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Táng JiaXing, a girl who had spent most of her life wildly in her village in a remote corner of the Wind Kingdom, suddenly had to leave to the Capital city and she gets involved in the power struggles of the Imperial Palace.

A local hero to the Prime Minister's daughter? 

Everything she did till now casually is connected to the Empire? 


Turns out she was the 'Chosen One' by the Gods for some purpose even she was unaware of. 

And wait... the Demon Realm is interested in her too? 

What will happen to her love with the exiled Prince? He is not a Prince now but a big underworld businessman? 

How much does he know about her 'supposed' fate? 

Divine Ruler? Supporting the Emperor? Really don't care! 

All I want is to spend the rest of my life with my Prince....

But will she be allowed to choose her own fate?

Will Love conquer all?

Lu Chenglie, the genius Third Prince of the Kingdom... He was sent away from the place by the plots of the Empress...

When he was about to be engulfed in the darkness of his heart, he saw her... The Moon of his Life.... 

"Don't die", she shouted and he wanted life, a good long life with her... 

She loved him even though she knew of the darkness in him, something even he could not do...

When he learned tidbits about her 'fate' he decided to fight for her... Not opposing her fate but by aiding her to achieve her goals quickly so that he can get her for himself...

He made himself strong and wealthy so that he has the power to defend her if need arises...

But could he protect her from her fate...?

This story is about the love between two people who are not supposed to be together by fate and how they succeed with their love in the end.

Give a chance to this book if you like a supportive ML and an OP FL...

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Status: c40 4 weeks ago
Hi, Author here.. Shamelessly promoting the story... This is my first attempt in writing. I personally love chinese historical novels and this is one too. But this has both palace intrigues and some supernatural elements too and not historically accurate. The FL is a quirky, a bit overpowered and lovable character. The ML is supportive of the FL and has a dark past. Although the FL had her fate decided for her, this story is about how she tries to balance everything and how her family and friends support her in her journey too.. Hope you give it a try and write a review... 


Status: c113 1 month ago
I would like to thank the author for this wonderful book. I don't know why gems like this one isn't given much attention in WN but it definitely is a good read. I'm still only at ch113 but I could say that if you love mysteries and OP FL then this is your cup of tea. I recommend that you give this one a try, the author also updates regularly. :)


Status: c158 1 month ago
At first,   I was a little bored. But after reading the next chapter, I got so engrossed and forgot the time. And now it's getting exciting. I hope to read the succeeding chapters without interruption. 

Chapter 1: Prologue

Táng MingLing walked through the rough terrain of the mountain in the cold winter night. Her belly was slightly big as she was six months pregnant. But what made her walk here alone on the eve of New year like she was a criminal?

It was a masked man in crimson robes who came and warned her that her baby's life will be in danger, so she fled to this secluded place.She could not refuse to believe that man who didn't show her his face but had a gentle  voice and a caring demeanour.

She could see the distant bright lights from the capital city and the Imperial Palace of the Wind Kingdom. The baby's father must be there in the New year's banquet with the Emperor welcoming the New Year.

"Sorry, my dear! I'm sorry I had to do this!", she mumbled and sat in a small cave she found in the dark place as she couldn't move any further.

That's odd! She thought, the sky was bright till now. She looked up to see clouds hiding the moon and the entire place looked gloomy as her heart.

She held her belly as she felt the shooting pain, "Oh, no! The contractions started. But this is too early"

She clutched her stomach and breathed hard when someone appeared beside her. MingLing was in no mood to inquire who that was as that beautiful girl in weird clothes was actually helping her deliver the baby. In a short time she had built a fire, boiled water and also prepared everything she may need.

She gave birth after some time but she couldn't relax after that painstaking ordeal because she didn't hear the baby cry.

That's when a loud gale blew making the sky bright and she could see a bright star near the moon and the baby started crying.

MingLing only relaxed after that and the one who helped her with childbirth gave her the baby, a beautiful little baby girl with raven black hair and obsidian eyes. She was surprised that the dark hair was attributed to the Imperial family but then again, she is related to the Imperial family.

The most striking thing she noted was the symbol of Wang ( 王 ) on the baby's back, like someone had written it with a brush on her back with vermillion ink.

"Jia Xing, I name you Táng Jia Xing", Mingling said and hugged her close to her heart. Mother will protect you!