The Saga of A Mage Family

The Saga of A Mage Family



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Sarah is a product of joint experiments between earth science and Iocyania magical technology. Previously, Sarah was just a monkey lab. Now that the evolution has been completed in a lab scale, Sarah has a physical body that is not much different from the magical girl in the city of Mage, except for her tail, which traces her origins. Because of this, she was allowed to roam in Iocyania, the planetary home of the mage.

Prof. Jack adopted Sarah as his daughter, along with other abandoned children they found. Teaching them mathematics, science, Earth modern pop culture, MMA and even Earth superstition.
While the Magus, Maestro Meyrlion Titan appointed Sarah and her brothers and sisters to be her main students. Teach them all the top-notch mage sciences in Iocyania.

Without Sarah and her family realizing, the era in Iocyania would undergo a drastic change. War on territorial struggle, hunting of natural resources and magefuel and global warming will be the toughest challenges for them to survive in Iocyania. 

Without them knowing it, a large hole had appeared in the Iocyania atmosphere, due to the use of forbidden magic sigils...

And the fire of the challenge was slowly targeting their residence in Mount Luwa, and the cities of the mages: Magetan and Magelang City...

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Status: c10 1 week ago
The beginning chapter was very good, but from there on I was confused about what was happening. The events sorta skipped around, and I’m not sure what’s up with Sarah’s situation.

Your writing at times is very good! I liked a lot of your phrasing, but in general it lacked consistency across all chapters. There’re a few typos, mostly formatting of punctuation, but they can be easily fixed with proofreading.

At this point, it’s too early to make out the characters. I haven’t yet gotten a feel on any of the characters’ personalities yet. So far, Meyrlion piques my interest the most.

Sarah has a tail! That’s pretty usual, so it’s a nice point of difference from other stories and their MCs.

In short, I can see the potential in this story and your style of writing, but for now, the jumpy plot and loose reader’s understanding of the characters and settings make it hard to follow the storyline. 

Good job so far though, keep it up! (:

Chapter 1:

#SEARN Facility, space and time laboratory room, Section C
A man in a laboratory suit laid in the cold lab floor. He was Doctor Jack Merrigan, a young scientist of SEARN. He was responsible for SEARN's research related to the Large Hadron Collider which mainly focuses on fluctuations in space and time. Jack, was a single man in his late 20s. His hair was messy black, with a thin body and normal height, like the average descendants of Asian - Caucasian people. He wore a gray hem with blue jeans and sport shoes.
SEARN itself is a research and technology organization that established under the union of Southeast Asian countries. It also manages the 31th LHC in the whole world, which located n the region of Southeast Asia. Unlike the other large hadron collider management organizations, SEARN is more closed and confidential. A right safe heaven for an antisocial person like Jack. It has been almost three years that Jack underwent the profession of scientists in the shade of SEARN.
The Large Hadron Collider or LHC is a very high-energy particle accelerator, the most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single engine in each region.
"Argh ..." a complaint came out of his mouth. His body tried to get up. His right hand reached for help to stand up. His left hand held the nape of the back of his head which was painful and stiff.
Jack finally managed to get up. His white uniform of the lab looks wrinkled. The large logo SEARN on the left chest of his uniform was almost completely covered by blood red spots. From the edge of the lips and nose there were a residual dry blood flow.
"WTF*ck," he cursed slowly. "If only I knew the side effects of doing self injection nano mahines which are still in beta ..," Jack staggered back. His hand searched for something on his desk. His eyes wandered, and suddenly stopped to look at a calendar on his lab table. 
A red circle written using a marker forced him to think deeply. February 6, 20xx ..., "F * ck", he cursed slowly. "I'm a day late running the P2 procedure for LHC ..."
In a hurry, Jack turned on his computer. An orange luminous virtual console appears before him. "Welcome, Doctor Jack. You have 3 important notifications, and 15 Alerts. Are you willing to read one by one?"
Suddenly Jack felt weak and cold, his whole body was shivering. 
"My God, no ... not now. Why does the side effect of self-injection appear at times like this?" Complained Jack. With all his strength Jack raised his hand and his index finger chose the "SKIP" button then "MENU" and "DELAYED". Shortly afterwards three list options appeared on the virtual screen "LHC-P2", "LHC-TC", "LHC-Quantum Gate".
Jack's eyes widened, "Why are there three? Isn't my responsibility just one? Only LHC P2" said Jack back in the monologue. With an awareness that began to fade, Jack tried his best to choose the menu that was his responsibility.
Right when the menu was pressed, his consciousness was completely gone. Jack's body lost his ability to support himself, and fell forward. And without Jack realizing it, his lost consciousness while randomly pressed all the menus on the LHC option.
Jack didn't know that. He has fainted. He was alone in the lab, since a few days ago. Only a lab monkey accompanied him in an iron cage in the corner of the room. And a 42 inch hanging TV that always lights up without ever getting the attention of its master.
This time the TV is broadcasting the news that has always been repeated since three days ago, "In the last day, some are 'significant' earthquakes along the Ring of Fire, anything above a magnitude 4.5 according to the US Geological Survey .
The Ring of Fire is the largest and most active line in the world, stretching from New Zealand, all around the east coast of Asia, over to Canada and the USA and all of the South American tips and causes more than 90 percent of the world's earthquakes.
"There are many others, including a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in the Indonesian island of ..."
Suddenly, alarms in all SEARN facilities rang simultaneously.

