Endless Vertex

Endless Vertex


Eastern Fantasy



Same old earth. Civilians living an absolutely normal life. But beneath the surface of our peaceful society, there are Warriors who commoners don’t know about, roaming amongst us. Like all humans, they fight against the unknown and even between themselves in order to gain ultimate power. They can accomplish extraordinary things that modern science has yet to prove and achieve.

This is a novel about Atlas, a teenage Warrior’s adventures to investigate his ancestry, cultivating to the pinnacle and discover life’s true purpose, as well as fascinating things that might actually exist in reality. Who knows? Your 80 year old neighbor could be a Warrior who can smash boulders and do the impossible.

There is no limit to what people can achieve.

So yeah. Thx for your support!

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Status: c31 4 months ago
Ok! I took down my original comment and shall grant you five stars this time! I see that you have made many changes in the plot and it has truly made the story escalate to a higher standard! I hope to see more updates and please post more often! YOU THERE! YES YOU! Hi.


Status: c77 4 months ago
Feel free to comment and give feedback. I’m really striving to improve my writing skills and language expressions. If you enjoy Endless Vertex, save it to your library or share it to others. /:) Thx for reading and have a nice day! 



4 months ago
I find the first chapter funny.... because elephant can talk.... I also love he action scenes. Very descriptive and I can imagine. Update more often!!! I wanna see fighting!!!!

Chapter 1:

Names are an essential representation of a person. No matter how silly or weird a username maybe be, there is always a deep story worth cherishing behind it.

In my case, my name is just totally random and shallow. Have a nice day :)


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I'm a Filipino, Indonesian, Canadian Chinese who currently studies in Singapore. Telling you this information just for fun. ^_^

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