A world with endless possibilities and a search for eternity. A world where strength is worshipped and might are always right, where laws are meant to be broken but only by the strong. Its inhabitants tread on the path to eternity it’s not a story of a hero nor of an antihero, its a story of a villain among villain. This is a guide book to all villains, not a happy story. ******************** Announcement: My exams will end on 1st April (not a joke), so wait for new chapters as I have some unedited chapters that I will edit and upload before celebrating the end of my exams (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง ******************** A Walk Through Eternity discord server https://discord.gg/Kgh75yE The reward will be given only on discord server.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Bionic Chip

Year 2871


In a graveyard, a young man with a handsome face and sharp eyes who looked about 21, stood in front of a grave marked 'Victor Cornel' with red eyes a resolute look on his face.

"You never submitted to your fate when you were alive but in the end, you succumbed to the waves of time but I Alfie Cornel give you my word grandfather that I will find the path to Eternity, to make the time submit to me and not the other way around"

"I will make the dreams of ancestors true. Now, rest well as I carry the mantle of 'The Forgotten Nine' and fight in your place."

He knelt there for a while and then he offered some wine and Joss sticks, then he left the graveyard.

Alfie originally an orphan was adopted by his grandfather Victor Cornel at the age of five.

Victor, one of the leading researchers in the field of bio-engineering, famous for making plants able to grow in different atmosphere and gravity in accordance with different planets, gave Alfie the best education available and raised him with love and care.

One year ago when Alfie graduated from college, his grandfather brought him to his lab but instead of entering the lab he brought him into the basement of the building in which is lab was situated.

In the basement, he gave him a box in which a chip the size of a rice grain was placed carefully.

"Bionic Chip" Alfie exclaimed.

Without bothering with Alfie's excitement Victor with a serious look on his face instead of usual loving and caring one, said "This is the accumulated knowledge of all our ancestors so get it connected to your brainstem in my lab"

He continued "I know you have a lot of questions but you have to wait for them to be answered. I can tell you one thing, you have always been a grandson to me and always will be no matter what. Now, get that chip connected and in the procedure, for it to completely integrate with your brain, you will be in a coma for at least a month so get used to the Bionic chip and the information in it"

Victor walked to a chair nearby and sat on it then said "There are many secrets in this world and you will know a few of them from the bionic chip and then come to me to ask anything you want"

After seeing that he closed his eyes which indicated that Alfie should leave and go to the lab.

When Alfie stepped into the lab he was greeted by an emotionless mechanical voice "Welcome to the lab young master"

"Can I ask you something Victoria?" he asked the hologram of the beautiful woman who appeared to be in her 30s that popped out of thin air in front of him.

"I can help you with all your questions about the Bionic chip you got except for the information it contains as even I am not aware of what it truly holds" she said as she stared at the box Alfie was holding.

The excited look that just appeared on his face came down a little bit but he still asked "Do you know how grandfather got his hands on a Bionic chip? I know its supply is restricted to soldiers and researchers and that too only to the elites and no one else other than them have one, not even country leaders have one"

"Oh! About that, do you know who invented the bionic chip"

"How would I know, it's a military secret and no human alive knows about it as such secrets are controlled by federation's AI these days and those humans who knew about it died a long time ago due to old age" he said.

"Yes, but I thought master already told you. Oh well! I will tell you, the bionic chip that soldiers and researchers get are the initial product created as a result of the research of your ancestors, as they search for a way to break away from the fleshly limits of their bodies so that they can live longer"

"One of the ways they tried to do so was by making a digital copy of their brain and enhance the capacity of their brains but they were only able to make a copy of the memories and enhance their brain's comprehending and memorizing power"

"And that's what the chip that those soldiers and researchers use do. The one you have is the one that your ancestors created by using all of their resources and the data they gathered from those chips that they installed in the soldiers"

"This chip you have is meant only to be used by your family as it is the only true bionic chip as it integrates with your brain and improves with time as a part of your brain improving your brain cells along with it. It runs on the energy it takes from your blood sugar so it can run as long as you live unlike the standard one that runs for only 30 years and it has many other features that you will get to know after you get the chip installed so we should begin the process"

"Umm… okay" he said nervously.

"You should first, remove your clothes and enter the pool at the center of the lab. It is filled with all the necessary nutrients in fluid form and will help you maintain your health while you are in a coma during the process"

Alfie stood there dazed for a while before nervously undressing and getting into the pool, when the fluid touched his skin he felt the same sense of relief that someone gets from getting a massage.

He kept moving further in the pool, when the fluid reached his chest he heard Victoria's voice "Place the chip in the tray and I will inject it into you safely"

Complying with the instructions he placed the chip into the tray that came out from the side of the pool.

After doing so he asked "How are you going to inject the chip into me and fro…" before he could finish what he was saying a mechanical arm moved, holding a gun like injecting tool, it first put the bionic chip into the gun like tool before putting the muzzle at the back of his head just above the neck and shooting the chip into his skull.

Alfie only heard a fading voice after getting shot as he fell into the pool "Sleep well"

He could see, hear or feel nothing for a while before he heard a sound as a text message was displayed in his eyes.

[Beep! Bionic chip installing at 51%]

[Beep! Bionic chip installing at 52%]

[Beep! Bionic chip …

[Beep! Bionic chip installing at 99%]

[Beep! Bionic chip installing at 100%]

[Beep! Bionic chip installation complete]

[Initializing Process Begin]

As he heard this his vision blackened and after god knows how long he found himself standing in front of a group of 9 men.

All of the nine men were wearing ancient clothing and looked like they came from an ancient drama. They were seated in a way that their seats made a semicircle.

"Welcome, my descendant" said the man

seated in the center of the nine men.

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