The Eternal Guardian

The Eternal Guardian





Foolish children.

You scheme, you plot, you steal, you murder.
You forget who is looking on from the shadows.
In your haste to get above each other, you forget your origins.


Ants will always go for sugar, not realizing there's a thumb waiting to squish them.


A person who was forcibly removed from his world in an accident. 

He gets relocated to another world in a time where the world era is still young, and everything is hostile to everything.

As a hermit, what will he encounter in this strange new world?


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1. Keeping wordcount between 1k to 2k mark. Might go over sometimes but I promise it won't be less. First chap doesn't count in this promise.

2.  Story proper starts at chap 2. Chap 1 is just part of worldbuilding.

3.  Do give feedbacks or comments. Especially typos or continuity issues.
Do note that I have already have a rough storyboard of the novel. As such the event and plot are pretty much set, but in rough form.
The feedbacks I'll be looking at are whether the language style I'm using is acceptable and understandable or not.

4. For the cover, I am currently collaborating with a friend. Please bear with the blank for a while as I don't want to just pickup any image from the Net. I have better expectations on my works.

P/S: All the tags here was initially tagged by me. They're there as warning for the direction I will take this story in. There will be other tags in future, but currently I'm not sure those tags fall in which category until I reach that point of story.

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Status: c1 7 months ago
Hi guys. Author here. 

Gonna be shameless and rate all 5 for me. Coz hey, If I don't have confidence in my own writing, why should you all have confidence in it? 

Anyway, cheers and enjoy the ride.


Status: c6 6 months ago
Guess i should do the review too coz my level of shamelessness is high XD. Btw, Aniki, congrats so much for your first novel ( though i already knew it before the release ). Sorry coz just writing this review until now. Do your best and anything just pm me. 


Status: c16 6 months ago
I dont know the frequency of the updates so ibgave it a 3, I think that having the MC teleported with a cool story instead of having the MC isekai'd by truck in the first paragraph is a good move, hope that the MC doesn't come up as a pussy, so far liked the story looking forwards to it

Chapter 1:

....And so The Lord Zuman has ever existed, yes, even preceding all recorded histories. The state of Vardoral benefited the most from his patronage. It was said that the founder of the nation was treated by him as an adopted son of whom he doted on a lot, even imparting knowledge way ahead of the times. It was The Lord Zuman whom taught us that 'Fire' is not something to be feared, that 'Fire' is tamable and is wieldable by us. He taught us how to wield 'Fire' to drive away the terrors of the Dark.

 The Lord Zuman was ever tolerant of all races. It was only in Vardoral that you can really see how all the species come together. Humans walk side by side with Therians, Celestials nodding their heads in greeting towards Demons, Elves haggling with Dwarves over merchandises. The Lord has an almost childlike obsession towards racial tolerance and universal unity. This obsession however doesn't stop The Lord from executing swift and cruel justice whenever there's someone unreasonably stepping out of line, regardless of race.

 The peasants and merchants have ever loved him, if only because The Lord promoted trade and prohibited needless oppression towards the peasants and serfs. The nobility fears him, as a wayward son fears a strict father with the bamboo sapling in hand. The royal family sees him as their Guardian and Protector, but they have learned the hard way before that injustice and cruelty will bring them his wrath nonetheless. 

  The only reason there is still a royal family is that The Lord has very fond memories of his protégé, The Ancient King Azuryn. It is said that on his deathbed, The Ancient King Azuryn pleaded to his Godfather (In more ways than one) to safeguard his line and descendant, and begged The Lord with his last breath to forever watch over his blood, to which our Lord kindly agreed. The royal family has, to their sorrow, learnt how The Lord, in his infinite mercy, can utilize cruelty and mercy together as a most effective form of punishment and deterrent...

[Short excerpt from the introduction of the ancient tome "Vardoral, The Rising Empire" by Historian Nechara Shan'Ra]


  Off all the most hated beings there is, The Unknown One, Zuman, ranks among the top, if not the topmost one. He has enforced his weak-minded views of xeno tolerance and universal unity in that abominable country of his, Vardoral. 

While propaganda in the country states of him as a kindly deity, it is obvious to us that such a kindly god does not exist. If he is so kind, why must he forcibly enforce such tolerance? A truly kind god would just stand aside and let nature takes it course. It is of the utmost cruelty to force species to tolerate each other. All the different species should be given equal chances to exterminate or enslave each other, as is right.

 The Unknown One is a confirmed immortal, or at least in the sense that he is unaging. Assassination attempts have gone unsuccessful and we have lost numerous young protégés at his hands, and not only so, we are unable to confirm if he is invincible as our young ones are always taken out by him in pre-emptive strikes. He owes our race their blood, as such young protégés were ever the hope of our race to shine and helm the leadership once they have grown.

 We will make him pay, and with him, that abominably naïve country of his. Our fallen bloodlines can accept no less...

[Excerpt taken from a war report of a nation hostile to Vardoral. Said nation does not exist any longer, and all records of said nation were purged in a bloody war. Report was believed to be authored by the Autarch of Ironblood Nation, one of the destroyed countries in the intermittent bloodshed that occurred in history. ]


 ...The Lord Zuman, has ever been an enigma. He shakes hands with merchants in one moment, says hi to lowly peasants after, nods in acknowledgement towards nobles in another. However, he has taken no direct hand in politics and governance, preferring instead to stay behind the scenes and give 'advice' to the royal family. Advice which can, and has, resulted in the extermination of whole families. Yet confusingly, such advices are also the foundation stone from which the Vardoral Empire has sprung.

 As much as we detest the filthy demons, it is truly astounding how this Lord has managed to ensure that those filthy beings toe the line in his country. Those filthy beings act like cute puppies in the Empire of Vardoral. They follow his laws, laughably lenient as they are, and adhere to his agreements, these new inventions of his called 'contracts'.

 However, we are the Chosen of Heaven. We are the Sons and Daughters of the Sky. We will have our due and woe unto those who would stand in our way. Yes, even the one known as The First Divine Zuman.....

[Excerpt from the diaries of Archein Abriel, First Among Equals of The Celestial Council]