The beginning of my journey, a god. OK OK . ex-god. It's temporary I tell you. .......... I swear!!!! ..... fine then, don't believe. You'll see. Just you wait

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The Fall

It was an ordinary and peaceful day in heaven. I was lying on my soft and plush sofa. Beautiful angels were tending to me. Wine. Cheetos. Netflix. life was good. That's when "It" happened. I had only heard stories about it. Which might be one of the reasons leading to my fall. If only! If only someone had told me that it was actually possible, I would've used my powers more wisely. But I guess, when life gives you lemons u trade them for something better because c'mon. No one likes lemonade these days.

Anyway, where was I. Yes, of course. "It". The rumoured phenonomenon that hadn't happened since centuries. And of course! The one it does happen to after so long, had to be me.

Godfall. The fall of a god.

With the rising atheism, lots of god's had seen a sharp decline in their followers. I was no exception. but godfall? that, I didn't expect. I didn't even know what it was when on that ordinary peaceful day, the cloudy floor slowly parted and down I fell. Into god only knows what....scratch that even I don't know.

It was a long long way down. And you'd expect I'd be brave(being god and all) but trust me I would've pissed my pants if I had drunk any liquids in the last century or so. I clutched my sofa tightly and didn't let go for dear god(me).


I waited for the dust to settle, and was surprised to find myself in the centre of a road with cars honking all around me and pedestrians clicking pictures. I expected someone to recognize me and start worshipping me then and there but I guess atheism had spread her hands even here.

Atheism, that bitch!

She had a bigger palace than me up at heaven too. If I ever get back up there, she'd hear a thing or two from me. But all that was for another time. I was bewildered with no clue what to do when it happened.

you know.


the thing that happens when a friendly neighborhood god falls from heaven wearing nothing but boxers. And honestly. Earth's law system is a joke. They have no respect for the truth, or even god for that Matter. They even found alcohol in my breath and locked me up when I claimed to be god.


at least my cellmate seems to recognize me,

"momma you've come for me!!!"

ahh. I spoke too soon.

it's gonna be a long day.


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