A love story of a Almighty CEO famous for his arrogance who was once a famous playboy !! Yesss the famous playboy is now a arrogant but almighty CEO the careless boy of past has become a mature man who is the dream guy of every girl. ? Butttt he is now chained by his wife YESSS you read it right he is chained , the almighty , arrogant , dream guy of many girls is now chained by his wife and is not at all able to be released ? (●_●)^^ So what is the reason that the almighty CEO of S country is chained and is not able to free him self ?? He is handsome !! He doesn't owe anything to anyone and can protect his love ones !! He is not at all a person whom one can offend but he is nothing in front of his wife !! ~Story of transformation from a *Playboy to Arrogant CEO to Chained Husband* ~ So to know the reasons we need to read the novels further!!? A novel full of love and mystery with full of sweetness and purity ! ? #AlmightyCEO? #Playboytoloyal? #luvhisdaughter? #ChainedHusband?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Almighty CEO IS A CHAINED HUSBAND

Can someone really change this much ??

He was asking himself while looking through the window of a hospital room … Yes!! Love and time can change oneself entirely and he is the proof of that. Who could guess that this chained husband and loving father of a baby girl was once a known playboy and a careless person who never considered anybody's emotion and just think that he can  buy everything with money .….

Yes he had changed himself from that cold blooded egoist careless boy to a loving , caring and a passionate man who can be an idle choice for every girl's dream for her husband. Now, he as a father is able to give his daughter a heartwarming feeling of home by his presence … yes the person who once doesn't know the feeling of a home now is someone's home .

Yesss !!! He is different from the himself he once was but even when he is chained by his wife, he is happy to be chained as long as he have his daughter on his side . Yes, for the sake of his daughter he agreed to every restriction his wife imposed on him and even sign the contract while having lots of disadvantageous and rude conditions that can hurt any man's pride and ego . He agreed on everything even after having the title of most egoistic and arrogant CEO !!

YES you read it right, he is the most arrogant CEO of the country who has this title for last three years ; the Great CEO of almighty Vanya Enterprises , the best company in the country that everyone dreams of joining but cannot, beacuse of its strict rules. And even when almost all the single girls wants to join this company for the purpose of having a chance to be close to the CEO and gain benefits. Some are not capable while others don't have the guts to do so because the great CEO of Vanya Enterprises is famous for his arrogance and ruthlessness, for those who dared to offend him or even have fallen on his bad side by mistake . None is able to escape from him without being destroyed , so no one in the S country dared to offend him .

Who can ever even imagine that the famous arrogant and ruthless CEO is nothing in front of his wife !!

Let me tell you readers , actually his wife is not a Hitler or a villain. It's just that she is the only one whom the great CEO doesn't dare to offend. Not because she will divorce him , harm him or, his company is economically depended on his in-laws. In fact, there is no such reason which can make him surrender ….


Sooo , what is the exact reason that the most arrogant and ruthless almighty CEO doesn't dare to offend his wife ? Why, and how he is chained by his wife and why he is at hospital right now; and what about his family ? How did he become a mature and almighty CEO from a careless playboy?

…. We will find the answers in next chapters, until then take care everyone !!

[◆The story of transformation of a careless playboy to an Almighty CEO and then to a chained husband!!]

*-* Thanks for reading this novel . I will definitely try my best to write a story that won't disappoint uh all but for this, I need ur support also, as English is not my first language. Pls neglect the mistakes if there is any.

This is my first ever novel so I am quite happy and nervous ^-^ looking forward to hearing your feedbacks !! For more stay tuned guys !!

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