The Madness Within

The Madness Within

LexieM3 | Magical Realism


Abigail is a Vampire who grew up in the human world. She has trained to hunt Vampires, so that she can take revenge for the death of her father and the destruction of her parents' cult. When her mother is killed, she is thrust into the Vampire world, where she must learn to control the immense power she has, while also learning about the ends and outs of the vampire world. She finds that her struggle is much harder than she could ever imagine when she has her Formation Ceremony and learns the path she must walk. As she struggles to control her increasingly unstable powers, she encounters a human boy, who she is immediately drawn to. He also seems to cause her powers to simmer down and become more manageable. Through will power, some hunting, and a human boy, will Abigail be able to follow her destiny, or will she be consumed by the Madness Within.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 4

I spent the rest of that day preparing for the Formation Ceremony. Since it was usually for 5 year olds, it was a simple enough ceremony. It was mostly a bunch of prayers, then I drink blood, have a vision of my future, and the High Priestess would assign me to become the apprentice of whomever shared my abilities, and could teach me to contribute to society. It closes out with more prayers.

Since tomorrow is my Ceremony, I had find out what I would wear for my Ceremony. Chamomile flitted around the house excitedly, as she prepared for our day out. She loved shopping and fashion. Though I was 13, she still insisted on bringing lunches and other supplies to our outings. "You never know!", she would say if I protested.

Despite her quirks, I did like Chamomile. I suppose you could describe her as the mother I wish I'd had, but I didn't feel as close to her as I felt I should.. When I finally told her about killing my mother, she didn't seem fazed.

"That woman was absolutely deplorable", she said and spat on the ground. "I know you lived a life of hell, so no one blames you for what you did. She was scum, and it was an end befitting her", she declared. To the people I killed, she said simply that I want in trouble for it, as I wasn't liable for my actions.

"But, I know you, and I know you're still going to be feeling guilty over it. So if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm right here", she assured me. I felt comforted by it, but I knew I deserved the guilt. I wouldn't allow myself to be comforted for it.

Chamomile yelled for me, once she finished packing and fussing. I sighed, but got up. I really didn't want to go. Clothes shopping wasn't really my thing, but Chamomile insisted I had to come. This wasn't an occasion where she could pick my clothes for me. I didn't really believe her, Chamomile was amazing at finding cute clothing. I believed it was just as much of a gift as her calming ability.

Chamomile cleared her throat, once again dispelling my thoughts. I dragged my feet along as I walked to show her that I wasn't interested, but she paid no attention. As she drove, she squealed and babbled about how fun this would be for me and how much I would love it and how cute I was going to looked. I eventually blocked her out with thoughts of Kyoya.

At this point I was sure it wasn't just hunger. I had maintained my diet of daily blood consumption, after I told them about it. They were going to start reducing it later, after my Formation Ceremony. Daily consumption was wasteful and unnecessary, they insisted. I frowned as I thought back to Chamomile's explanation. Fated to be together. Why? And why is he human? I thought of the implications of the future. The fact that he would die centuries before me. Why would I be fated to that? Perhaps it was divine punishment for taking all of those innocent lives, including my mother's.

I would never find true happiness. I sighed as the depressing thoughts settled in. Chamomile noticed and placed her hand on my knee. She smiled at me as she sent calming magic my way. When I first came to Chamomile, I would block every attempt she made to calm me, but eventually I found it helpful, and sometimes even necessary and would ask even her to calm me. She pulled in front of a store, in a part of town I had never been to.

"This is us", she said with a smile. She got out of the car and I followed suit trailing behind her.

When we entered the store Chamomile left me to go look for the seamstress. I walked around looking at the sample clothes. I thought there would just be dresses and suits, and there were, but there were regular clothes as well. There was none in my size. It was all for 5 year olds. This wasn't surprising of course, the Formation Ceremony was for 5 year olds. I imagined this was the reason I had to come. A small woman with glasses and grey hair in a messy bun greeted us. I noticed Chamomile seemed uneasy when she saw her. I watched her warily as she looked me up and down.

"I, uh, I hope that you'll be able to help us. It's her formation ceremony and she is a bit old-"

Chamomile's voice trailed off under the woman's glare.

