The Girl With Scars

The Girl With Scars


Magical Realism



Yi Lan is a simple and sweet seventeen year old girl.
Or so she wishes. 
She's the exact definition of crazy. 

Yi Meng is a beautiful and smart seventeen year old girl. 
Only problem is, she had a playboy prince as her fiance. 

What do you think happens when Yi Lan and Yi Meng swap bodies? It's certainly not going to be easy, that's for sure. 

Read more to find out.

Oh,and did I mention they lived in two different worlds?!

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Status: c33 1 year ago
Sorry my review is late. I have no excuse. I'm slack. I'm glad I was. I've seen this story grow to become a magnificent beast. Still more to come. You want action? You got! Top quality writing and grammar? It's in the bag. Solid characters you'll love, dislike, adore or want to throw a knife at? You got it. It's all here and more. Why this story isn't featured? It needs glory!!
I give 5 star glory it deserves. Keep it up. 


Status: c33 1 year ago
Well, story written by mu lil sister so ofcourse I would like it and I hope you do as well *glares*. But joking aside, I was pretty intrigued by its title and its cover and decided to read it.

I don't want to put in a long analysed review so I will say that its pretty good novel with good writing pattern, alteast readable and easily imaginable.


Status: c2 1 year ago
Action, drama, slapping face, fanatic lovers yup everything is here to make you throw in complex relationships.

Female characters are all brave and unstoppable. Male characters are all hot and nobody can leave after contact.

This story full of explosions between feelings.

Go and read it. You'll understand.

Chapter 1: I'm not crazy, I'm just me

Earth, 2018 A.D.

Inside of a beautiful park surrounded by trees and flowers, a pretty teenage girl is sleeping peacefully.

Her long and silky white blonde hair draped around her head and shoulders messily. Pale pink lips stood out against her incredibly soft pale skin. Her eyes were closed, but it could be seen that she was having a pleasant dream as her long eyelashes that curled up were twitching ever so slightly.

This scene was totally serene, until an angry shout was suddenly heard, "Yi Lan!! You little brat. Where did you run off to in the middle of the night?! Just you wait till I catch you."

The said little brat Yi Lan had been peacefully sleeping on a tree branch. Hearing the shout, she was startled awake, only to fall down from the branch with a 'thud' . She groans as her body hits the ground hard. Rubbing her sore derriere, she stands up slowly.

"Who's making so much noise in the morning? Can't you see I'm trying to get a bit of sleep here!" yells Yi Lan indignantly.

A few seconds later, Yi Lan found herself face to face with the obvious culprit! It was a girl with long white blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She resembled Yi Lan a lot. With one pale hand, she yanks Yi Lan'sear aggressively, before berating her in a stern voice, "You brat! First you run away without telling anyone, and that too after creating such a huge ruckus! Seriously what am I going to do about you?!"

Yi Lan shrieked in pain and swat away her older sister's hand, "Sis, stop! It's just that a fool got ahead of himself and made me angry. It's not that big of a deal, right? "

Yi Lan's sister looked at her in disbelief, "You say, 'Not a big deal'? 'Not a big deal' that you got so angry that you broke four bones in his body? 'Not a big deal' that you dislocated his shoulder? How is this not a big deal?!"

Yi Lan pouts like a small child saying, "Not my fault he was dumb! He should have known better than to play with me like that..."

"You!" her sister lets out an exasperated breath of air, and realized she was getting nowhere. She committed to surrendering for now, "Let's go home first. We'll talk there."

Both girls walked back to their home, a small but cosy building not too far away.

Yi Lan's sister, Yi Mei, opened the door with her key and pushed Yi Lan in. After making Yi Lan sit on the couch, Yi Mei goes and prepares some hot soup to for them to drink.

"You're back?" a slightly husky voice is heard from the back of the room. A dark haired male, with bright green eyes came into sight. Even his just-woken-up-from-bed look could have made many girls drool at the sight of him. He wore a button up shirt, open at the top, showing his firm muscles. With a slightly tanned skin and his bow shaped lips, this man caused hundreds of nosebleeds.

The man walked to Yi Lan's side and ruffled her hair fondly. Yi Lan bats his arm away, annoyed, "Why are you still awake, big brother?" Yi Lan asked the handsome male.

Yi Mei quietly laid down the soup in front of them, and Yi Lan almost immediately slurped down the hot liquid.

Meanwhile the man referred to as 'Big Brother' yawns as he replies, "Your big brother was waiting for you to come home."

This man was none other than Yi Lan's elder brother Kai!

Kai sat on the couch beside Yi Lan and stretched his legs lazily, before continuing,

"Now tell me, what did you do this time?"

Yi Lan frowns as she tugs her hair, "I didn't do anything. That brat Mu Ning confessed to me today. At first, I simply rejected him politely."

