I wish I never exist

I wish I never exist

Syifabintrahman | Fantasy


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here story begins

Chapter 1: Is He A Human?

"wake up! Clean yourself and make roties" my mom is shouting early in the morning.

"ok, ammi! Give me 5 minutes"

I took a bath and entered into the kitchen. My mom already made the dough, I took some dough and started to roll to make roti.

I live in Bhap village in Rajasthan. I am an uneducated girl in our village almost all girls are uneducated.

My father arrived home.

"where is Zaid" he asked

"he went out with his friend somewhere" mom said.

Zaid is my elder brother. He doesn't care about me. Actually, he doesn't include me in the family. He was addicted to liquor and rummy. But always my dad supports him. My mom only does household works, and I help her. Here in my village, no men give respect to a woman. We don't even get recognized. My mom and I started preparing food at breakfast. when we are preparing breakfast mom said,

"Ruhi's marriage is confirmed by her parents"

"can I go and meet her" I asked.

"OK first let us complete our breakfast"

Breakfast was prepared, I roll down the mat to arrange food items on it. Mom brought food and she called dad. He sat on the mat. Mom plated him. "this year there is a chance to get profit" he said about his wheat farm. "it's good for us. Then should we search a groom for our daughter" mom said?

I felt happy by listening to this because I like married life. I have many dreams about marriage, after children. A normal happy life. Finally, dad just nodded his head. I didn't understand that he said yes or no. Breakfast completed. He is ready to go to his farm.

"mom, now can I go to ruhi's house?".

"OK, but take your breakfast"

"OK," I completed my breakfast in a hurry. I started to ruhi's house. Her house is after four houses from mine. I walked to her house. Stepped inside her house. Her home was filled with relatives. I greeted aunties and went to meet Ruhi. There is only one week left for her marriage. I am very happy that she was not going to another place. She is going to live here in Bhap village with her in-laws and with her husband. We talked for a long time and jumped happily on the bed and danced.

"OK bye, I am leaving, meet you tomorrow"

I left from there. I went to my home. It was night. It's my favourite time when I am talking by looking up at the sky, I feel like someone is listening to me. That air touches deep into my heart. When I hear the sounds from nature by the air, I feel like that all are singing for me and I am refreshing myself from that. Suddenly I don't know what happened, everyone running towards the farm of my dad, which is near to the lake. I was terrorised. I rushed there. I stunned for a minute by looking at the condition of our farm. our crop vanished. No one knows what happened. My dad fell down. Some people run to him and uphold him. I was racked with pain. We only have this field for our living hood. I can't see them like this. My eyes are filled with tears. I don't want to stay there for even a minute. I left that place. I walked for a while. I don't know where I am going. Just walking and thinking about my family. I came out of my thoughts and looked around. "oh! Where I am" I questioned myself. I am in a panic. There was no light. I lost my consciousness. But after some time I am hearing some noises but still, I am not able to open my eyes. I am stashing. Then I was lifted by someone's hand from the back like now I am laying on someone's arm. Yes! I can feel that I am lying on someone's arm. I am feeling like someone is close to my face. I took courage and decided to open my eyes. I opened, it's a man, I remained like a statue and I got goosebumps, I was frightened out because his appearance is different, he had a long golden hair, his eye colour is in lavender Colour and his pupil is in crystal shape, straight crystal. His skin Colour is pale white and that face is only 7 centimetres distance from mine. His cold breathing is touching my little nose. In that situation, I was like I am in a coma. I can see and feel everything but can't think and react. He is staring into my eyes. I am in his right arm and he is slowly moving his left hand towards my face and placed it on my face as his palm touches my cheeks and his four fingers touch my ears and he is rubbing his thumb finger at my flat midface. It's like he is seeing his love for a long time and like finally he gets his love after a struggle. He is looking at me with love loaded eyes. Ooh, wait why he is coming close to me?...

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