Riiing ... riiiiing... riiing ...
"Warning, Warning, LHC system overload. I repeat ... this is not a drill. I repeat..." 
Riiing ... riiiing... riiing ...
"I repeat... all staff are required to immediately carry out individual evacuation procedures ..."
All staff in the location immediately move according to the safety training that is routinely carried out. Everyone feels frantic despite trying as quietly as possible.
"GATHERING IN THE LOBBY LIFT AREA. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE LIFT! It is risky behavior if you still use the elevator during a fire, during an earthquake, or when the building has not declared the lift safe to use!" Shouted a warden floor commander through an emergency loudspeaker.
"PLEASE FOLLOW THE EMERGENCY RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS GUIDE !!" shouted the other officers in red and green vests with colored band-aid on their arm. "STAY IN THE LINE, AND FOLLOW EMERGENCY RESPONSE OFFICERS!"
Riiing ... riiiiing... riiing ...
But Jack didn't realize. He still lost his consciousness.
Riiing ... riiiing... riiing ...
Slowly but surely, the evacuation point is already full of many staff gathered according to the procedure.
Another alarm with a different tone sounded very loud as if trying to break the previous alarm sound, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ....."
"Warning, an earthquake detected ...."
"What? Why didn't the meteorologist notify us beforehand?"
All staff at the evacuation point turned pale.
They didn't have time to think otherwise, the big shock had hit mercilessly. The entire foundation of the SEARN Facility moves like a collapse.
This time a tremendous panic struck.
But without them knowing it, far below the earth, under the foundations of SEARN, a black hole emerged as a result of the LHC is overlapping in carrying out its programs. Quickly, the black hole swallows everything raw, mercilessly all section C is immersed in nothingness.
This time those who had gathered at the evacuation point survived the black hole tantrum. A moment later, everything calmed down as if nothing had happened.
Suddenly, the alarm sounded again. This time with a different tone of voice.
Staff who gathered spontaneously returned with pale faces. They all realized that this time was a tsunami attack taht would beat this entire facility.
# Mount Luwa, Light Peak, Meyrlion's Research Facility, Private Assets of Titan Family, Vadjya Island, Niuceuantaracia archipelago, Southern part of Mysticias Continent, Iocyania Planet, Mage year 213 AD
At the same time as the incident on Earth, far away, in another place, a middle-aged man with a handsome face with long white hair and a long white beard laughed so loose like a maniac . The shirt he wore was a white robe with a blue hood that was left loose. Six meters above his head, a series of floating magic circles in the sky as wide as a football field. The series of magic circles had intricate but the beautiful patterns of magic sigil seen in rows emitting colorful rays decorating the sky. The magic power pressure felt so big.
The land and mountains seemed to be in an earthquake, the sky was suddenly dark with clouds rolling. Raindrops start to fall and the lightning strikes, like a dozens of magical power poles that support the sky.
His robe, hair and beard fluttered with the strong wind coming out of the magic circle. The man's eyes changed to look like a beam of white spotlights. And so do his mouth, ears and nose. His mouth widened in silly laughter.
"Mwahahahahhahaha .... thirty years of repeating the same experiment. Now, all my work and sacrifice paid off. I am the number one mage in the world. I am Meyrlion Titan. Watch me, O, all the worlds, with this I take the maestro's title as mine. Mwahahahahaahhahaha ... submit to me and show your absolute agreement ... Mwahahahaha "
Then the man who claimed to be Meyrlion took a knife from behind his robe. While laughing maniacally, he scraped his arm until the blood dripped then soaked the ground below. The wound closes itself with a speed that can be seen with the naked eyes.
Under his feet, a dark circle suddenly appeared that looked more like a hole. The longer it grows, the wider the circle above. Slowly but surely, the black hole rose to the sky, just above the person's head.
"Mwahahahahahahaha ... O other gates of the world, accept me as your master. Obey my will. Open the secret that you hid behind your black hole ... Mwahahahahhahaaa ..."
Suddenly, the pressure around him rose dramatically. A quarter of the Meyrlion's foot went into the ground. But he still laughed.
A moment later his laugh stopped, because the pressure coming from above was now changing direction. The black hole suck it in. The pull was so awesome like the eyes of a storm, that large rocks, soil and trees were carried along.
His face became gloomy and wry. "Damn, unstable ..." With grimm face he try to cracking his brain to find the way out and survive. His long goat hair and beards began to be sucked, one by one until he looked half bald. His robe  and underwear began to be torn to near-naked.
Now his chin starts to lift up, while his legs are still trying to survive on the ground. His laugh had long stopped. Merylion understands, now the situation is very complicated. 
Looks like, It's still not the right time for him to challenge the nature. Cold sweat began to spread throughout his body. Hi is mentally down and almost desperate.
Suddenly, the power of the straw stopped. Meyrlion had not had time to respond to the change, a metal plate the size of a gate fell from a hole and hit his chin.
The chin is one of the weak points of humans. A blow to the chin can cause paralysis, a mild concussion, and fainting. Furthermore, the jawbone will act as a lever that can drain the force of the blow to the back of the brain where the mechanism of the heart and breathing is controlled.
Merylion fell and fainted instantly. Similar to a fighter who just received an heavy uppercut until K.O. All of his magic control to nature stopped. And nature is normal again. He feels that all of his bone are broken. "Damn it !"
For a moment, before falling unconscious, Meyrlion could see very huge black shadows above the ground that manifested into something that he had never seen before. It's spread as big as his magical circle before. Some unknown buildings!