"Politely?" Kai raises a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Yi Lan grumbled unintelligibly, before responding, "Okay, maybe I was a bit rude. I mean, but c'mon,who would date such a loser?! He even had the nerve to threaten me, saying that he would ruin me if I didn't date him! Obviously, I got angry. You know the result, someone's in a hospital."

A satisfied look was painted across Yi Lan's pretty face.

Meanwhile, Kai clicked his tongue in discontent.

"What?! I don't regret it," Yi Lan said indignantly.

"You should have made him suffer more. Maybe disfigured his face or chopped up his fingers," Kai gnashed his teeth and spoke sinisterly.

Yi Lan burst out laughing, almost snorting soup through her nose, "Big brother is even badder than me."

"That's right. Your big brother, I, am definitely badder than you. I'll certainly go to check on this Mu boy. He dares to threaten my sister? I'll show him the meaning of the word 'ruin'," Kai said before muttering the last part under his breath.

Seeing this, Yi Mei could only sigh in despair. This pair of siblings were simply hopeless, what could she do?

"Yi Lan, in spite of all that, you didn't have to run from home, you know. We are your family. We won't throw you out for such a small reason," said Yi Mei fondly. It could be seen she was very doting towards this little sister of hers.

"Sis!" said Yi Lan while smiling brightly. Inwardly, she was shocked! Was it always so easy?

"I'll just put you on house duty for a year, along with sending you to leadership camp. Your phone will be confiscated, you won't be allowed to meet with Kira, and you will stay away from the fridge for a month," the previously sweet tone of Yi Mei had now turned dark and evil, as a sadistic smile spread across her face.

Yi Lan could only cry in her heart in her despair. She knew this would be the case. She looked pleadingly at her older sister, who only smiled devilishly in return. Yi Lan looked at her brother with hope in her eyes, only to find him pretending to have not heard the conversation.

Yi Lan could only sulk, her cheeks puffing out, "I'm going to sleep."

She gulped down her soup in one go and rushed to her room, before slamming the door.

The other two gradually go back to sleep in their own rooms.


"Chirp chirp chirp chirp"

A pillow suddenly flew out the window, making the chirping birds fly away in terror.

"Stupid birds. Annoying me in the morning. Just wait till I wring your necks," grumbled a sleepy Yi Lan.

Grudgingly, she wakes up and gets ready for school. She put on jeans and searched for a top. Upon finding one, she sniffed it and then shrugged "This one's fine, doesn't smell too much."

With an apple in her hand and bread stuffed in mouth, she goes off to school. After arriving on campus,she finds her best friend Kira standing there lazily with sunlight shining on his brown hair. In this light he truly seemed more beautiful than before.

Yeah, her best friend was a boy named Kira.

So what? Both were best mates and truly belonged in the same league. The league of insane people.

Since they were both early to school, the two youths decided to go to their classroom to talk. Just as they were about to enter the class, they heard some noises from behind the door.

Kira looked at Yi Lan and nodded. She nodded back. In sync, they laid their ears against the door. The moans and screams of pleasure from a couple going at it was heard behind the door.

Yi Lan peeked in slowly, only to see the couple was none other the school's hottest boy, Mo Huo, and a teacher. Yi Lan's lips immediately spread into a wide smile. Kira impatiently pushed her to see the couple and his reaction was similar to her own.

Yi Lan reached for her phone, only to remember it had been confiscated. So, she motions Kira to give his phone to her. Kira quickly understood and gave it to her. Yi Lan immediately began shooting a video of the two being intimate.

After watching this scene for a few moments, the duo retreat when they hear the moans coming to an end. Outside, Kira licks his lips while asking, "So what do you plan to do?"

Yi Lan smirks, "Do you even have to ask?"

That day an anonymous person uploaded a video on the school's social networking website. This video was of the school's hottest boy and a teacher being intimate. The internet went nuts after the video dropped.

"Say, what did Mo Huo ever do to you?" asked Kira. He only recently met Yi Lan, so he didn't know everything about her.

"Oh, he did enough," a cold glint passes through Yi Lan's eyes, "I never liked him anyway. I loathe playboys like him."

"Oh?! I smell a broken heart here," says the cool Kira while sniffing around Yi Lan's neck sarcastically.

"Well, we'll talk about it to another day. Let's go, I wanna see Mo Huo's expression when he's expelled."

"You talk too much. C'mon," mutters Yi Lan, dragging Kira to class.

"You're crazy," laughed Kira.

"I'm not crazy, I'm just me. You aren't any less either."

As expected she wasn't disappointed by Mo Huo. His expressions while getting chewed out by the school staff were outstanding, and only made Yi Lan want to make him to suffer more so she could continue to see this face.

Yes, this was what she lived for. To crush those who had humiliated her beneath her feet until they no longer exist.

And that was what she would pursue.