are busy with their work and so am I.

I am Elsa, Elsa Rose Lewis, a 22 year old girl. I am through with my bachelor degree in computer science engineering and I want to study further but for now it's not possible due to my financial and family circumstances.

Four years back when I completed my school, I got scholarship for my further studies in a prestigious university in Country A.

Since I love coding and also studying computer science was my favourite, I always wanted to become a computer science engineering.

I only have my mother, Mrs. Sophia Lewis and a younger brother, Ryan Lewis, who is just 8 years old. My father passed away when I was just 17, in a car accident and since then I have only my mother and my brother, who are my life.

After my graduation ceremony, I was very happy since I got my bachelor degree and I was ready to join the university to study further and obtain my masters degree but the same very night of my graduation ceremony my mother fainted while we, that is, my mother, my brother were celebrating. We were scared and immediately rushed to the hospital and after we went there the doctor took my mother immediately to the emergency ward. After an hour of waiting the doctor came out. I asked my brother, Ryan to wait for me and I immediately went to the doctor and asked in my trembling voice , "Doc.....Doctor can you please te....tell me what has happened t...to my mo...mother and... why did she faint ?"

The looked at with a sympathetic look in her eyes, she sighed softly and asked me to sit. She gave me a glass of water and asked me to calm down.

Then she said," Miss Lewis right? "

I replied,"yes".

She continued , "So Miss Lewis, what I am going to say now, for that you need to be calm and please don't panic."

This made me feel more nervous so I asked her to please tell me quickly whatever it is.

The doctor said "So Miss Lewis, your mother is diagnosed with cancer, stomach cancer."

When I heard that, my mind went blank, my body started trembling and tears fell from my eyes endlessly.

She kept telling me to be calm and then she told me, " Miss Lewis, your mother can be saved since its only first stage cancer, there is a chance for her to live but....."

"Doc....Doctor wha...what, please tell me I will do everything for my mommy..... "

The doctor told me that the operation has to be done within 6 months and the amount to be paid will be huge around 1 million.


So today I am going for the interview in three companies and since I only have bachelor degree, so I can't expect any big job and salary but I really need to find a job.

My mother is resting at home with my brother accompanying her .

I still remember, when father was still alive, we were a very happy family but after he passed away all the responsibilities of the house fell on my mother who became a teacher in a school so that her children could study and eat well.

My mother belonged to a rich family in Country A but she fell in love with my father who used to study in the same university as my mother. My father was a bright and intelligent student and a very good person but he didn't belong to a very rich family background. My maternal grandfather was against the marriage and disowned his Elder daughter.

Today I just hope to get a job.


I was already getting late but the traffic is awful today.

Now I think I have to walk away from this traffic and take another cab.

Since I was in a hurry while crossing the road and didn't see a black Maybach coming towards me.

Thank goodness that the driver stopped the car in time otherwise I would have been injured.

But still I fell to the ground.

The driver came out and I could see that he was worried although it was my mistake.

He said," Miss are you alright? "

"No.. No don't worry I am alright and it was my mistake but still thank you so much for asking. "

"Actually miss you should thank Sir because he asked me to check you. "

"Oh is that so, then please let me thank him"

I went towards the back seat car window and lightly knocked twice. The window slid down and a man in dark blue tuxedo came into my sight. My mouth opened but I couldn't say anything, I guess he is the most handsome man I have ever seen but he looked a bit familiar to me.

When I didn't speak for a long time then he gazed me with a raised eyebrow as if asking me What?

Then I came to my senses and thanked him.

This lips slightly curved up in a mocking smile which I could not understand.

He said, " Miss don't you think its bad to come in front of someone's car and to get injured... what were your intentions hmm..?"

For a long time his words didn't registered to my mind but then finally I realised that he is trying to say that I am a scam who wants his money...!!

Hmph....!! What does he even think of himself.

"Oh Hello..... Mr. Whatever.... , whether you are rich or not it has nothing to do with me...because for me you are a man who does not know how to talk to people"

Hmph...!! "Such manner less man I have never seen in my life , And you know what JUST GET LOST "

I said in a high pitch.....

And then I left from there without giving him even a single glance.

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