ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.

ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.





Eric's hands dug in a Black Wolf's chest for the sake of self defense, a Fireball howled from his palms after out of pure fear, splitting the Wolf in half! That's where his Destiny began!

Fire? Ice? What's one magic when Eric as the Electus can use all 8? At the end of the day, what is magic? Is it really magic? Do Demons have anything to do with this?

Continent of Ignis! Going through racial cleansing, land wars, an economical collapse too! But it's still nothing compared to the "Peaceful" Demons who want Ignis and the rest of the 13 Continents gone, tearing their way through everything to achieve their goal!

Eric, is the only being powerful enough to put an end to this madness!

My goals:
-I'm gathering the guts and nerves to write 150k+ words a month which is equivalent to 100 Chapters or 2 Volumes, best part is that I'm succeeding! Please give me motivation with a Power Stone!
-This book series will stretch over 40 Volumes(2,500+ Chapters), that's the minimum guarantee from me as the Author.
-I can't predict with 100% accuracy from now but my goal is to reach 100 Volumes (5,000+ Chapters) with this series, and considering how many ideas I've already written down there is a 70% possibility of reaching this goal or go beyond it. Not to mention anything slightly less than the goal, the possibilities just rise!

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Status: c160 1 week ago
Hello everyone. Author of the series here. I'd like to ask for your support as a reader, to share my story, to spend a few Power Stones and maybe even leave a review salted with Contrsuctive Criticizm.
I'd like to point out that I plan to make many book series with multi million word count on each one, I'm already working on my series on a daily basis and I'd like to do more. To achieve more, I need to climb the ranks as soon as possible and the main goal is to strike a Contract with via Webnovel. Striking a contract would equal to a boat load of fairly quality stories for you as a reader since it would become my main career instead of a side hussle.
Thank you for your time and support. Sincerely.
Mister E.


Status: c-1 2 months ago
FLIPPING LOVE THIS BOOK AND THE WAY YOU WRITE. It doesn't even look like a fiction world because of how well you explained everything in it. 


Status: c-5 2 months ago
I hopeeeee this story doesn't get dropped. I'm really in love with this story. Please never stop updating. I'm soooooooooooo in loveeeeeeeeee with this storyyyyyyyyyyyyy


- It is important to remember that the planet, Country, Continent and even World of which the Characters are based on are almost completely fictional. Which of course means that the Book won't be historically accurate as it is not based on Earth's overall History. But rather completely fictional history is to be found instead.

- Be sure to support me at my writing Journey, because i intend to make this story a series.(100,000 words per volume as a guaranteed minimum and 40+ volumes following the series also Guaranteed). Thank you!

- This book series is going through editing since I've started writing the first book and even the second when I was a Beginner. So after specific parts read, you will find a gap in writing quality, you might find yourself reading awfully written Chapters. This form of editing is included over 30 times a week in my writing schedule, I will do my best to finish this edit ASAP, so please be patient. Although going through a rewrite, the book is still being updated so you don't have to worry about that at least.

- You will find many sentences of which you will feel like they are grammatical errors, rest assured that it is just my writing style. I like to play with words, I think my way of writing is unique but opinions are welcomed.

If you see typos however please point them out, each novel has a typo or two (Or a hundred.) after all.

- If you feel like some portion of the series doesn't make sense, take in to consideration that you didn't read far enough for it to make sense or it can be an old Chapter I haven't yet edited. I hate plot holes more than you think and I'm trying to figure them out, if you are absolutely certain of a plot hole than please leave a detailed comment, it will be appreciated.

- Everything above aside, you might find it that the first Chapters or book roughly qualify as medium Quality. You have a point there, but the good news is that the rest of the books are a lot better, they become better by the passing Chapter. Writing is my full time job so of course you will see a lot of progress, support me through this journey and have sympathy for a Beginner.