# Same location, Meyrlion's Research Facility, Private Assets of Titan Family, four hours later

Jack wakes up. Apparently he was lying on the ground. His clothes are torn. But his body feels fresh. At a glance, his eyes stared at the strange writing under his eyes,

 [system @ localhost] # show last messages
 [system @ localhost] # echo: recovery complete. Time elapses 56: 49: 231 min: sec: milisec. end 

Jack was confused, he dont know whether he had to cry or laugh. 

The display status appears inside his eyes or perhaps his brain which controlling the visual perception. It was a mini display with a dark background and bright green letters. He is familiar with that style which is similar to command line console on UNIX screens. It seems like this is done by nano. Inwardly he complained, "beta version ...," although he was also relieved, survived the death due to malpractice in using the nano machine.

But the next information widened him.

 [system @ localhost] # show external environment
 [system @ localhost] # echo: error 504. Comparable data not found. end
 [system @ localhost] # ping searn
 [system @ localhost] # echo: request time out. end
 [system @ localhost] # ping south-east-asia
 [system @ localhost] # echo: request time out. end
 [system @ localhost] # show earth location
 [system @ localhost] # echo: error. most possible answer: you are not on earth. end

Jack just laughed resignedly, "You must be kidding me ..." He feels like exist in a horror or thriller movie with the survival story.

Slowly he rose. And immediately he was stunned to see the messy room. Feels like it was raid by a storm. "What is this ?" . No electricity , the power was gone, as well as the SEARN central computer. "What's wrong ? What's happened"

In the corner of the room he found his lab monkey injured, dying almost dead. He quickly took out the animal and held it in both of his hands. For a moment, a crazy idea emerged in his mind, what if the alpha version of the nano machine was injected into the monkey? This version only has a standard recovery feature. Why not try it? This is a good opportunity.

Jack took a nano machine injection device in a steel safe box in corner of the room. The entire contents was messy too. This gave Jack a thought, as if the entire lab facility had been hit by a big earthquake while he was unconscious. Fortunately the injection device is safe, unscathed. Jack took two sets and put them in his remaining pocket.

The glare of sunlight bursts in through the cracked walls and roof. Jack opened a window near the monkey cage, and was surprised to see different environment conditions. The sky is a little cyan, the sun feels hotter, and the late moon is still hanging at the afternoon sky... there are two!

In his brain, Jack remember his nano system' messages again: you are not on earth. "Damn .." he complained, he massaged his forehead. "How can this be ? So weird ?"

Annoyed, Jack tried to look arround at the surroundings. At the end of his vision appears a figure covered in blood lying helpless.

And the nano system again blabbered with its writing.

[system @ localhost] # show external object
[system @ localhost] # echo: normal human. status: near death. recovery: possible. end


# Same location, Jack's Research Facility, Private Assets of Titan Family, five hours later

Two bodies lying helpless. Jack puts the wounded one in his bed. He even create small bed and placed it in the cage, for the monkey. This monkey is now asleep after receiving nano machines injection. It seems like the body is undergoing a recovery process.

While for human victims, Jack performed nano machines modification procedures first. This forced Jack to do with a lot of consideration.

