Our Lovestory

Our Lovestory


Contemporary Romance



Elsa woke up early and found out that she thinks about her classmate too often. 

She didn't want to believe that she had a crush on him as she was sure he wouldn't fall for her.

 She keeps telling herself not to fall in love with him.


Ray , soon found out that he had a crush on his friend's friend and didn't know when it all began.

 He wanted to pursue her but didn't know whether she feels the same or not. 

He wanted to know her feelings first, so that he can do something about his feeling's inside him.

This novel is about their up's and down's and how they get together.

It's a bumpy roller coaster ride .. hope you guys have your seatbelts on, as the male and female leads are surely strapped in.

 Hey everyone, I'm really excited and nervous for my novel.Please do guide me in this journey.

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Status: c29 1 year ago
Hi oh my goodness I love your novel I can't stop reading and laughing at them and I can't wait for the updates to come I'm really looking forward to it and I will support you.


Status: c29 1 year ago
Who would've thought that DarkRay would get his own char. In a novel 😂

In all seriousness. This is a hidden gem. I'm not the type of person who reads romances, but this? I can't wait to find out more. It's so simple yet interesting. Author does a good job there. Quality is nice, development too, loads of feelings... Added to the library, thanks for sharing this!


Status: c36 2 months ago
This is such a happy story🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 The character development is good plus the college setting is realistic. The romance is fresh. We will patiently wait for the update but please do continue the story. 

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Elsa woke up early due to her excitement thinking about today. She jumped from her bed and rushed downstairs for her morning drink - coffee.

As she reached the dining table, she saw her cup of coffee and smiled. She took her cup , and sat on her usual seat to drink slowly. She was thinking about the outfit she needs to wear today. She wanted it to be new , elegant and beautiful at the same time.

As she was thinking about her clothes, she saw her brother groggily coming downstairs for his drink. Alan saw his sister drinking her coffee like any day except she has a huge smile on her face.

He smirked and said," Stop smiling like an idiot." and attempted to snatch her cup. Elsa frowned and moved away from her brother but spilled some of her coffee.

On seeing this, she glared at her brother. Alan shrugged and took his cup saying," Chill !! Its just college. I don't get why you are looking forward to it."

Elsa went back to her seat and said ," Are you serious?.. Because it's college, that's why i am looking forward. I heard that it's way different from how a school works.. and we can bunk classes and enjoy our life .

There are lots of events which will happen and it's full of fun."

He shook his head and said," You should know you are wrong. When you enter college, you will know that school was heaven whereas college is hell. "

Elsa said," You are just lazy , that's why you don't enjoy any of the activities."

He sighed knowing that his sister would take back her words once she enters college.

Elsa is eighteen ,passed out from her school not too long ago. She was a fun loving carefree person who never takes anything seriously and never studied seriously for any of her exams, even for the entrance exams. She managed to get into her brother's college purely due to luck.

She didn't know what she wanted to do in her life, so she decided to listen to her parent's and take a professional degree and then decide what she wanted to do. She took computer science as it was the easiest course in the college.

The day for her admission was her biggest fear as she thought that she needed to skip a year since she didn't get a good rank. She kept on praying that if she gets into this college, she will take her studies seriously and will make sure not to disappoint her parents regarding studies.

Her brother, Alan was in the fifth semester of mechanical engineering and he was a total opposite of her. He began to hate engineering once he got into it and just badly wanted to finish this course. He was successfully turned into a nerd for this purpose and never took part in any of the activities.

Elsa looked at the time and screamed as she was late on her first day. She rushed into her room ,took her clothes and started getting ready. Since it was her first day , her dad decided to accompany her and Alan.

As soon as she got ready, she rushed downstairs and shouted ," Lets go.. Lets go.. i don't want to be late."

She hurriedly went and hugged her mom and asked her opinion on how she looked. Elsa was dressed in an ethnic wear, a long black kurti with white legging's and a shawl. This was a trial for her to see whether this outfit will look good on her. Her mom said , it was neat and pretty.

Elsa left as soon as she heard this and prayed that she wasn't late for her first day. She wanted to experience being a college student in a good way as possible .

Once she reached college, she looked around and saw a lot of people her age hanging out , some with their parents and some with their friends. She sighed seeing the long queue to get inside the main hall where her orientation is supposed to take place.

She smiled to herself saying," It's a new beginning." and made her way towards the main hall.