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Bilbai writes a letter of invitation to her sister. But what could have been just a letter of invitation happened to conceal tales...

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Chapter 1: MYLAH

Dear Sheila,

                       I hope that this letter gets to you as quick as the wind. But if it tarries, I know that your heart will leap for joy when it gets to you. 

      Last night, thoughts of you encapsulated my mind, and I couldn't help smiling. In fact, I didn't know when my eyes began to leak; I cried for the rigid days we had together. Do you still remember how we used to soothe each other's pains beneath Papa's oak tree? I miss those days, but I don't pray that they return. 

      I know that it will take a while for your heart to forgive my ignorance. I didn't plan to run away from home when I was drunk in love. I believed that the aftermath of my actions would be as beautiful and flawless as the fantasies that I shared with him. But, sweetheart, they say that life isn't a bed of roses-in fact, it isn't a mat of fresh grasses. Fantasy is fantasy. Reality is reality. Love may be a concoction of fantasy and reality, but, marriage has no fantasy to feature in the tale-marriage is reality, and that is what it is!

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