"I think, I couldn't help but to approve my nano machines's assessment. Most likely this is not Earth. And it is very likely that humans here will have different cultures, including languages. This will be a big problem later. Maybe it will be good if I inject the English module into this person's nano machines... So I can gather more valuable information.. perhaps", Jack thought.

The nano system in Jack's body seems to respond to the thoughts of it's host.

[system @ localhost] # show language library | find english
[system @ localhost] # echo: english module lib available. status: GPL. transfer: possible. end

Jack smiled happily. Then a silly idea appeared in his brain. Deliberately Jack pressed his palm to the victim's head. "Start the transfer process ...," he whispered.

[system @ localhost] # starting transfer sequence
[system @ localhost] # found another host with prior version
[system @ localhost] # executing pair process
[system @ localhost] # executing transfer command

Jack smiled with relief. "Thus I can still communicate with him in English, while learning local languages in this world. My target is, in a month I must be able to mastery the language of local people here, "he said while monologue.

[system @ localhost] # done transfer. end

This time Jack whispers, "speed up the recovery process and default English settings. auto translate language on. disable internal display. disable internal console "

                                                                    - ~ o0o ~ -

# Same location, Jack's Research Facility, Private Assets of Titan Family, four weeks later 

"Brother Meyr, when will you start teaching me Vadjya language?" Jack asked.

"Hey, Jack, what are you going to do with the beast?" Meyrlion's voice, spoke in English. He deliberately ignored Jack's request.

Meyrlion looks much younger than before. His hair has grown, but it is not left unraveled. Undercut knot-bun style has dominated his hairstyle. He wears borrowed Jack's shirt and pants.

"Well, this animal is called a monkey, Brother Meyr. She was my experimental object. But it seems that now she is the only friend of mine who came from the same village ... So I gave her  name, Sarah.

Merylion is busy paying attention to the behavior of the monkey. "Last night I managed to find the engineering mechanism of space and time, with my magic of course"

Prang ...

Jack was surprised. The item that Jack holding was fell. 


"Yeah, I borrowed energy that almost killed me yesterday. Just a little bit is enough. This time is enough to cover an area of someone's grave. Hahaha ... I can't be too greedy ... "

"How about doing it, Brother Meyr?"

"Yes, I can slow down time in certain locations. The comparison can be 1 hour versus 1 year. For example, I put the magic sigil in an area overgrown with viyez seeds - or you call it rice - in 1 hour you can harvest three times ... ", said Meyrlion proudly." With a little extra magic power, I was able to accelerate the ratio to 1 second, equivalent to a thousand year ... this is still my only estimate, hahaha ... and I can only do it in the Mount Luwa area, because it actually utilizes the emission of environmental magic around ... "

Jack smiled happily. His scientist's instinct is disturbed. "Are you interested in trying Darwin's theory of evolution with your new sigil?"

"The theory of evolution? Do you mean ", This time it was Merylion who felt disturbed by his curiosity.

"Darwin said, human earth was an evolution from ancient apes, for millions of years evolved to finally reach humans like today."
Meyrlion stood up excitedly. "How do we do it ... the experimental theory of evolution ?"

Jack laughed. His right index finger leads to the monkey lab which is roaming cheerfully in her cage without any bad feeling.

"The primates on Earth took around 10 million years to evolve before reaching the stage of modern humans. I myself do not believe this theory will succeed without certain engineering, ... hahaha ... Of course this time the experiment we are doing is a guided evolutionary process on a single object. Without involving the process of procreation. Rely on magic space and time engineering and manipulation and with nano machines. This is a join project between the science of the earth and Iocyania magic. "

"Very challenging ..." said the Meyrlion while putting on a waistband. "Let's start right away ... while you are processing, please explain to me what evolution is, and what is nano machines ..."

                                                                  - ~ o0o ~ -

# Same location, Jack's Research Facility, Private Assets of Titan Family, eight weeks later

After almost thousands of times corrected relentless failures in the same experiment, and spent thousands of cloning monkeys, they arrived at one point of success. A semi human that is very similar to a human is seen sleeping in an experimental glass tube. She is very humanly, except for his remaining tail. Inside the body contains Jack and Meyrlion, thousands of dozen nano machines and hundreds of magical sigil . 

At Meyrlion's careful consideration, Meyrlion 'programmed' a mage's talent to the engineering object. Meyrlion also intentionally included several sigil water mages stored in the new creature. As for gender, it is still original, the legacy of his time is still a monkey.

Excited, Jack and Meyrlion opened the lid of the tube. Jack had long wanted to use the line of words he'd copied from his favorite game :

"Revive, O my child, O Sarah Merrigan ..."