The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl

The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl

Zehell2218 | Romance


I'm worthless but now priceless -Tan Hua --------- Do you know a reincarnation in modern times with a cliche plot? A super talented woman. Betrayed by best friend. Cheated by her dear fiance. A broken family. Luckily she is spoiled by the cool ML and the gentle second ML. She also got her revenge! Ahhh super cliche, no? But still! Isn't it exciting? A lot of girls fawned over this kind of cliche drama and Tan Hua, a talented young fashion designer is also not an exception. But...will it still be exciting if you one day found out that somehow you have transmigrated into this kind of chinese drama not as the FL or the villainess but as a nameless nobody, a lowly office boy who is actually a girl?! That is what Tan Hua, a 22 years old super rich daughter of a famous fashion designer parents ended up in. From an extremely rich and pampered life into a poor life of commoner. Not only that...Tan Hua also had to live her new life in disguise as a boy! The worst part is that the second male lead-sama the one who fawn over the FL...is going to kill her the moment she just transmigrated in??!! Watch as Tan Hua survived from the black-bellied second male lead-sama scheme being only a normal office boy with no money no power at all, slowly rising to be a world-wide famous fashion designer! But...could someone tell her just why the hell that evil second male lead-sama who was courting the FL before...is now pestering her?? Other project: 1. The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator (completed) Futuristic series: 1. Mr Target, Please Date Me! (Coming soon) 2. Ms Target, Please Marry Me (coming soon) 3. My Hubby Is A Fake Robot (coming soon) 4. Cultivator In Futuristic World (coming soon) Follow my Instagram: zehell2218 for Q&A and fun information! For support: https://www.paypal.me/Zehell2218 If u don't like to read imperfect grammar then this novel might not be your cup of tea so please be prepared. *the cover isn't mine the credit belong to the rightful owner*

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 "Departure"

"Hua'er....." a soft and gentle voice sounded in the middle of the busy and crowded ZUA ZUA international airport.

"Yes mom?" a beautiful sky blue eyes blinked elegantly at the source of the soft voice.

"Mommy will go for 6 months so...if you need money..." The gentle voice belonged to a graceful, tall and beautiful woman. The woman was wearing a peach A-line dress from Chunnel, holding an expensive-looking leather bag.

From her appearance alone one would knew that the woman was a rich one. The woman face was beautiful yet gentle with her natural silky black hair swayed when she approached the other party, making a graceful and warm atmosphere around her.

The woman smiled like an angel and placed a black platinum unlimited credit card to a beautiful girl's hand in front of her.

The girl in front of the woman was as beautiful as her. With her round eyes, white skin and tall body, this girl was a peerless beauty. The girl wore a plain white Gucchy shirt and hot pants looked very casual compared to the elegant woman.

The girl had a beautiful medium black hair with a little pink colour at the edge of it. She was dressed casually but in a single glance every single person in the airport would knew that she wasn't a simple girl.

That rich aura excluded from her body, making her shine like a star among the sea of people was something that couldn't be hidden.

"Wait wait momm~ i already make my own money so really...i don't need this" the girl raised her voice a little as she quickly hold the woman's black card with her white snowy hand.

Her face looked reluctant and an awkward smile hung on her beautiful face.

"Aigoo alright then. But don't forget to call mommy once a day, don't eat junk food or cheap food, don't...don't...blah blah blah" the woman mentioned a lot of things which the girl, Hua'er shouldn't do for nearly 5 minutes.

5 minutes later...

"So..." The woman was about to continue her 'lecture' when Hua'er a.k.a Tan Hua stopped her in time.

"Mom! I know!! I'm not a child anymore okay?? I'm already 22 this year!" Tan Hua stomped her long elegant feet to the shining floor of the airport.

The girl childish behaviour really didn't match her elegant beauty which surprised quite a people around them.

"Okay okay" The woman ruffled the girl hair as she hugged her tight.

The atmosphere was fuzzy and warm....but it didn't last long until a low yet cheerful voice broke the good atmosphere.

"Ehem! Daddy is here too you know?? Aishh let me hug my princess too!" A tall blonde-haired man with the same sky blue eyes like Tan Hua, suddenly appeared next to the mother-daughter pair and forcefully snatched Tan Hua from her mother's embrace.


The man immediately hugged Tan Hua like he was hugging a teddy bear.

"D-daaaddd!!! Let me go! It's embarrasing!!" Tan Hua struggled inside her father's arm as her face turned bright red.

They were in the middle of a crowded airport!! It was so embarrasing!!

"Aisshh my little princess is shy!" The man, Tan Hua's father slowly released Tan Hua while ruffling her hair like coaxing a child.

"Geez both of you treat me like a child! I'm already adult! I have also make money!" Tan Hua humphed to her father but her humphing action was indeed resembling a bratty teenager.

Tan Hua refused to be hugged again by her father and her mother so in the end...her father and mother could only helplessly shook their head while feeling dejected.

Their cute princess now didn't want to be hugged in front of other people!

(;へ:)So sad!

They wanted to spoil Tan Hua, always protected her....but now the once cute little girl had already grown up in a blink of eye...they indeed really love this girl as she was their only child.

Tan Hua grown up to be a childish girl and spoiled with her parents overwhelming love, but her parents was still very proud of her because in 20 years old she already owned her own brand, gaining around a million US dollars a year and when she was 22 years old her fame as a fashion designer already exceed her parents fame.

Tan Hua's father and mother were both famous as her father, owning various super popular brand such as Guccy, Chunnel, Zarra, Victoryan Secrete, and so many else while her mother was a top fashion designer.

One design made by Tan Hua's mom was sold for 1 million US dollar! Her father's company made Billion, no. Trillion a year.

Tan Hua looked at her dejected parents and secretly smiled. She was angry that they were treating her like a child when she was already an adult but aishh...she still couldn't hate them.

"Okay okay don't be that sad anymore. quick quick! your plane would be here soon right?" Tan Hua sighed. She forced herself to gave her parents the last hug before the two of them went to their plane. They were going to travel around the world for 6 months.

30 minutes later....


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