Path of Creation

Path of Creation





A group of four super powered escapees running from the government and everyone else. Will they survive? Will they give in to alcoholism? Will they topple all authorities and reach for the stars?

This world is full of modern technology, innate abilities, magic as well as fantasy races like elves, orcs, vampires as well as deities.

This is for mature audiences viewer discretion is advised.

As this story jumps right into things you will likely have many questions and the tale should eventually answer those questions but you're not getting anything till it reaches the right parts.

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Status: c14 1yr
I think that the author is sexy and can tell awesome dad jokes even though he has no children.. :l but mostly the story has all these characters that live and die their own lives independent of the MC and friends


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Chapter 1: Prologue

General world knowledge you should know before reading as everyone there knows this.

The world Chanetquets is one large Pangea continent larger then earth with many smaller islands throughout the ocean that are the size of continents on your world.

None of the races are actually related to those of your world and referred to by location

People to the north generally look like aboriginals from your world

to the south appear Asian

to the east Arabian

to the west Caucasian

and islanders appear African.

There are also dwarves, elves and orcs of various racial sub types but they are a minority with specific city's spread throughout the world.

The world speaks one language but different accents/cultures.

There is only one religion as it is over bearing due to having a god called the caretaker.

The church runs all of society as a central government with the military used to enforce the little things as a global police force.

The Church is obsessed with people reproducing as that is what their god demands. They hold regular gatherings at churches across the world each day providing the attendees the bare minimum food to survive in exchange for prayer to their lord the caretaker.

The Church has many rules but they hate people forming families or not attending their services. Other than that they largely don't care about people, leaving the smaller matters to the military to control.

Many people have innate powers but most of them are useless such as growing eye lashes or changing colour of nipples… these people as well as those without any power are commonly referred to as casuals.

There are magic users as well as other various energy types and artifacts that mix with a modern level of technology similar to your world.

The main characters of the story are orphans who appear to be a mix of each ethnical background except for Gara Salvara who is a shapeshifter and looks however she wants (has XX chromosomes).

Gara does tend to look better then what she is copying due to ego and the fact that it is unpleasant for her to appear flawed (wrinkles, scars and otherwise a slightly unreal level of personal upkeep) which is a flaw for a shapeshifter I know but the only one who gets away with bugging her on it is her biological brother Tral as she can turn any part of her body into flexible razors capable of rending flesh from bone and most are smart enough not make her mad.

Tral Salvara doesnt know better or care enough to not troll his sister or anyone else for that as his big mouth often gets himself in trouble but can make anything he can think of (limited by his ability to think as well as the fact he doesn't control anything he makes after making it) including explosions (although explosions beyond ten feet are exponentially more unstable/unpredictable due to his lack of control).

From throwing knives to shooting guns he is an expert with extreme precision from to his militaristic training due to them thinking his power was simply minor explosions (this was Arc's idea).

Arc Tesla who is definitely the brains of the group, with the ability to generate and manipulate energy coupled with what is assumed to be hyper intelligence. When they were younger he personally and painfully taught Tral how combustion engines work as well as various other devices making his friend memorize each so that he would be able to use his power to create them allowing the group to escape the military control. When they tried to test his IQ at the military facilities, he beat the record completion time while also grading the questions on their ability to accurately evaluate people's intelligence. Arc is a total Java junky with some form of caffeinated beverage in his hand at every waking moment.

The final member of this group, Darick Cross is a stubborn yet friendly barrel of a man who has yet to feel pain due largely to being unbreakable. He likes long walks with strong drinks and nice people. A simple guy who is a genuinely decent person.