"They usually come to me a bit…younger", she began, still eying me. "But, my magic still works on older people. I do own a wedding store, something we would know if we ever bothered to be anything other than a bridesmaid", the woman stated curtly as she bought out her measuring tape. Chamomile looked away with an embarrassed smile. The woman turned to me and began to take various measurements. I stiffly followed the directions she threw my way. She asked a few random questions, like what brings me joy, what I like to eat and other things and sent us on our way.

"The gown will be ready in an hour. I hope when next we meet someone will finally be helping you get a dress, for a change", said the woman with a smile. Chamomile looked away and left. I lingered for a moment, then followed. She was still smiling as we drove away. Chamomile smiled at me sheepishly, "Shes not the most welcoming person, but she does care and she's the best at what she does. I'm sure your dress will be stunning." I remain silent. I wasn't actually paying attention, I was thinking about the human again.

He wasn't the most interesting person, but something about him drew me. Besides the fact that our heartbeats synced up whenever we were near, his smell was intoxicating. It made my mouth water to imagine what his blood would taste like. I'm not sure how we're supposed to last, seeing as though I'd probably drain him of his blood if we're together for too long. On the other hand, it seems my attempts to do so were thwarted by some force. He also had a way about him that seemed to relax me, a way not even Chamomile could. I feel I could be free when I'm near him. I want him around me all the time. I want to protect him. And I really want to taste him.

I sigh as we pull into the driveway. Chamomile' had been talking the entire ride, but I hadn't heard a word of it. That happens really often. So often in fact, that she can pinpoint exactly when I stopped listening. As we entered the house, I feel my heart suddenly change its pace. The human was near. I sniffed the air. I didn't smell anything out of place. I begin to search the place, allowing my Hunter's instinct to come through, just a bit. Sometimes if I'm focused be enough I can see for miles, through walls, buildings, forests anything. I don't need a heat signature, either. I can see anything, living or otherwise. It's not something I use very often, as it takes quite a bit concentration and I'm not very practiced at it, so I can only do it for a short period of time, but I use it now. The place is empty. I go outside. I can only see for a 5 mile radius, but I don't see him.

Frustrated, I growl. I find myself becoming desperate to see him again. Chamomile touches me gently. I remember where I am, and I slowly turn and look into her concerned eyes. She smiles gently. I frown. I don't understand why, but I feel extremely disappointed. Without realizing it, I bury my head in Chamomile's comforting chest. I didn't know what was causing me to feel this way, I barely knew the boy, but what I did know, was that I needed to see him again. I needed to see what was so special about him. I thought back to his blood and shuttered. Chamomile pulled me back and looked at me.

"It'll be ok.", she assured me. I frown and brush her hands off me and walk back into the house. My heart had resumed its normal pace a while back, but I still didn't understand why it changed in the first place. I now wonder if maybe all those times with the boy were coincidence. It seemed unlikely, but, I had no way of explaining why my heart beat suddenly changed. I signed as I entered the kitchen to search for food. I needed to think of something other than Kyoya. I busied myself by washing the dishes. We had a dishwasher, and we also could simply clean them magically, but many people choose to continue to do menial tasks like cleaning and cooking. Not much else to do when you live for centuries.

Chamomile entered the kitchen. She began to ramble on about the Ceremony, which I tuned out. We rehearsed hundreds of times already, and I was anxious to get it over with. Chamomile was starting to annoy me with her excitement, but I couldn't help wonder what would be my special talent. I assume that I would be one of the Hunters. Hunting is one of the few things I enjoy. I love the rush, the power. It's when I feel the most free and in control. They haven't let me hunt freely since I got here, which I am understand. They can't have me losing control again. I don't feel like I would, but I guess I could. I thought back to hunting with Kyoya and felt a pang in my heart. I growled in frustration. Could I not think of anything without thinking of that boy?

