Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams



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"I would give you everything
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do
To ensure your happiness
I'll cherish every part of you
Because without you beside me I can't survive."

(Part of  a series: This is Book 1)

The Year 4014
A woman with long black hair that fell past her shoulders stood in front of the ivory bed, her gaze fell on the window, "If only I wasn't a princess," Princess Lyn, 16 years old wishes to discard her noble lineage and believes the world has long become corrupt. She wishes to change it, not as a Princess. But as Lyn. Because of the cursed birthmark she was born with, her whole family shuns her. Confined in the northern area of the castle, where little people know of her existence. 

During this time a man who is the complete opposite of her appears before her. Somebody who is always smiling and carefree, but in the depths of those bright eyes lay a hidden secret. 

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Part of "Lyn Journey" series

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Status: c8 4 days ago
Like the author mentioned this story is part of a series. While Queen Lyn Clash Of Kingdoms heavily focus on sovereign politics, trust. Princess Lyn explores where everything started, including the romance story of the ML Kazuya and Lyn. This is guarantee read to read alongside each other.


Status: c8 4 days ago
Going to give the author five stars, I know writing quality can be improved. But in contrast to her first story she's gotten so much better 👍 extra star for her efforts. 
Normally I break down my reviews, but since there's not a lot of chapters.. 
- If you've read QLCK you'll notice the contrast between the Lyn from when she's 22 and the present time frame for Princess Lyn when she's sixteen. Here we get a glim**e of the vague mysteries surrounding Lyn from Queen Lyn. Actually reading them alongside each other is quite fun, since you can connect the pieces.

- The ML, on the other story he hasn't shown up yet. So I'm glad to see him at last. As usual the author does a great job describing her characters thoughts and feelings.

- World Background: Only advice is to do it in small chunks, no need to rush.

- This story has the potential to get into top rankings if the author maintains a balanced pace.


Status: c24 4 days ago
I really like this novel 😍 👌 and i really appreciate the author for writing this novel..u rock author thnk u soo much... being a girl i really like the Main Lead Girl..nd i will surely recommend it to my frnds 

Chapter 1:


Princess Lyn: The FL protagonist. The story's protagonist. With features of neither Asian nor English, but a unique combination of both. Skin as fair as snow.  Age 16 in the current time frame.

(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 1)

Kazuya: The ML - The mysterious "ambassador" from the Sound Kingdom.
(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 1)

Allen: The FL fiance and childhood friend.

(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter)

Pupillam Consilario: 
(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 2)

Adrien Bennet: General 

Queen Orthez : The 38th Queen of The Mist Kingdom 
(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter Five)

Prince Andrew

Lady Gabrielle 


Secondary Characters
Princess Lethia
Prince Kotaro

Fukami: Kazuya's guard from the sound Kingdom.

Ichinose Ralph: