My Life belongs to you

My Life belongs to you






Riya is a simple girl. She helps her father in his business and makes everyone happy with her work.

She chases many hurdles in her life and she was so tired of accepting it. She finally leaves for London to complete her masters.

One day she meets a gentleman. He helps her and understands Her. But gradually, she falls in love with him and also to shake off her depression and thinks to restart her life.Does life plans something else?

Ben, A gentleman whom Riya loved was a friend in her childhood but soon everything becomes blank with her.

Will, she ever discover the truth?
Will Riya's old life ever catch up with her?
And if does...will she accepts it again? FIND OUT.


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Status: c0 1 year ago
May be it's ur first attempt but u done it with the perfection and u achieved these appreciation from all over ! I know u worked hard fr these and ur capable of dng more!! All the best fr future writings


Status: c1 1 year ago
What should we do for a mass release? I really can't wait for tye next chapter. I really love this novel. Thank you author for translating this novel. 


Status: c5 1 year ago
Hi dear author! Your story is great. Though there are grammatical errors but it does not really affect the flow of the story. I suggest that you proofread your work and don't lose hope. Continue writing you're doing just great😊

Chapter 1: Father's Love

Riya sat in the garden along with her father Xen. She was telling her father that she wants to complete her Master's aboard.

Her father loves her more than anyone in the world. He doesn't want to send her away from him, as he couldn't see her daily.

While Riya was telling him about her education plans, she was interrupted by her mother.

"Let's send her abroad, it's really better for her future."

Listening to this Riya gave her a weak smile.


Her mother doesn't like Riya.

Of three of her children, she used to love her younger daughter Kim the most.

Though Riya and Sara loved their mother, she doesn't even care for them. When Kim was born her mother changed, and this affected Riya a lot.

Though her mother doesn't show her up, Riya never complained to her father against.

Kim is two years younger than her, still, she doesn't even respect her.


Her thoughts were interrupted by her father. "So, you really think it's better for her future?"

"Yes, of course, though I am not taking proper care of Riya, I am still concerned about her."

Riya knows very well that her mother wants to send her away from home.

"Mom, thank you for your concern and dad there's no need to worry about me, I will be fine."

After hearing Riya, he finally says yes. "Ok then, you will be staying at your grandmother's home and completing your education. Is that fine Riya?"

Listening to her father, Riya feels very happy and hugs him with overjoy.

Though Xen loved her unconditionally he feels very sad about her leaving to abroad. No one will take care of him as Riya does.

Seeing their joy, her mother's expression changes. But still, inside, she is satisfied that Riya would leave her home within a few days. Her mother immediately goes to Kim and informs her about Riya leaving. Listening to her mother words, Kim felt as if she was on cloud nine.

Both her mother and Kim starts laughing.

Riya on the other hand, informs Sara about her leaving. Sara feels really sad and will be lonely if Riya leaves abroad.

Though Riya doesn't like to leave Sara alone, she doesn't have a choice. Riya consoles Sara and kisses her on her forehead.

She then heads to her room where she saw there were messages from her best friend, Ruby.

"Hi, Riya. There is an exhibition held in the park at 4 pm. Don't forget."

After seeing this message Riya thinks about telling her about her trip when they meet each other.

She immediately texts her. "Will be waiting for you in the cafe, be on time." She then closes her phone and sleeps comfortably.