My growl caught Chamomile's attention. She frowned, came over and pulled me out the kitchen. She sat me down on the couch then plopped on to the floor in front of me, sitting Indian style. She stared at me expectantly. I roll my eyes. Chamomile does this when she sees I'm bothered by something. She'll sit there and stare at me until I tell her what on my mind. I can leave if I want, but she'd just pull me back. We once spent an entire day doing this. I'd leave and she'd follow me and pull me back to the couch. It was extremely aggravating, but I guess it got my mind off what upset me. Mission accomplished. I knew I wasn't getting out of it so I rolled my eyes and told her.

"That boy, Kyoya. I felt him near earlier. I want to know what he is, and why he's here". I sigh, "I can't stop thinking about him". I shoot her a look that says, 'Are you happy now' look and get up to leave. Chamomile follows me.

"Well Abi", she began. I cringe. I hate that nickname but she continues to call me that anyways.

"I think your may have a familiar". She continues. "Some Vamps and familiar bonds are so strong that they can't stop thinking of one another until they come together". She notices my puzzled face. "Yes, humans can be familiars. They're animals aren't they?". I think about it, then agree. Only humans are so stuck up that they refuse to accept they're animals. I guess living amongst them rubbed off on me. But it still didn't feel right to me.

"Even our hearts syncing up?", I countered. This catches her off guard.

"I'm sure it's possible", she states simply. I remain unconvinced but she continues, "So all you have to do is find him and make him your familiar", she says.

"But don't familiars have powers?", I ask.

"Some humans do", she responds. "They just need to have them unlocked by a magical being". I look at her with suspicion. She stares back evenly.

"You know that's how some witches are made, right?"

"Aren't witches born?", I reply

"Most, yes. But some are made from humans turned familiar". Vampires aren't the only ones who can make other species into their own, you know. Any magical being can do it", she responds. I just stare at her, unconvinced.

"You don't have to believe me", she said as she walked away. I shake my head and leave the house. I put my hands in my pocket and walk into the small town. I'm not allowed to leave. I can't dimension hop, or go to another world. I'm just stuck here. I've gotten to know a few people. I head to my favorite place, the archery store.

Originally, Chamomile and the owner wasn't sure if I should go in, but the High Priestess okayed it, so I go. The shop owner, Amy is nice, we get along really well. Her daughter, Marissa, on the other hand is extremely annoying. She's way too loud and happy and insists that we're friends. I ignore her most times, because I'm most times, much like Chamomile, she talks way too much. I deal with her though, because she convinced her mom to let me help make bow. She notices me as I'm walking up to the shop and bounds out, arms wide.

"Abi!!", she exclaims as she smothers me in a hug. I wince, and push her off of me.

"I'm so glad you're here! Mom and I were just talking about your beautiful bow!", she gushes as we walk into the store. Amy smiles at me warmly. I give her a small smile and search for the bow I had been working on.

When I first started helping around the shop, 2 weeks ago, I would sweep, clean windows, and maintain the bows. Amy noticed how much I enjoyed it, and allowed me to assist her with making the bows. I did various things such as cutting the wood for the staves and putting them away to season. The seasoning process takes a year, so I don't have to do it often. I would also debark the wood that was already seasoned. After watching her shape the wood into staves for a few days, I decided to try it myself. When I showed Amy my work, she marveled at my 'natural talent'.

From that day, she began to give me harder tasks. She doesn't apprentice me officially since it's forbidden to take an apprentice before their formation ceremony, but she doe teach me a few tips and allows me help to shape staves. I think she hopes I will be her apprentice since she hasn't had one. She's the only one in town who hasn't trained an apprentice. I secretly hope that I will be a bowyer or huntress as well. I go over to my mostly done stave and run my fingers over the patterns I painstakingly carved into it. I should be able to brace it soon.

Marissa came over with her hands behind her back. She had a big, stupid grin on her face and was practically bouncing out of her skin. I watched her for a moment. She and her mother were one of the few of us who is pale. They both sported long, wild orange red hair and Large round blue eyes. Amy has a few freckles sprinkled on her cheeks while Marissa has them splotched all over her face. Amy was as calm as Marissa was excitable. Though similar in looks, they were polar opposites in personality.

"Guess what I have!", she sang still buzzing with excitement. I simply stared at her hoping she'd take the hint to either tell me, or go away. As I figured, she didn't.

