Being The Carefree Empress

Being The Carefree Empress

Xiaoryi | Historical Romance


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Chapter 1: A TEENie Problem

Weeping of a young maiden can be heard at the deepest part of seemingly enchanted garden.Near the river, she sits. Her face buried at her knees as she hugs her legs and cries. Her long black hair flows as the wind blows through it, her tattered clothes brushes to her thin body. She sat back up. Then the girl slowly stopped crying. She stood up, lifeless, and couldn't careless how she looks. There's no one here anyways. No one from the start.

"Forgive me, my dear mom and dad, I promised to be a good girl, but the sadness and grief is too much for me to bear anymore. I must see you both to soothe this feelings." she whisper to the wind as she look at the sky. She lifted her hand and reached a locket in her neck and opened it. There, inside is a picture of a man and her. A tear fell from her eye.

"I only wanted to love you. I never wish for you to love me back..." She muttered as she walk towards the river. Her foot slowly sinks into the water. She closed her eyes and ready to let go...


"Reen! Can you please do this? Thanks!" 

"Hey, Reen! Can you please check this one out?"

"Reen, boss said that you need to do this."

"Do that."




I turned around and see all this people. They are all over me. Calling my name. Just how can this be. Geez. I'm tired. Let me rest for a bit.


Suddenly, an overwhelming light made everyone disappear.


I opened my eyes and I suddenly spat out water from my mouth. I need to breathe. I cough and pat my chest to breathe air. What happened?

"God! Finally she wakes up!" 

"Just what are you thinking?!"

"Hurry and fix her. The viscount's butler would be here soon."

I looked around. W-who are this people?

"Hurry and get up now.  Geez.  Why the hell did you drown yourself?  Do you honestly believe that you can escape by death? You bring shame to us all!" Said by an uncle with an irritated expression.

"Tsk.  You should have done that when you were younger, but now is too late.  The viscount have given us a lot of gold and we have used it.  The mere fact that you tried to kill yourself is absurd. Such a problem child. " Said by an auntie with disdain in her eyes.

I looked at this two elderly and I heard a voice beside me that made my heart skip.

"You shouldn't have done that, Reenste. I was worried sick,  you know. " I turn to see and saw a guy with a brown hair,  tied up.  His face looks so clean and flawless. Long eyelashes, pointy nose,  his lips is pink and look so soft.  I thought I've seen good looking people,  but this guy is better. He looked at me with a worried face and carried me up.  With his one hand at my back and the other is at my thigh.

But still,  who are they?

"Who are you, people? " I asked. As soon as I spoke of those words,  they froze.

"R-reenste..." He muttered and look at me shocked. 

"Madame. I heard that the viscount is on his way here. "Said by a girl and lowered her head.  The madame is the one who quickly got back up and quickly went to me.

I looked at her and before I kew it,  I was slapped at the face.

"Reenste Ermyntrude! Do not test my patience!" She said and glared at me. 

"Aish.  This kid being a problem to the very end.  Now hurry.  Help this kid to be dressed. Thankfully after this she can disappear." Said by the Uncle and looked as if he finally dumped a trash.

The one who was holding me put me down. He Smiled at me weakly which made heart im disarray.  A girl lead the way and I turned to them.  What is happening?

I looked around, this doesn't seems to be my apartment... nor anywhere in our town. The place looks rather those in ancient times, but seemingly new? I mean if you look at it in a perspective of someone from the modern world this place looks ancient, but this place is extravagant and like newly built place. I looked at my body, it's drenched and all dirty plus the dress I'm wearing is rather traditional looking? I don't really know. I've seen this only in television or net where it is used in cosplay or play something. Just what is happening? The last thing I remember is that I came how late from my 36 hours work because it's really busy at the office and I was asked to cover some shifts. Then I was so tired I fell asleep in the entrance of my apartment...

"Lady.. This way," The maid led me to a room. A rather simple room. Thinking how I am being addressed as a lady, I should atleast have a bit more, right? I looked around the place and found a copper mirror. Wow talk about ancient a copper....

You got to be kidding me?!

I, who is suppose to me a mature and full pledge adult, fully developed all over. That age's 27 years old is... is...

" Lady Reen,  we must hurry.  The envoy is almost here. "


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