Monster Integration

Monster Integration

AnWan | Fantasy


In the world where Humans and Monster's form a bond and fight together, the world where both Evolve together to get stronger. Walk with Micheal as he starts his adventures with his Silver Sparrow, overcomes countless obstacle and adversaries to fulfill his greatest Dreams. The initial and new chapters getting edited everyday. Release Rate: 14 Ch/Week+ The cover is not mine. I couldn't track down the original creator but if the creator is out there, message me if you want me to take it down or give credit

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Glossary

Evolution Stages

# Knight (Each stage divided into three levels)

1 Private Stage

2 Specialist Stage

3 Corporal

4 Sergeant Stage

5 Master Sergeant Stage

6 Lieutenant Stage

7 Captain Stage

8 Major Stage

9 Colonel Stage

10 Brigadier Stage

11 General Stage

12 Marshall Stage

# Lord

# Duke





Strain -

Normally referred to higher stage Ancestor's bloodline. Class 1 strain is referred to Private Stage is the lowest Bloodline strain while highest is..….….


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