"Im not going anywhere until you guess!", she explained. I roll my eyes. I thought of walking away, but she's just as annoying as Chamomile. If not for the fact that she looked exactly like her mother, I would think this was Chamomile's child. I sigh and say anything.

"Is it another stave?", I guess with a bored sigh. Marissa shook her head.

"I give up", I say with a fake smile. Marissa grins and brings out her surprise. Instinctively, as with all sudden movements, I guard myself.

"It's the fairy water you wanted!", she exclaims. "I know you can't go into other worlds, so I volunteered to get it. It's even in purple! Don't you love it!", she asked. Cupped in her hand was a luminescent purple liquid in a glass vial. Fairy water is water processed by fairies to take any form. I wanted the water so that I could use it to infuse my magic into my bow. With it, I could make ice arrows, use it to make a spray that can reveal prints in the pitch black of the forest, or simply use it a pretty decoration.

Amy told that some master bowyers could whittle paths into their staves in which the Fairy Water can flow, which can actually increase the strength and flexibility of it. While we don't use money, we still trade goods for certain valuable things. I knew the fairy water hadn't come without sacrificing something precious. I stared at her with disbelief. She had even gotten it in an unnatural color, which was worth more. I kneeled at her feet.

"I am forever in your debt", I stated my eyes to the ground. I was startled when she burst out laughing.

"I am forever in your debt", she repeated in a stiff voice and laughed again. "Girl, I got you this because we're friends. It's something you wanted. I just wanted to give you it. I even got it in your favorite color", she stated. I just stared. She wasn't making sense.

"Aw, stand down, soldier", she said with a chuckle. I bristled at this. She noticed and her face fell.

"Oh, right, bad choice of words", she stammered. I quickly recovered and shook my head. I don't like how uncomfortable people became around me.

"No, it's fine", I stammer, "I just, isn't this extremely valuable? What could you have traded for this stuff", I marvel, still staring at the pretty purple liquid. She grinned.

"Well, I am a master architect's apprentice", she said, beaming with pride. "Barri says I'm almost as good as her, so I promised to redo the fairy water bill for free". She gave me a sample of it and even offered to color it for me", she stated. "It didn't even cost me, so no debt required", she finished, still beaming. I give an uncertain smile. This makes her smile even more.

"There go another one of your famous smiles", she said. I roll my eyes.

"Thank you, Marissa. Truly. I'm glad you got it. Now I just have to whittle the paths for it", I say, causing Marissa to begin buzzing again. I sigh and shake my head.

"Yes. You can help", I say and roll my eyes. I can't help but smile as we begin to work.

A few hours later, Marissa and I emergency from the store. We wave to Amy and begin walking.

"I bet you'll be done that bow in a week", Marissa declared. "You have the makings of a great Bowyer", she stated.

"That's what I assume I'll become", I reply. "Either that, or a huntress". Marissa nods.

I hope one day, we can go hunting. It's one of my favorite things to do. I stop and look at her in disbelief. I can't imagine this girl could ever be calm enough to hunt. She looked at me and grinned.

"I never said I was good at it", she joked "just that it's one of my favorite things to do". I chuckle as we reach my house. She stops by at the front and hugs me. I stiffen, and she lets go.

"See ya tomorrow, Abi", she says. I nod and wave as she walks off. I realize that I won't actually see her tomorrow, since that's when my Ceremony is happening, but she's too far away for me to correct her. She'll figure it out. I sigh as I turn towards the house. The setting sun turned the sky a gorgeous fiery orange. I bask in its beauty for a moment, then enter the house.

Chamomile is cooking dinner, humming to herself. I stand in the doorway of the kitchen. Without turning back, Chamomile tells me dinner will be ready soon. I stand there stiffly. So, this is what it's like to have a mother who cares, I think to myself. I wonder what I would do if I were actually her daughter. Help her cook? Wash the dishes? I open my mouth to speak, to try and assist her in some way, but nothing comes out. Figures, I think bitterly, I could never have a relationship like that. I leave and go to my room. Chamomile calls me for dinner, but I pretend to sleep. I no longer have an appetite. After a while of tossing and turning I finally drift into a fretful sleep.

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