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Props to Yaoyueyi for the cover! Go send some love on her wonderful novel!

Inspired by The King’s Avatar written by Butterfly Blue.

In one of the most popular eSports game known as Glory, Ha Yerin was a popular competitive player in South Korea who has been following the game since it’s official release back when she was only eleven.

Even amongst the professional scene, Yerin was still regarded as a top-tier player that could rival anyone from top to bottom. Despite being at a young age, every team had already tried to scout and recruit her into their team. 

Although her real life identity wasn’t spread throughout the Glory Community, many professional players who had actually seen her described her as a ‘one in a century’ beauty, which gave her the nickname “Unparalleled Queen.”

However, one year before she had wanted to debut as a professional player, her parents had suddenly decided to move back to China where they would reside with her grandparents. 

Now that Glory is officially launching it’s 10th season along with it’s 10th Server, watch as Yerin bring along her skills and talent over to China as she develops her status as the Unparalleled Queen once more!

“It’s a new start.”

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Status: c1 6 months ago
Hey all, Author here!

This is my fan-fic on the novel The King's Avatar by Butterfly.

Although the some names and events are changed throughout the novel, I still hope you would enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing!

*I'm still in need of a novel for this book, so if any of you are graphic designers, please help me out here! xx.

I would greatly appreciate it. (I will also be giving credit)

So hope you enjoyed my shameless review! Thanks once and again and enjoy because 'It's a new start.' -Su Muqiu


Status: c14 4 months ago
Really loving the story so far.
Good progression so far, especially for a fanfic as they tend to rely too much on the original for all the storytelling.
Although the novel will probably never hit high in the rankings because of the slow updates but I highly recommend it to all TKA fans. 
Also I love the name unreasonably much for how ****** it is :)


6 months ago
Will there be romance between the mc and ye xiu?

Chapter 1:

"Be careful, don't get lost!" A woman's fruity voice could be heard from behind her.

"Got it, Mom!" a sweet youthful voice yelled back as a click could be heard as the door closed.

Ha Yerin let out a slight sigh as she complained inwardly. "I wonder when our internet is going to be set up? It's already been a week. I wouldn't have to go out to an internet cafe if we had Wi-Fi."

Having moved from South Korea to China for a week, Yerin had only memorized the most basic and popular places around her.

Yerin continued to walk while trying to remember the route to the internet cafe she had seen yesterday. 

However, as if wanting to taunt her, snowflakes began to descend from above.


Yerin quickly threw her hood over her head as she walked faster. "Aah, what a horrible night I'm having!"

Finally arriving in front of a building that was still brightly lit and packed with many people playing games, Yerin looked up at the massive red sign which read "Happy Internet Cafe."

Letting out a slight sneeze, Yerin quickly went inside as she could no longer bear the cold.

Taking off her hoodie, her long cerulean silky hair streamed down her back as she instantly garnered the attention of the surrounding gamers. 

This was not only because she was extremely pretty. Just think, how many girls would go to an internet cafe at midnight to play games?

"Woah! A top-tier beauty!"

"Is she an actress or an idol? She's so pretty!"

"Have you ever seen an actress like her before?"

"Do you think she's here to play games? Perhaps I can lend a trick or two!" 

"Peh! What tricks? You're even worse than me! If anyone, I should be the first to offer advice. Just get in line!"

Many people could not help but to continue staring, already paying no attention to their games. Some of the bolder people even screamed out from a distance asking for her number.

Fortunately, Yerin had already grown accustomed to these antics, in which she only turned towards them giving a slight smile.

Yerin looked around the building filled with rows of computer with a second floor as well. 

As she looked around the computers, she suddenly noticed one person who was still immersed in his game as if nothing was around him.

"Interesting." Yerin thought inwardly as she couldn't help but feel some sort of bond between them before walking up to the registration counter.

Yerin gave the young lady sitting at the counter her ID as she watched her type the information into the server computer.

After a few seconds, the young lady gave the ID back to Yerin as she informed her of an open computer. "Area 3 Number 48."

Having retrieved her ID, Yerin scanned the room attempting to find her computer. However, a glint of surprise soon flashed through her eyes as she realized she was sitting next to the man who had just caught her attention. 

Making her way to her computer, she couldn't help but breathe in her hands because of how cold it was. Her hands were practically frozen. Playing games with cold hands were extremely detrimental to gamers as it would cause their fingers to become stiff, only lowering their APM(1).

