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Sania and Vishal are young first year graduation students. Sania is an Art student and Vishal is an Engineering student. They love each other and are in a relationship for the past one year. But Vishal suddenly ask for a break up.
Why? Why he ask for breakup? What will happen? Will they get apart? Or will they stay together?
To find the answers and know more about their life please keep reading.

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Status: c5 1 month ago
ll suggest this story to the readers 

First of all the cover- I really liked the cover page of this book.

The title 'Love... Does it last forever??' make us think whether love last or get lost with time. It also make us curious to find out about the story whether they will get separated or end up together.

I have recently started following the book and read all the chapters that are updated and I have liked it so far. I like the start of the story the sudden breakup without any explanation.. it makes us wonder what happened between them.
The author is justifying the background too. 
I liked the the latest chapter where there is the flashback of the memories.

It's only five chapters till now.. and there are lot to discover ahead I think. I am excited for the further chapters. 
Good work Unnie. Fighting!!


Status: c2 1 month ago
2 chapters is VERY early in the story, and I have a feeling that this story is just going to get better and better.

But with that said, I did take note of a few things. Firstly, the grammar is slightly off; the writing is understandable, but some of the sentences are awkwardly or incorrectly constructed.

Secondly, the two main leads---Before I hit the last chapter where Vishnal also didn't want to breakup, I thought this relationship where Sania is so centered on Vishnal that she doesn't see anything else and spends all her time with him is the one most exemplified by a song called "Twit" by Hwasa. In that story, when the one who adored the other so much left, that person who was left realized that she/he was the real twit for not seeing how good he/she was.---However, we see at the end of chapter two that this doesn't seem to be the case. Instead of Vishnal breaking Sania's heart and her being brokenhearted and possibly comforted by Zain who's interested in her, or maybe even Shiva, Vishnal actually seems to be possessive of her. I'm not sure where this is going, but it's definitely different. Only time will tell whether this twist works out.

This twist aside, all the characters are playing roles that are very familiar, so hopefully they'll gain more originality and personality than they are showing now.

Good luck!

Chapter 1:

I started writing this story for the contest. But I wasn't able to complete it on time due to my busy schedule.
Instead of discontinuing the story I would like to complete it. 
So I have decided to do some editing in the existing chapters and continue to write further.
I will start re-uploding the chapters from tomorrow. 
So, please continue to read.