George Candra, a nature enthusiast fell from a cliff and found himself awoke in the bottom of a ravine with a ton of skeletons surrounding him. As he tried to climb up, he found out that he have a system, but it wasn't your usual system. It was... a shop. Yes... a shop. With the coins that he found nearby, he somehow managed to survive in the bottom of the cliff. He even made a house in there, until someone crashed the house and destroyed it... "..." He suddenly felt an urge to just demolish the house he just finished building a moment ago. "WTF... There's a person on the roof." He poked the man and demanded compensation of the house to him, but the man can't seem to understand Indonesian, nor English. "Uhh... Wo.. ai.. ni?" The man's face darkened. ... Currently on hiatus... Someday, I'll continue the story... (probably)

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here story begins

Chapter 1:


George Candra slowly opened his eyes. His right hand subconsciously touched his head. He thought that he was going to die, but that doesn't seem to happen.

He then stretched his hand like he always do when he just wake up. He felt energized and felt something was wrong. His body didn't have any damage. Not even abrasions are available in his body. He just fell down from a cliff and no damage? The heck?!

"Woah.. am i Saitama irl? Hehe.. there's no way.. i still have my hair tho. So, i might be a super saiyan not a bald guy with a freakish power, but super saiyan is pretty freakish too, i guess."

George then sat in a cross-legged position and started praying to the God. He thought that it was a miracle, so he believes that maybe the God is the one who saved him.

After a few minutes of praying, he opened his eyes once more and saw his surroundings. There's a rock, a slightly bigger rock and a.... f*cking skeleton and it's not just one of them.. There's a lot of them.


"Oh Sh*t! I ain't sleeping here no more!" George started climbing the ravine, but after a few minute, he come back.. The ravine's wall was too high to climb. He would fall again if he forcefully climb to the top.

Sigh.. I guess this is the end. Dear God, if you save me, could you just make me at the top of the ravine and not leaving me here.

When he go back to the bottom, he realized that his clothes were different than what he wore yesterday. There's also a bag of coins near the place that he woke up. Inside of that bag, there's copper and silver coins, but it couldn't be called a lot. There's also a few of golden coins inside.

"Sigh... what's the use of money when there's no shop available. And who the f*ck uses these kind of coins on these day."

「Ding! We are available 24 hours non-stop.」

"What? Who's there?"

「Ding! I'm the AI that will be the shop keeper of this mysterious shop. Because it's mysterious, we call it eldritch shop.」

"Eldritch? Uhh.. okay.. if you are a shop, then how do i buy things?"

Suddenly a screen showed up in front of him like something inside of a virtual reality game.

「Ding! To buy things, you will need credits. To get them, just throw real life currency to the screen. The system will calculate how much it worth and turned them into credits. The system could also turn the credits to a real life currency.」

"So, it's basically a mobile shop with a bank and money changer function in it?"

「Ding! Basically, yes. The conversion rate normally for regular coins are 1 copper coins to 1 credit, 1 silver coins to 10 credits, 1 gold coins to 100 credits, and 1 spirit stone to 1000 credits.」

After knowing the conversion rate, he throws all of the money inside the bag. He doesn't care for the coins if the shop was fake. It wasn't his money to begin with and even if he doesn't use it, it doesn't have any uses in that cold and gloomy ravine.

「Ding! You have just deposited 572 credits. I recomend host to buy a survival kit. It's really cheap, only 100 credits. Inside the kit, there's a plastic tent, lighter, sleeping bag, first-aid kit, survival knife and a rations of food and drinks.」

When George saw the word "food and drinks" on the survival kit that the AI recommended, his eyes lit up. He then pressed the buy button and his credits automatically reduced by 100. He only have 472 credits left.

The survival kit suddenly appeared in front of him in a magical way. He was really excited. He felt really hungry for a while and suddenly, there's this mysterious shop that told him that you could buy anything in it. It was pretty shady at first, but it's actually not a scam. And the most important part is that you can buy food in it.

With the survival kit, he set up the tent for a while and begun eating the rations. "Sigh.. it's just a regular bread with a milk box. But it's better than nothing."

After eating the food, he then opened the shop once more to see the items that being sold. Everything is actually available in there.

"Ooh! There's a laptop too. Wait what? wtf?! is that a pregnancy test? Sh*t! one pregnancy test cost 25 copper coins."

The items that being sold wasn't just from earth, there's some items from a game or just a pure fantasy, like brewing stand from Minecraft and elixir of immortality.

"Hmm? This sections is interesting. A skill book sections. Wtf? A sword cultivation techniques? I didn't know that you could grow a sword from a piece of land. Well this is definetly fishy!"

There's not only skill book sections that available, there's also a super power sections too.

< Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (Ryougi Shiki)> :

A type of Mystic Eyes that are considered to be such a rarity that they are thought not to exist at all. Under the Noble Colors System, they are designated as Rainbow, the highest level, and are considered Divine Spirit class Mystic Eyes.

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can be called a circuit that opens up in the brain and eyes to allow the user to "perceive death," the conceptual "Death of an Existence," as visual signals in the form of Lines of Death and Points of Death.

In perceiving death, it can be said they see the Root itself. They are similar to the eyes possessed by the Celtic god, Balor.

[Price : 10.000.000 credits]

"What the actual f*ck! Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.. I never understand the concept of MEoDP tho.. From what i know, if you have MEoDP, you'll see a line or points based on your perception of death. And when you cut those lines or stab the points the things will die? But isn't that the same if you just stab or cut someone, they'll die?"

The superpowers are actually really awesome and of course it's f*cking OP as F*ck! The only downside is that price...

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