Passing by the man sitting next to her, she could not help but cast a glance toward his screen that was having all of his attention.

Looking at his screen, Yerin could not help but let out a light chuckle. "Looks like Glory is as popular as ever, even in China."

Soon, she saw a victory come up in his screen. As she was only around for the last 15 seconds or so, she didn't witness the full match. However, she was still alarmed as the man sitting before her was definitely not ordinary!

She had fought many players from top to bottom in South Korea, whether it was pros or casual players, she had witnessed them all, and this guy could easily be a professional player from what she had just seen in the last 15 seconds. Although judging someone based on a few seconds would only receive scorn, she knew better. After all, a regular player would judge the exterior whereas the pro would look deeper into the interior.

"How clever…" Yerin couldn't help but mumble aloud. She had spoken softly yet the man had still heard her. 

The man slowly turned his head casting a glance at Yerin. He was slightly startled as he didn't realize someone was watching over him let alone a beautiful girl.

"Oh? You also play Glory?" the man asked casually.

Yerin let out a chuckle as she replied. "Yup! Glory is launching its tenth server today, so I came out to play!"

Not even three seconds after Yerin had finished her sentence, a woman could be heard shouting towards them. "Ye Xiu, save me a spot next to you!"

Yerin looked around her, as if trying to figure out who this 'Ye Xiu' was.

"Ah, that's me. My name is Ye Xiu, pleased to meet you...errr…" Ye Xiu appeared hesitant.

"Yerin. Ha Yerin."

Ye Xiu was slightly shocked. "Nice name! You're Korean?" Although he didn't know much about Korea, he still knew some things related to it. Mainly because Su Mucheng his friend, liked Korean dramas, in which he would accompany her to watch.

"I'm mixed, my mother is Chinese whereas my dad is Korean. I just moved to China a week ago."

Ye Xiu didn't pry any further as he flashed Yerin a smile before turning back to his screen.

Taking out her Glory account card, she couldn't help but reminisce about the times in which she struggled during. From gambling to PKing, to the time where she was deemed the "Unparalleled Queen" in the game of Glory. What haven't she done during her time spent on glory?

It had been almost a full decade since she had began to play.

A full 10 years worth of memories on her account…

Placing her card into the Glory device, she had started to transfer over her account to the tenth server of China. 

Ye Xiu suddenly looked at her Glory card and was dumbstruck. There were many surprising events happening everyday but Ye Xiu would only remain shocked by a few of them, but here he was, completely baffled.

"Your account…" Ye Xiu composed himself quite easily making Yerin more interested in him.

"Ah, I have to transfer over my account to the new server. Is something the matter?" Yerin casted a curious glance. Why was he so shocked?

However, after seeing his gaze on her account card, she gradually understood.

"How long have you been playing Glory?" Ye Xiu asked, pointing to her 1st edition card. After all, she might not have played for the full ten years and could have received the card from someone else.

Yet contrary to the latter, Yerin spoke with a tinge of sadness in her voice. "Nearly a decade, a good ten years..."

Registering her account, Yerin was suddenly hesitated because she didn't know what the name of her character should be. Should she use the username she had stuck with for 10 years? Or should she start over and create a new one?

Usernames and accounts were especially important to professional gamers as it not only signified their avatar, but also their achievements and memories.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to start all over again, ending up using the name Xuelian or Snow Lotus of Chinese origin rather than Korean. Looking over her avatar, she suddenly remembered about the Silver Equipment that she had on here which was specifically designed for the Gunner classes, Sharpshooter, Launcher, Mechanic, and Spitfire.

Although Yerin specialized in all the gunner classes, she had played the other classes as well. Though they weren't on par with her playing gunner classes, she could still play them at a professional level. 

As everyone counted down jointly and the clock hit 12 AM sharp of the next day, the gray circle instantly turned green indicating the server was officially launched and open. 

Click Click, Tap Tap.

Sounds of mice and keyboards could be heard from the surroundings as everyone entered the game slowly becoming hushed.

I'm also in a need of a cover for this! So if any of you guys are graphic designers and is willing to create a cover for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Of course, I would definitely give credit!


1) APM - Actions Per Minute. A term used in gaming which refers to a total number of actions a player could perform in a single minute.