"The beast needs to kill to live a longer life...there's no way to break the curse." Li Wei came from another world where magic is still greatly used...One day, they stumbled upon a black portal which leads to another world. Just like that, her life there is just beginning. She was taught by the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen wanted her to be cold and merciless. And what her training mold her became very apparent in the eyes of the people. In their eyes, she was a rampaging beast. A person who has no control over her self. A beauty who killed like a beast. When it comes to her enemies, she had no mercy. Even as a kid and as of now that she became an adult, white roses were her favorite flower. And every time she made her move... That roses will be tainted with red. But...she was just a piece of trash in the eyes of the Queen and a beast that deserves to be cage. Embarking this cultivators' world to grow stronger and planning to return to her own world, and defeat the evil queen. Meeting people and gaining friends. Another purpose has started to emerge from her heart. (Disclaimer: I did not own the photo that I used in this cover. All credits belong to the rightful owner. I only added a little bit of font for my novel title) PS: Please read further to the latest chapters so you can know who she really is and who's the real ML! PSS: Randomly Uploaded Tags: Fantasy, Martial Arts, Historical, Magic, Drama

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

"White Rose." The man muttered under his breath, staring at the black masked girl in front of him. Her red eyes penetrating. No trace of emotion can be seen. It was only that pair of chillingly cold eyes that revealed killing intent. Fear crept to his very bones as his blood turned cold.

"Who sent you?"

"Who sent me? No one. There's only one thing I want. And that is your life."

"Do you want money? I can give any prize. Just name it." The man had no choice but to bring up money. But the woman was unmoved causing him to sweat even more. His lower half wanted to pee from fear but he stops himself.

"Money?" The woman laughed. Her laughed sent chills in his spine. She kept playing at the white rose in her hand.

"I have more than you have." She said. Looking at him evilly.

"Then why are you here...to kill me?"

" 'Cause this is fate. King Yama wants to meet you."

Before the man could even react. A white rose suddenly flew towards him, slitting his throat. His body falls heavily on the ground. Even in his death. His eyes reflected her figure.

Looking at the dead body below her. She revealed a smirk as he kicks his body on the side. The rose falls down in the dead man's pool of blood. Still, her smirk never faltered.

She looked up to see the moon shining brightly. The same moon who had witnessed her countless killings.

With a flick of her cloak, it fluttered as it hits the night breeze.

Morning has come. Many people surrounded an alley. They saw a dead man lying on the ground. Girls scream while parents covered their children's eyes.

Another one has died...

With the same assassin...called White Rose.

This is the tenth man. Just like the others, he was one of the officials.

"General, what are we going to do? The killings had increased again. The meaning of these killings is greatly visible. White Rose is making an enemy of the Emperor." A man stated to the handsome general. His serious face had a look of being troubled.

"We don't have any clue about the assassin besides the white rose."

"General, if we don't catch the assassin. I'm afraid there would be more killings in the future."

"Don't worry. We will catch the assassin." He said reassuring his people

He walks down through the street. Looking for any other clues but find none. What a clean murder. He or she didn't even leave another trace. The person in the murder has no signs on retaliating.

"General, the Emperor is calling for you." One of his men said anxiously. They know why the general was called by the emperor.

"I will go now. Report to me if you have any clues."

"Yes, General."

The General walks in the Imperial Hall. He saw the Emperor waiting for him sitting in his throne.

"Greetings to the Emperor, may your majesty live for thousands and thousands of years." He said kneeling.

"You may rise. General Ge, I heard you still haven't found the assassin." The Emperor said in a grave tone.

"Replying to the Emperor. The assassin is very meticulous. He left no clues behind except the tainted white roses every night."

"Roses that are white were tainted red as the assassin killed without mercy. Hmm...for ten consecutive days. This person killed some middle-rank officials." The Emperor said, thinking to himself. As he pondered. He asked;

"Are the white roses were used as a weapon?"

"Yes, your majesty. That is the only weapon used by the killer."

"Very interesting. Send your men in every corner of the city. When dark comes I hope White Rose shows up. And when he did. Capture him."

"This subject will obey." General Ge once again bows to the Emperor, and with a flick of the emperor's red brocade robe, the general exit the Imperial Hall.

Phoenix-like eyes followed the figure of the general. Mirth was visible in his deep black eyes. A leaf falls from his hand while sitting from atop the tree. He smiled as he muttered three words.

"White Rose, huh?"

'Such an interesting person here in the lower land does really exist?'

"Prince. There you are! I've been looking for you."

The Prince looked down at the man who's calling him. It was Wang Yu, his friend here in this kingdom. You can say that he's a great friend and a great a doctor. People like him were greatly treasured by people.

"Why are you looking for me?" He asked. His tone flat.

"I heard White Rose killed someone yesterday again."

"I already heard about it. Any other news?" The Prince was really bored. It's been 10 days since he kept hearing the same name 'White Rose'

"Aren't you curious about the person?"

"Everyone is curious." He answered, jumping down the tree, landing on the ground beautifully.

The other man opens his fan and smiled. Seemingly having a piece of interesting news to say.

"What is it? Spill."

"Someone saw White Rose that night. She is is a woman." After hearing what he said the Prince looked at the man with furrowed brows. So what if White Rose is a woman? What is he implying? I have no interest in White Rose gender.


"Come on! This is pretty interesting! I wonder what she looked like!" Wang Yu closed his fan and put both of his hand on the Prince's shoulder and said with a serious face.

"Let's find the beauty."

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