Dimension Breakdown

Dimension Breakdown


Magical Realism



When dimensions collide, fuse and shatter. No rule exists

The universes are mixed, the different realities, connected...what is real? what is imaginary? 

that's the question that will haunt down all survivors of this journey.

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Chapter 1: First Anomaly: The Stone Cube

Time doesn't move when the days start to be insignificant.

My parents never cared about me, and neither did I cared about them, they did the best to grow me, with exception of giving me love and care "How is to be loved?" I would ask myself everyday.

In school, people didn't talk with me much, I was always distant from them, "Hey Icarus, can you help me in 'X' question?" that was the only thing I hear from them.

"Well, one day I will find those who are like me." I whispered to myself while reading a book in the school's library.

I lived into a small city of Canada, the extensive forest around it making anyone feel that it was in the middle of nowhere.

My parents came here from Brazil because of debts with bad people, or so they say as no one with debts would be able to form a family in Canada, but I ignored such thing for the sake of the family.

Eventually I discovered they were involved in a massive robbery, and they escaped here to wait until "the waters get calm"

I felt shame, and after that I could only see selfishness and greed on them, I could only see fake their smiles...that I was just to show to the rest of the world.

That we were just a family.

It was already evening when I got out of school,remembering the tasty lunch I had eaten I got slightly more happy.

the day was extremely cold with a soft mist as I calmly walked my way towards home

"The only home that exists in this world, is the place when we can be happy being ourselves." I repeat my teacher's words, trying to bury my loneliness deep into my heart.

The walk to home was calm, I always took an trail that passed through the forest as it always made me calmer and more at peace.

Sometimes I would just stop and sit on a rock or maybe a tree trunk and start reading a book, and only return at home when it was already night.

I saw a square shaped stone, extremely smooth like nature itself carved it, the gray color similar to concrete.

"Interesting" I extended my hand to grab it, a relaxing coldness radiating from it.

"whoosh" but it was like touching empty air, I felt my vision blur for a second, before the scenery changed.

The trail was gone, the forest was gone. I blinked a few times but the only thing I could see was a gray wall that looked infinite.

"What the hell?" I stopped a few centimeters in front of it, and after seeing that was made of pure stone, I feel my heart beat faster and great fear fill my heart, I looked to the ground again, only to see that I was walking into stone, I pinched myself but the pain only made me more fearful.

What just happened? I teleported?? Or just got insane? I touched the wall, it was ice-cold, and soon my face was devoid of blood...

"Where in hell am I?" I walked in parallel with the wall, only to notice it was colossal, even after an hour walking nothing changed.

I was getting a feeling of discomfort was starting to form inside me, like the one when a creepy guy looks at you from the tip of the toe to the top of the head.

I took my phone to see the time, it was 5:34 P.M. "The supposed teleportation took ten minutes" I said to myself as I started to eat my 'forest food' which basically were fruits and grains that I used to take to school so if I decided to stay at the forest I wouldn't feel too hungry.

I continue to walk aimlessly, slowly eating the food and drinking my bottle of water...but nothing changed.

The food supply was eaten, and I was running low in water too. "this can't continue" I stopped my tries of finding an exit and turned to the mist.

Fear started to bloom as I entered it...I couldn't hear nothing, neither could I see nothing more than 1 meter away from me, and it continue this way...

"What is this place...why I'm here?" I tried multiple times to sleep but a feeling of danger wouldn't let me, it was already 11:00 P.M in accordance to my phone, a feeling of someone just besides me watching close with lustful eyes.

I didn't even tried to call someone in the phone, as there was no signal "Kinda obvious I presume, how the signal would get here?"

Screaming for help was an option, but the feeling was very strong with mere whispering, I dare not to increase my tone, also...stopping for a single moment would make me feel like fangs where just besides my neck, so even in extreme pain and exaustion...I would at least drag my feet fowards.

But my body was on a breaking point.

A thousand needles inside my head, my throat dry, my belly burning...my muscles spasming after walking way too long.

In that moment I heard a soft singing from afar, it was too quiet..but I understood everything in it.

" Insanity is/a deadly kiss/brings to abyss/the unreal bliss"

Just after a few seconds that I noticed that I was talking to myself...mumbling

The mist slowly danced, sometimes looking distant, sometimes only a palm from me, sometimes spinning, sometimes deadly still.

I continued to walk into the mist, more and more my body denying to respond me but being forced to act and continue to get exhausted, I couldn't stop anymore, even when I tried.

Suddenly; the world turned black to me

"I can't see, I CAN'T SEE!" I tried to look to my hand...but couldn't see nothing, and the feeling of being watched was soo strong that I was slowly stopping to breathe!

The pain got unbearable, to the point I couldn't even think straight anymore...seconds were minutes, or minutes were seconds...I couldn't notice the difference.

Then felt a pleasure that beyond imagination, like my whole body being socked in warm water and all my being estimulated to the maximum, I instantly stopped to move and fell in the ground...

After that, I felt a sharp feeling of having in my head.

As soon as it started; It ended.