Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms

Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms


Fantasy Romance



"At some point in my life, you became my source of strength.
But right now you are not beside me.
The things I wish to accomplish
The things we dreamed of when you took hold of my hand that day.
Even without you, I will..."

Queen Lyn is facing the biggest crises she has ever faced since ascending the throne. Her most trusted friend Queen J, the Queen of the land of snow has marched her armies to her land. Will she be able to protect her Kingdom, the kingdom of mist and still keep  her friendship? 3 years ago, when they last met. It was during a large scale battle, the last words you said to her were, " Trust me. I will fix this. I will protect you." 

Even with the end of the battle, the two friends have not reunited again. In the present day, Queen Lyn must face the facts that her dear friend wishes to wager war, and her kingdom is already suffering signs of famine.

In the snow kingdom, rumours are flying around that their Queen has been possessed by a demon. The snow kingdoms advisors and people are lost on what to do while there is no food shortage or lack of jobs. Violence has increased and the citizens are afraid to leave their homes.

This is a test.

Another trial.

With the help of her knights, trusted friends and advisor. Queen Lyn must act. 

But what is a Queen without her King?

The person that has her back, is him. After 3 months of no contact, she concludes that he's vanished. Is the King of mist disappearance connected to the upcoming war?

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Status: c18 1 year ago
Reasons why you should read this story.
• Writing Quality, very good. While there are a few grammar mistakes and occasional typo's. The author fixes it up when you mention it. The writing flow is stable, so most of the time I don't see the mistakes

• Stability of updates, since this is the authors 2nd story, I understand why there's no update schedule. She still brings us at least 5-7 chapters a week.

• Story development and Character design, the plot is very interesting for me. While there's many fantasy/magical realism novels out there. This one is a lot different and does not bear any resemblance to them. The characters are well developed. They are being introduced slowly and the author is writing arcs for all the main cast, so we will get to know them all individually. From reading her previous story, I can give a huge thumbs up for character development.


3 months ago
I think the writing style is good and having read dream star I am curious at what can miss XOmatsumaeohana do with a magic realism setting.  I am pretty sure that those who start reading this will get hooked in it


Status: c22 1 year ago
I've read the authors previous work dream star, and now I'm fascinated to see what she can do with this type of setting. It's unlike her previous romance novel set in modern times; and yet she seems to grasp the romance concept better here. The update stability seems stable the last few days, while I have a few chapters to catch up on. I'm liking where the story is going so far. Keep up the good WOR.

Chapter 1: Character List



Mist Kingdom

Queen Lyn: The story's protagonist. With features of neither Asian nor English, but a unique combination of both. Skin as fair as snow. Described to have a strong personality, would firmly stand her ground against those who slander those around her. Does not hesitate to voice her opinions. People regard her as a symbol of both beauty and brains. Age 22 in the current time frame.

(First appearance Volume 1, C1)

Princess Shaarya: Mist Kingdom's princess and the Queen's younger sister. Age 19 in the current time frame.

Pupillam: Advisor, head aide. But also the Queen's personal knight/guard. It's not only her job to advise the Queen but to ensure her safety, appears often since she is frequently seen with the Queen.

(First appearance Volume 1, C1)

Arkwright: Head Knight

(First appearance Volume 1, C17)

Kristy: Head Mage

(First appearance Volume 1, C17)

Teo: General, because of his looks, people regard him as scary. (First appearance Volume 1, C3)

Miley: Female assassin, age 14. Found by Queen Lyn two years ago, at first she intended to raise the girl as a normal child. But the girls talents landed her the role of assassin. Known for her battle skills, people from other kingdoms refer to her as, the beautiful blade. (First appearance Volume 1, C1)


Wind Kingdom

King Allen: Queen Lyn, former fiance, and childhood friend.




Wind Kingdom

Carlo: King Allen's second Knight


Mist Kingdom

Xiao Lan - 4th Knight

Ashley - 5th Knight

Xiao Lina -

(First appearance Volume 1, C32)