"I would give you everything, there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do to ensure your happiness. I'll cherish every part of you. Because without you beside me I can't survive." (Part of a series: This is Book 1) The Year 4014 Have you ever wonder how does it feel to be a Princess? Is it nice and fun or...actually not? Sadly for Lyn being a Princess isn't as nice as fairytales described. She is an abandoned Princess bearing a 'cursed' birthmark. Queen mother isolates her, Lyn becomes the most unloved Princess. What can she do in this situation? Only study, study and study so one day she can be free from this cage. Lyn thought that she will live her dull life like this for a long time until... A young man from the Sound Kingdom comes into her life like a prince riding a white horse. But, he's actually a thief. His name is Kazuya. He brought new colours to her monochrome life, introducing her to many 'first' times. Sweet, gentle and kind but what if it's all just an act for hidden motives? Is the affection he showed her...genuine? What will happen between the two youngsters trapped in love-cage? What is the mystery hidden behind the birthmark? Can the two of them unite in such a chaotic world? Watch as Lyn begin her love journey on a thorny path haunted by dark politics and bitter life. --- *Cover is commissioned. artist: Zushi* Join Me On Discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Part of "Lyn Journey" series (1) Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams (ongoing) (2) Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms (ongoing) (3) Empress Lyn: Overlapping hearts - Side Purple Flower The Wolf and Beautiful Blade Updates: 2 Chapters everyday (UK Timezone)

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Chapter 1: Character List



Princess Lyn: The FL protagonist. The story's protagonist. With features of neither Asian nor English, but a unique combination of both. Skin as fair as snow. Age 16 in the current time frame.

(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 1)

Kazuya: The ML - The mysterious "ambassador" from the Sound Kingdom.

(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 1)

Allen: The FL fiance and childhood friend.


(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter)

Pupillam Consilario:

(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 2)

Adrien Bennet: General

Queen Orthez : The 38th Queen of The Mist Kingdom

(Appearance Volume 1 Chapter Five)

Prince Andrew

Lady Gabrielle


Secondary Characters

Princess Lethia

Prince Kotaro

Fukami: Kazuya's guard from the sound Kingdom.

Ichinose Ralph:

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